Navajo Presidential Election Still Up In The Air

October 24, 2014

As Election Day fast approaches the Navajo branches of government are still trying to determine who has control over the electoral process. At issue is a presidential candidate’s fluency in Navajo.

Election officials are faced with a ruling from the Navajo Supreme Court that orders Chris Deschene off the ballot and the election postponed. Deschene had appealed a lower court ruling that disqualified him from the race.

Deschene says he is proficient but is still working on his language skills.

Meanwhile the tribe’s council approved legislation to change the fluency requirement. That would keep Deschene on the ballot.

The legislation says language proficiency should be determined by the people voting.

That legislation still must be approved by President Ben Shelly. He has 10 days to sign it but his spokesman says he will make a decision quickly.