Sonoran Mayor Gets Prison Time For Lying On Passport Application

Published: Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 3:25pm
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A federal judge in Tucson has sentenced a mayor from Mexico to 15 months in prison for lying on his passport application.

Rogelio Aboyte Limon was elected mayor of a small town in Sonora in 2018. U.S. authorities arrested Aboyte at a port of entry in Nogales shortly after he took office, and court documents say he planned to take his kids to Disneyland.

Less than a month later, Aboyte pleaded guilty to lying on his U.S. passport application. Prosecutors wrote that Aboyte used another man’s identity to falsely claim he was a

U.S. citizen, did not reveal aliases he’d used in the past, and failed to admit he had a felony drug conviction.

The defense had asked the judge for leniency, writing that if Aboyte is not released soon, he will lose his job as mayor.  

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