Median Household Income Drops For Another Year

By Al Macias
September 17, 2013

New numbers out from the U.S. Census show that household income dropped again last year. The median income in 2012 was just a bit more than $51,000. In 2011, median income was $51,100.

The peak earning year was 2007 when the median income was more than $55,000.

Households in the West actually saw their incomes creep up last year by 3.2 percent.

The annual sample surveyed 122,000 households.

A breakdown by ethnicity shows that Asian households faired the best with a median income of almost $69,000. The median for Latino households was $39,000 and for African-American households the figure was a bit over $33,000.

The study also showed that the percentage of people without health insurance decreased between 2011 and 2012. The uninsured rate declined specifically for Asian and Latino households.

The study showed that 87.1 percent of those surveyed were native born; 5.9 percent were foreign born, naturalized citizens; and 7 percent were foreign born non-citizens.