Arizona Education News

Study: Disney Princesses Give Kids More Progressive Gender Views
Lots of kids can tell you who their favorite Disney princess is — be it Belle or Elsa or Tiana, or someone else. But there has long been a concern among parents that letting their kids watch what are often referred to as "princess movies" could lead to continuing gender stereotypes — especially the "damsel in distress" narrative.
Sept. 23, 2021
iCivics Works To Counter Cynicism In Government Institutions
iCivics, which was started by former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor here in Arizona, is expanding its reach and trying to counter some of the damage and cynicism today's political institutions are facing.
Sept. 22, 2021
Phoenix Approves $10M For Training, Education Stipends
Phoenix is working on a new program to get more people to work. On Tuesday, the City Council unanimously approved using $10 million in federal funds to provide training, education and monthly stipends.
Sept. 21, 2021
5 Arizona Schools Win National Blue Ribbon Awards
Five Arizona K-12 schools are among the 325 National Blue Ribbon Schools for this year. This is a distinction given by the U.S. Department of Education based on schools’ overall academic performance or progress they’ve made in closing achievement gaps among their students.
Sept. 21, 2021
More Than 1,600 Students Have Caught COVID-19 In Pima County
Pima County continues to see a high number of COVID-19 cases, and schools have been a hot spot. Dr. Theresa Cullen, Pima County health director, says the vast majority of cases in schools involve kids.
Sept. 15, 2021
Arizona Supreme Court To Consider AGs Suit Over ASU Hotel
The Arizona Supreme Court has agreed to review two lower courts' rulings against state Attorney General Mark Brnovich in his lawsuit challenging a deal between Arizona State University and hotel developers.
Sept. 15, 2021
Judge Hears Arguments Over Arizona Mask Mandate Ban
The attorney for a coalition of educators, school board members, child welfare advocates and others warned a judge Monday that children could die if she does not void a legislative ban on schools requiring students to be masked.
Sept. 13, 2021
Arizona Governor Wants Students Taught About 9/11 Attacks
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is planning to push legislation that will require that students be taught about the 9/11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.
Sept. 10, 2021
New Poll Shows Majority Of AZ Voters Are For Mask Mandates
A recent poll found 59% of likely voters surveyed were against a new law that bans mask mandates.
Sept. 10, 2021
Phoenix Library To Offer More Laptops, Wi-Fi Hotspots
Phoenix will double the number of laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots available for people to check out from the library. Funding for the expansion comes from an $850,000 grant from Arizona’s Department of Education through federal relief funds.
Sept. 9, 2021
New Law Aims To Increase Schools Scheduling Flexibility
A new state law set to take effect later this month will allow school districts to experiment with new learning environments and new kinds of schedules. Supporters say the measure is about flexibility and letting schools tailor classes and educational models to meet their — and their students’ — needs.
Sept. 9, 2021
How The Definition Of Patriotism Changes Over Time
In our current, deeply divided political environment, the word "patriotism" has become especially loaded. The Show spoke with Yale Professor Steven Smith and began the conversation by asking him whether the definition of patriotism has changed or whether its meaning is defined by our times.
Sept. 9, 2021
UA Faculty, Staff Working To Help Afghan Colleagues Leave Country
Hundreds of Americans and Afghan citizens that worked with the U.S. over the past two decades remain in Afghanistan; many are trying to leave the country now that the Taliban has taken control. Among them: 12 people and their immediate families who worked with the University of Arizona through a partnership with a university in Kabul.
Sept. 9, 2021
Rise And Fall Of Bin Laden: A Closer Look At The Man Behind 9/11
Peter Bergen, co-director of ASU’s Center on the Future of War, followed Osama bin Laden’s career beginning in 1997. His latest book includes new information about bin Laden, including his final days, and also includes perspective that covering bin Laden for more than two decades has provided.
Sept. 8, 2021
Star Trek Launched Scientist Into Planetary Exploration
Sept. 8 marks the 55th anniversary of "Star Trek," one of the most influential entertainment franchises in pop culture history. To celebrate, The Show spoke with a true Trekkie — ASU planetary geologist Dave Williams.
Sept. 8, 2021
Boas: AZ Should Take Action On Students Dismal Scores
Are Arizona students going to fall further behind with a third consecutive unconventional school year? Republic columnist Bob Robb is concerned, and he wrote about that over the weekend. The Show spoke with Republic editorial page editor Phil Boas to discuss Robb’s column.
Sept. 7, 2021
Word S6:E1 — Breaking The Mold
In this Season 6 opener of "Word," we run the gamut from dealing with post-traumatic stress as a veteran and personal migration stories by Black people living in Arizona to a romantic comedy based in Phoenix that deals with the opioid crisis.
Sept. 7, 2021
Interest In Anti-Mask School Vouchers Outpaces Funds
A program announced by Arizona’s Republican governor last month to give private school vouchers to parents who object to campus mask requirements has seen applications surge, with twice as many either started or completed than can be funded with the $10 million in federal coronavirus relief earmarked for the plan.
Sept. 6, 2021
Tempes Shady Park Music Venue, Mirabella At ASU Battle Over Noise Complaints
The recent addition of a retirement community on the Arizona State University campus in downtown Tempe has prompted complaints about noise coming from nearby bars and restaurants. Those venues cater to thousands of college students.
Sept. 6, 2021
ASU Football Game Brings COVID-19 Concerns
ASU football is back with its largest crowd in six years on Thursday night. The Sun Devil Stadium was full of students excited to see a football game in person.
Sept. 3, 2021