Deadly Explosion At Juárez Factory

Xitali Lopez packaged Sour Patch Kids candies at the Blueberry Factory in Ciudad Juárez. She survived last month's explosion. Her father, who also worked at the factory, died from the injuries he sustained during the blast.
Mónica Ortiz Uribe
By Mónica Ortiz Uribe
October 24, 2013

At least two people died and dozens more were injured after an explosion at a candy factory in the Mexican border city of Juárez.

The explosion happened at about 2 p.m. Thursday inside Confecciones Sunrise, a Juárez factory that manufactures candies sold in the United States.

Thursday night, authorities recovered the charred remains of one person from the rubble while local media reported another person died in the hospital.

The factory employs some 900 people and has exisited in Juárez for more than a decade. City officials said the explosion occurred near the factory's boiler and did significant damage to parts of the building. The exact cause of the blast is under investigation. 

Foreign-owned factories are a major part of the Juárez economy. More than 300 factories, or maquilas, employ some 200,000 people who make a wide variety of products from seat belts to flat screen TVs.