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The Time Is Now: Rocky Point Opens Beaches
Visitors to the beach town of Rocky Point in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, will finally be able to get back in the water Saturday, Aug. 1, as the town reopens beaches for the first time in more than four months.
Jul. 31, 2020
As Pandemic Drags On, Sonoran Businesses Face Tough Choices
As in neighboring Arizona, the global coronavirus pandemic has been both a public health and an economic crisis in Sonora. Cases and deaths are mounting while jobs and businesses are vanishing. Sonorans are also navigating the hard times with far less support than Arizonans.
Jul. 31, 2020
Juarez Cartel Sued By Family Of Slain Women And Children
In what they are calling historic litigation, family members of nine women and children slain in an attack by suspected drug cartel members in northern Mexico last November have filed a lawsuit against the cartel, arguing the cartel is an international terrorist organization.
Jul. 30, 2020
Mexico Plans To Make Medicine Free And Centralize Their Distribution
After facing criticism for cutting costs in the health care system, the Mexican president is launching a groundbreaking strategy. And part of the plan involves a future coronavirus vaccine and more supplies bought from the U.S.
Jul. 30, 2020
Navajo See Farming Renaissance 5 Years After Mine Spill
Five years ago an EPA crew investigating a mine in Colorado accidentally unleashed 3 million gallons of metal-contaminated waste into the southwest river system. Downstream hundreds of Navajo quit farming as a result. But that’s changed in recent months as the tribe became one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus.
Jul. 29, 2020
Tucson Has A New Mexican Consul After Controversies
During the current Mexican president’s administration of less than two years, Tucson has had three Mexican consuls. The third one was appointed after a controversial removal of his predecessor.
Jul. 29, 2020
Memo Changes DACA Protections, At Odds With Court Ruling
A new memo from the Trump administration says it won't accept new applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June to uphold the policy.
Jul. 29, 2020
Sonoran Officials Apprehend Man Wanted In AZ Murder
For the second time in less than a week, authorities in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, have detained a suspect wanted for murder in Arizona.
Jul. 28, 2020
Mexican Presidential Airplane Returns To Mexico — And Is Still For Sale
The Mexican president has been using commercial flights while trying to sell — and even raffle off — the presidential plane. After months being stored in California, the plane is back in Mexico City, awaiting a buyer. The president’s opponents say it’s a distraction from the outbreak.
Jul. 28, 2020
Report: Health Crisis For Migrants At Border Predates COVID-19
While the global health crisis caused by the coronavirus has impacted all our lives, migrants waiting at the U.S.-Mexico border face another health crisis that predates the pandemic, according to a new report out Tuesday.
Jul. 28, 2020
Prescott National Forest Mineral Withdrawal Expires
Two decades ago the National Forest Service banned mining in parts of the Southwest for ecological or recreational reasons. Some of those so called “mineral withdrawals” are expiring this year.
Jul. 28, 2020
Gila River Community Aims To Bounce Back From Pandemic Losses
Arizona’s tribal communities have been some of the hardest hit during the pandemic. Numbers of cases in Indian Country have soared, putting pressure on their often already stressed health care systems and economies. The Show spoke with Gov. Stephen Roe Lewis of the Gila River Indian Community more about how his tribe has fared during the pandemic.
Jul. 28, 2020
Feds Open Offices To Solve Cold Cases In Indian Country
The federal government is opening seven offices across the country, including one in Phoenix, to solve cold cases involving the hundreds of murdered and missing indigenous people.
Jul. 27, 2020
Planned Furloughs Of USCIS Workers Delayed
The date roughly 13,000 employees of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services could be furloughed has been pushed back to the end of August.
Jul. 27, 2020
Boas: The Monument Arizona Should Have Built In 1960s
After years of requests to remove a Confederate monument from Wesley Bolin Plaza across the street from the state Capitol, it was taken down the week of July 19. In that context, Phil Boas, editorial page editor for the Republic, wrote about one person for whom a monument at that time should have been built: Annie Dodge Wauneka.
Jul. 27, 2020
Phoenix Murder Suspect Arrested In Nogales, Sonora
Working in collaboration with U.S. counterparts, authorities in Sonora say they have detained a man wanted for murder in Phoenix. He was identified only as Jesus Antonio by Sonoran authorities.
Jul. 24, 2020
Border Wildlife Study Needs Virtual Volunteers To Help Identify Species
An Arizona nonprofit is calling for virtual volunteers to contribute to a binational wildlife study documenting the animals crisscrossing the Arizona-Sonora border in areas where new sections of border wall are being built.
Jul. 24, 2020
A Year After Kayenta Mine Closure, Questions Surround Cleanup Process
Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva is asking why more hasn’t been done to clean up a coal mining site on the Navajo Nation.
Jul. 24, 2020
Yaqui Indigenous Communities In Sonora Protest Over Water Rights
Members of Yaqui Indigenous communities in southern Sonora, Mexico, are blocking a federal highway and the railway in a renewed battle over land and water rights. The blockade gained attention this week after stopping the movement of goods headed for the United States.
Jul. 23, 2020
Some Sonoran Beaches Set To Reopen By This Weekend
Last week, Mexico’s federal government lowered the coronavirus risk level in neighboring Sonora, Mexico. Despite push back from state health authorities, parts of the state are now reopening, including some of its beaches.
Jul. 22, 2020