New Mexico Town Covered In Tumbleweeds

By Tracy Greer
January 29, 2014

A weekend storm blew so many tumbleweeds into Clovis, N.M., that the military has been called in to help residents clear out.

Video from KOB-TV Albuqueruqe shows tumbleweeds stacked up to four feet high, blocking homes and streets in this Eastern New Mexico town.

A storm Sunday carried thousands of tumbleweeds into town, covering streets and filling backyards to the brim.

The tumbleweeds piled so high in places, homeowners couldn’t see out their windows.

“We tried to get out of the house and front door and back door was both covered with tumbleweeds and we couldn't get out," said Wilford Ransom.

Ransom said the problem was so bad, he couldn’t get out of his house.

He called 911 for help.

Tumbleweeds are formed when a plant dries up and snaps off at the stem, allowing the wind to push it along as it dispurses seeds.

No doubt the record drought in the Southwest has created optimal conditions for tumbleweed formation and led to the problems in Clovis.

KOB reports the tumbleweeds will be moved to a landfill and smashed down so they won't tumble again.

KOB-TV Albuquerque