Boy Abandoned Near Border Reunited With Mother

By Mónica Ortiz Uribe
December 12, 2013
Courtesy of Sunland Park Police Department
A Border Patrol agent discovered this boy in a desert area near the border fence outside Sunland Park, New Mexico. He was reunited with his mother Wednesday.

A toddler who was abandoned near the New Mexico border earlier this week was reunited with his mother.

The reunion happened Wednesday atop the international bridge near downtown El Paso. Three-year old Ruben Isdael was placed into the arms of his mother, a Mexican native from the northern state of Durango.

Authorities in New Mexico worked with the Mexican Consulate to verify the mother's identity and determine whether the boy would be safe in her care.

A Border Patrol agent found the boy in a desert area near the city of Sunland Park Saturday night. The boy's family told a local newspaper that he was abandoned by a smuggler who was supposed to take him to relatives in the United States.