Arizona Democrats Say White House Needs To Take Nationalist Terrorism Seriously

By Holliday Moore
Published: Wednesday, May 1, 2019 - 10:24pm
Updated: Wednesday, May 1, 2019 - 10:25pm

The attack on a Poway Synagogue in Southern California has launched a new debate in Washington over domestic terrorism.

Arizona Democrats are among the most vocal about finding solutions to curb home-grown terrorism.

Despite launching his comprehensive National Strategy for Counterterrorism plan last fall, Democrats said President Donald Trump’s policy does little to combat national terrorism within the United States.

Arizona Democratic congressional members are calling on the White House to re-direct its outward attention inward, beginning with spending more money on fighting domestic terrorism.

Congressman Raul Grijalva said he cannot understand why Trump is not taking white nationalism more seriously.

“It is a serious problem and you cannot do anything about it unless you put the infrastructure and the prosecution of those in front and the investigation of those in front,” said Grijalva.

Congress is discussing providing more money for programs overseeing domestic terrorism, but Grijalva and fellow Democrat Ruben Gallego are wary the president will fail to approve their suggestions.


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