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GOP coalition calls for investigation after Chaco Canyon decision
On Monday, a coalition of House Republicans, including Arizona’s Paul Gosar, signed a letter calling for an investigation into Haaland’s work with the Pueblo Action Alliance, a New Mexico advocacy group opposed to drilling in the Chaco Canyon region.
Jun. 5, 2023
Mexico’s Morena wins governorship in country’s most populous state
Mexico’s Morena political party had a historic win during elections in the country’s most populous state over the weekend. The Morena party will now hold the governorship in 23 of Mexico’s 32 states.
Jun. 5, 2023
Some Indigenous people not happy with proliferation of psychedelic drugs
Growing Western interest in psychedelic drugs has many Indigenous people sounding the alarm. These are plants they have been cultivating relationships with for millennia and, to do it right, they say, Western medicine should create bridges with traditional knowledge holders.
Jun. 5, 2023
Post Title 42, some migrants have hope of gaining asylum
With improvements to the federal CBP One app, some migrants who wait along the U.S.-Mexico border in Sonora have hope they’ll get an appointment to seek asylum while others still wait with little change in sight.
Jun. 5, 2023
Pima County restricts dog intake as diseases surge
Pima County’s animal shelter is limiting the intake of dogs for a week, beginning Saturday. The shelter is trying to stop a surge of infectious disease.
Jun. 2, 2023
Mindfulness helps some Navajo Nation members move past COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a mental health toll on almost everyone. For Native American communities, COVID was especially devastating. Life after COVID isn’t easy, and now some are turning to mindfulness practices to address compassion fatigue and burnout.
Jun. 2, 2023
Navajo president criticizes ban on new mine leasing around Chaco Canyon
The Navajo Nation’s government criticized the U.S. Department of the Interior for protecting a swath of Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico from new oil and gas leasing for the next 20 years.
Jun. 2, 2023
Grand Canyons North Rim is now open with limited services
The Grand Canyon National Park has opened its North Rim to visitors with limited services. The reopening comes as managers institute water conservation measures because of a break in the rim’s water pipeline.
Jun. 2, 2023
Hobbs urges Biden to designate proposed Grand Canyon monument
Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs has urged President Joe Biden to use the Antiquities Act to designate the proposed Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni Grand Canyon National Monument.
Jun. 1, 2023
Flagstaff creates evacuation zones to get people to safety during hazards
Flagstaff has created evacuation zones that are designed to help speed up getting people to safety while minimizing the number of residents asked to flee.
May. 31, 2023
Indian migrants crossing U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona continue to increase
New data shows that the number of migrants from India who crossed the southern border into Arizona has continued to increase drastically to about 7,000 apprehensions in April.
May. 31, 2023
Coexisting in rural spaces: How the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program is succeeding
The Mexican wolf population is being bolstered by quickly handing off pups born in captivity to surrogate packs to be raised in the wild. Pups are born in captivity at breeding centers across the country, then carefully placed in wild packs with pups of the same age.
May. 31, 2023
Cooperation credited in arrest of alleged arms trafficker
Federal prosecutors in Arizona are crediting international cooperation for the arrest this month of an alleged major gun-trafficker in Sonora by Mexican authorities.
May. 26, 2023
Tribes to build housing with federal money
The Biden administration recently awarded nearly $100 million in competitive community development grants to tribal nations. But only about $7.7 million is coming to local areas.
May. 26, 2023
Haaland: Mexico’s failure to protect porpoise undermines wildlife treaty
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has found that illegal fishing for an endangered species in Mexico’s Gulf of California is undermining an international treaty. That could lead the Biden administration to impose a trade embargo.
May. 26, 2023
Mohave official speaks against national monument
The Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni National Monument has been proposed by Tribal leaders to protect native land and Colorado River water.
May. 26, 2023
Mexico’s transparency body INAI remains paralyzed
Mexico’s legislature has gone into summer recess without filling at least one vacancy on the board of a watchdog group responsible for enforcing freedom of information rules. And that has left the body paralyzed. Journalism and human rights organizations are calling on lawmakers to take action.
May. 26, 2023
3 small fires simmering in the Coconino National Forest
A small fire that’s burned for nearly a week outside of Sedona is still spreading. The Miller Fire was reported last weekend and is now covering 35 acres.
May. 26, 2023
Family of man killed by Border Patrol says he was shot down at his doorstep
The family of a Tohono O’odham tribal member Raymond Mattia, who was fatally shot by the Border Patrol on tribal land this month, has released a statement about the May 18 incident.
May. 26, 2023
Coconino County received millions for flood mitigation — but the dangers arent over
County and federal officials say they’ve prepared regions of Coconino County that were hammered by flooding last year. And they’re relying on millions of dollars from the U.S. government to help.
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