Texas Lt. Governor Calls For Permanent Surge Along US-Mexico Border

By David Martin Davies
December 06, 2013
David Dewhurst

SAN ANTONIO — Texas law enforcement leaders announced Tuesday they are ending controversial traffic checkpoints along the Texas-Mexico border. But the state is simultaneously gearing up for an unprecedented “Permanent Border Surge.”

Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst is calling for a $60 million border enforcement initiative that he’s calling a “Permanent Border Surge” that will be increase security along the Rio Grande.

“I’m committed to making this work, I’m committed to substantially shut down all of the illegal activities on our border, to build on the $800 million in Texas tax dollars that we’ve already invested, and when we get through with the final price tag, I’m going to send an invoice to President Barack Obama," Dewhurst said.

Previous attempts to invoice the federal government for state security border measures have been unsuccessful.

Dewhurst, who is seeking re-election and is facing three powerful challengers in the Republican primary, is calling for more manpower on the Texas southern border — and more hardware, including a high-altitude aircraft and an additional six armored gun boats.

Dewhurst says he’ll find the funds in the $190 billion budget passed during the past legislative session.