WikiLeaks Files Show Mexico Feared Losing Control To The Cartels

December 07, 2010

Even as the U.S. government publicly celebrated Mexico's operations against the cartels, U.S. State Department officials quietly expressed concern over its failings. Government cables released by Wikileaks this week show a drug war in tatters.

U.S. diplomats expressed deep concerns about Mexico's ability to control the drug cartel wars. The cables sent between State Department employees paint a portrait of a dangerously risk-prone Mexican Army caught up in a conflict with their Naval counterparts and police.

Amongst the more telling of the cables is Mexico's own worries that time is running out. One Mexican security official, Geronimo Gutierrez, had told the Americans that his government was in danger of losing certain territories to the cartels.

In a 2009 cable, Gutierrez had asked for joint efforts between both countries in Ciudad Juárez, Tijuana or Culiacán, Sinaloa.

U.S. diplomats also expressed concerns about political rivals opposition to Pres. Felipe Calderón's reforms.