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Instagram posts help convict man who led illegal Grand Canyon trips
Federal prosecutors have won a criminal case against a Utah man who twice led illicit backcountry trips, known as packrafting trips, through Grand Canyon National Park.
Jul. 14, 2023
Mesa woman pleads guilty in $22M AHCCCS fraud scheme
An Arizona woman has pleaded guilty in an extensive wire fraud and money laundering scheme that defrauded the state’s Medicaid system of millions of dollars.
Jul. 13, 2023
Heat, policy shifts make crossing the border more dangerous, aid groups say
As a punishing heat wave rolls across Arizona and other states, aid groups working along the border say desperate migrants are still making the dangerous trek to the U.S.
Jul. 13, 2023
Activists report mixed results for asylum access
It's been two months this week since Title 42 came to an end. The pandemic-era protocol made it nearly impossible to walk up to a port of entry and ask for asylum — despite laws that require it.
Jul. 13, 2023
Grijalva re-introduces bill to require overtime pay for farm workers
This is at least the third time Grijalva, a Democrat in southern Arizona, has introduced the Fairness for Farm Workers Act.
Jul. 13, 2023
Committee takes up bill to fund tribal scholarship program
The Udall Foundation, created in 1992 to honor former Arizona Congressman Morris Udall, awards scholarships to Native American students. A House subcommittee recently heard testimony on a bill to extend the program, which was introduced by Arizona Republican Juan Ciscomani.
Jul. 12, 2023
It could reach 119 degrees inside the Grand Canyon next week
Northern Arizona is usually where Valley residents go for respite from the summer heat. But next week, the region is expected to see near-record temperatures.
Jul. 12, 2023
COVID-19 delayed AZ hantavirus investigation for months
The coronavirus pandemic overwhelmed health care systems and slowed responses to other illnesses, especially respiratory viruses that resembled COVID-19.
Jul. 12, 2023
Sonoran health officials amp up mosquito prevention measures
Cases of the mosquito-borne illness dengue fever spiked in Sonora last year. Officials are taking precautions to keep the virus from spreading this monsoon season.
Jul. 10, 2023
Another journalist has been killed in Mexico
Journalist Luis Martín Sánchez Iñiguez was been found killed in western Mexico after his wife reported him missing last week. His murder comes as Mexico continues to rank as one of the deadliest countries in the world for journalists.
Jul. 10, 2023
San Carlos Apaches work with Tonto Forest to reduce wildfire risk
The Department of Agriculture awarded $32 million to the San Carlos Apaches for wildfire mitigation earlier this year, and the tribe is working with Tonto National Forest to reduce fire risk near the reservation border.
Jul. 10, 2023
Flagstaff gets input on new national monument at Grand Canyon
Federal officials will be in Flagstaff next week to discuss the proposal for a new national monument in northern Arizona.
Jul. 10, 2023
Coconino County, Flagstaff teaming up to fix critical water pipeline
Officials from the Coconino National Forest and city of Flagstaff are collaborating on a project to fix a critical piece of water infrastructure.
Jul. 8, 2023
Researchers have long understood the risks of field work in Sonora
Last month, 31-year-old UC, Berkeley Ph.D. student Gabriel Trujillo was killed in rural Sonora while carrying out field research on a common shrub called buttonbush. His murder is a reminder of the dangers researchers sometimes take to understand and conserve plants and animals in this region, and around the world.
Jul. 7, 2023
Mexico making progress on universal health care system, president says
Universal health care is one of the cornerstone promises of Mexico’s president. And he says he’s making progress in bringing state leaders on board with a plan to federalize the system.
Jul. 7, 2023
Squash bug babies race against the clock to find critical bacterium
Squash plays an important role in the diets and cultures of Native Americans and Indigenous peoples of Mexico. But a half-inch long, flat-backed pest can wreak havoc on the plants if left unchecked. Now, a chance discovery solves a long-standing mystery about squash bugs – and the answer could help control their populations.
Jul. 7, 2023
This Tucson project is turning plastic waste into construction-grade building blocks
Plastic is used in everything from that cup of iced coffee in the morning, to the bumper on your car. But the waste those products generate is piling up — and a lot of it is going straight into landfills. A program in Tucson aims to redirect that trash into something useful.
Jul. 7, 2023
In historic first, VP Harris visits Gila River Indian Community to discuss tribal issues
As part of an effort to illustrate the Biden administration’s commitment to Native Americans, Vice President Kamala Harris visited the Gila River Indian Community on Thursday to meet with tribal leaders from around Arizona. It was the first visit to the Gila River community by a sitting U.S. president or vice president.
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Jul. 7, 2023
Challenger emerges as primaries take shape for Mexico 2024 elections
Mexico is ramping up for its presidential elections next year, and the country’s political parties are beginning to select primary contenders. One opposition challenger is gaining attention.
Jul. 6, 2023
USMCA partners meet to reflect on 3 years of the deal
Leaders from the United States, Mexico and Canada are meeting this week to reflect on the regional trade agreement known as the USMCA. This year’s meeting is taking place in Cancun.
Jul. 6, 2023