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AMLO wants ex security head convicted in U.S. court to become informant
Mexico’s president says he hopes a former Mexican official convicted of drug trafficking and corruption in the United States will become an informant.
Feb. 22, 2023
Highways shut down as whiteout conditions persist in northern AZ
Flagstaff and several other northern Arizona communities are locked in as a severe storm driven by powerful winds moves across the state.
Feb. 22, 2023
Hobbs fires entire AZ-Mexico Commission board
The Arizona business community is reeling from Gov. Katie Hobbs' move to fire en masse the entire board of directors for the Arizona-Mexico Commission.
Feb. 22, 2023
AMLO: Water shortage makes Nuevo Leon poor site for Tesla factory
A top Nuevo Leon official pushed back, saying there is in fact enough water in the state for further development.
Feb. 21, 2023
Near massive Sonoran deposit, AMLO signs decree for  lithium reserve
During the signing ceremony, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said the measure would help prevent the exploitation of lithium resources in the country.
Feb. 21, 2023
ADOT braces for blizzard-like conditions in northern AZ
The National Weather Service has declared a winter storm warning for Northern Arizona from 9 p.m. Tuesday to 11 p.m. Wednesday. Conditions will make travel hazardous if not impossible, but ADOT is making what preparations it can.
Feb. 20, 2023
Hobbs meets with Mexicos president and Sonoras governor
Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs traveled to the Mexican state of Sonora on Friday in her first international trip since elected into office.
Feb. 18, 2023
Mexico to fast track visa applications for Cubans seeking to reunite with family
With the number of Cubans arriving in and traveling through Mexico increasing, the country is now offering a program for those seeking to reunite with family there.
Feb. 17, 2023
Journalist, environmental activist found dead in central Mexico
A journalist was found dead in central Mexico this week. Press freedom groups want authorities to investigate the case.
Feb. 17, 2023
Mexican rescue dog dies during mission to Turkey
It has been more than 10 days since the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. The death toll had risen to some 42,000 people as of Thursday when search and rescue teams Mexico had sent to deliver aid began to return home. But one of the K-9 rescuers died on the mission.
Feb. 16, 2023
Driver identified in I-10 truck crash that led to acid spill
The Department of Public Safety identified the driver in Tuesday’s truck incident that caused a nitric acid spill as Ricky Immel, 54, of Nevada. Though the cause of the incident isn’t clear at this point, officials didn’t see evidence of alcohol, drugs, or high speed being involved.
Feb. 16, 2023
Arizonas born alive bill moves forward after testimony
Arizona lawmakers heard testimony Tuesday for a bill that would require physicians to do everything possible to save the life of a baby born alive during an abortion.
Feb. 16, 2023
GOP lawmakers head to the Arizona border
A group of Republican lawmakers led by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy are in Cochise County on Thursday to meet with law enforcement officials and other local representatives. The delegation includes freshman Congressman Juan Ciscomani of southern Arizona.
Feb. 15, 2023
Casa Grande health center getting $52M loan
The Biden administration is providing about $70 million through grants and loans for rural projects in Arizona. The lion’s share is in the form of a $53 million loan for a health care facility in Casa Grande.
Feb. 15, 2023
Officials: Asylum applications are pushing Mexico to breaking point
The number of asylum applications in Mexico remains at an all-time high, and authorities say the country’s asylum system cannot handle the number of petitions it receives.
Feb. 15, 2023
Mexicos foreign minister teases good news after meeting with Tesla
Mexican officials are touting potential plans for electric vehicle maker Tesla to set up shop in the country.
Feb. 15, 2023
Mexico to send $6M to support earthquake response in Syria
Mexico is supporting earthquake recovery in Syria. The country will be contributing $6 million toward the disaster response in Syria, which, along with Turkey, suffered extraordinary damage and loss of life in the wake of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Feb. 6.
Feb. 14, 2023
Mexico bars use of GMO corn for human consumption
Mexico's position on GMO corn has been a source of trade tension with the United States. And those new rules, published Monday, prohibit the use of GMO corn for human consumption, specifically highlighting the production of flour for tortillas.
Feb. 14, 2023
Díaz and Boas: Firestorm brewing over the killing of a migrant
A 73-year-old rancher who lives near the U.S.-Mexico border in Southern Arizona is being charged with murder over the killing of a migrant on his property last month.
Feb. 14, 2023
Dreamers are cautiously optimistic about new U.S. Senate bill
Lawmakers in Washington have again introduced the Dream Act. It's a piece of legislation that could give almost 2 million undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as kids a path to U.S. citizenship, including some 600,000 recipients of the Obama-era DACA program.
Feb. 13, 2023