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Latino voter turnout is growing in Arizona. Senate hopefuls are trying to win support
Latino voters made up roughly a quarter of Arizona voters who cast a ballot in 2020, according to NALEO Educational Fund, a nonprofit that works to increase Latino political participation. That's a nearly 20% increase in their share from 2016 and a roughly 58% increase in the number of Latino Arizonans voting from 2016.
May. 8, 2024
Northeastern Arizona under red flag warning
A red flag warning is in place for much of northern Arizona. High winds and low humidity from Holbrook north to the Utah border are posing a fire risk for areas throughout eastern Arizona until Tuesday night.
May. 7, 2024
Navajo hospital gets $177M overhaul, 1st since 1930
Ganado is home to Sage Memorial Hospital, a Native-managed comprehensive health care system serving thousands of people in surrounding Navajo communities. It had been operating out of the same facilities since 1930 — until now.
May. 7, 2024
Why the term Latinx is out and Latine is in
If you were one of the people who didn’t like the term “Latinx,” there’s another option for you: Latine. They are both gender-neutral terms for people of Latin descent, but Latinx has become controversial — even within the Latino community. Now, Latine seems to be taking over.
May. 7, 2024
Latinos are moving to the right politically. How will that impact the 2024 election?
Latinos have been a solid block of Democratic voters for generations. But that seems to be changing right now. Mike Madrid and Chuck Rocha, hosts of the Latino Vote podcast, spoke more about it with The Show.
May. 7, 2024
How a U.S. Customs and Border Protection veteran sees his agencys mission
Agent Ryan Riccucci has worked for U.S. Customs and Border Protection for 17 years. No longer on patrol, he's now division chief, overseeing the Tucson Sector's law enforcement operational programs. He's responsible for the things that agents use to reach the remotest parts of the desert — off-road vehicles, aircraft, horses — across a territory as vast as five Connecticuts, he said.
May. 7, 2024
Pima County leaders seek federal help for a new urban wildlife refuge on Santa Cruz River
Local leaders and community groups in Pima County are asking for federal help to set up a new wildlife refuge along the Santa Cruz River. It’s a tributary of the Gila River that runs through southern Arizona and across the border into Mexico.
May. 6, 2024
Is it easy for migrants to enter the U.S.? NPR went to the Arizona-Mexico border to find out
The flow of asylum seekers from around the world has overwhelmed the U.S. government's capacity to hear their cases. Here's what NPR reporters saw at the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona.
May. 6, 2024
This nonprofit animal rescue team is trying to save pets, strays on the San Carlos Apache Reservation
There are plenty of dogs, cats and other stray animals on tribal reservations. These volunteers have made it their mission to take care of them, and one is getting national recognition.
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May. 5, 2024
Prescribed burns will treat about 15,000 acres in Coconino National Forest
About 15,000 acres of the Coconino National Forest are scheduled for prescribed burns this week.
May. 4, 2024
Children’s choir from Mexico joins Phoenix groups for Música Sin Fronteras
On Sunday, a children’s choir from Hermosillo, Sonora, joins two Phoenix-based music groups for a concert called "Música Sin Fronteras," or “Music Without Borders.”
May. 3, 2024
GOP lawmakers pledge to send border security measure to voters, bypassing Hobbs
State Republican lawmakers have a plan to let voters decide whether to approve a border security bill rejected by Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs.
May. 2, 2024
The U.S. is releasing hundreds of migrants in San Diego every day. The city isnt responding
Last month, the funding situation for many migrant aid programs in southern Arizona looked dire. That is until a last-minute infusion of federal dollars staved off the crisis. But that didn’t happen in Southern California.
May. 2, 2024
New lawsuit challenges Pima County ordinance on reporting stolen guns
Failing to report a weapon you know or should have known was missing could result in a $1,000 fine. County officials say the move will help keep track of missing guns and fraudulent gun purchases, known as straw sales.
May. 1, 2024
New study warns Arizona uranium mine could put water at risk, but state officials say its unlikely
Arizona officials are reviewing the 27-page report from the University of New Mexico but say adverse impacts to groundwater from the uranium mine are extremely unlikely.
May. 1, 2024
130 dogs need short-term fostering during Pima County animal shelter construction
The Pima Animal Care Center is looking for emergency, short-term foster parents for at least 130 dogs at its shelter in Tucson. That’s while it completes a construction project meant to tamp down on what staff say is a chorus of barking dogs — everyday, all day.
May. 1, 2024
DHS is updating a special visa program for victims of trafficking
The new law goes into effect in August, and makes changes to a program called the T visa — a special visa for non-U.S. citizens who are victims of sex or labor trafficking incidents.
Apr. 30, 2024
Navajo government asks Biden to stop uranium transport
The Navajo government has asked the Biden administration to stop uranium transportation across the vast Navajo Nation.
Apr. 30, 2024
Colorado River deal means more say for Indigenous people in water decisions
A new agreement between six tribes and the Upper Basin states might give their Colorado River proposal more weight as the federal government considers it alongside a proposal from the Lower Basin states, which includes Arizona.
Apr. 30, 2024
UA encampment calls for Gaza ceasefire, divestment from companies tied to Israel
Students at the University of Arizona have set up a protest encampment on campus calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and divestment from companies tied to Israel — the latest in a string of similar university encampments across the country.
Apr. 29, 2024