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The #MeToo Movement Stirs Mexican Society
The feminist movement known as #MeToo has arrived in Mexico. Accusations of discrimination and harassment, most of them anonymous and in creative industries, have spread by Twitter. And the movement is already having consequences — including layoffs and a suicide.
Apr. 2, 2019
Navajo President Proclaims Renewable Energy Its Top Priority
Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez signed a proclamation Tuesday that embraces a shift to clean energy development. This comes just days after the tribal council voted to drop its bid for the west's largest coal fired power plant.
Apr. 2, 2019
McSally Says Cross-Border Trade, Travel Should Continue
President Donald Trump threatened to close the border this week over immigration, but Arizona Sen. Martha McSally said Monday morning trade and travel should continue.
Apr. 1, 2019
Untold Arizona: Two Guns Ghost Town Marks End Of An Era
During Route 66’s heyday, families drove cross country on the "Mother Road" and took in  a variety of roadside attractions from the world’s largest covered wagon in Illinois to a rattlesnake den in Oklahoma. In Arizona, many stopped halfway between Flagstaff and Winslow at a spooky ghost town called Two Guns.
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Apr. 1, 2019
Turning Cactus Into Biodegradable Plastic
In 2013, some of Sandra Pascoe Ortiz's students came to her with a class project to use the prickly pear cactus as the base for a biodegradable plastic, she said. They abandoned it after a semester, but Pascoe said she told herself, "This can be done."
Mar. 29, 2019
Ex-Southwest Key Workers Won
Former Southwest Key Programs workers will not be charged in connection with an investigation of whether they physically abused unaccompanied migrant children last year.
Mar. 29, 2019
Mexican Marines: Poacher Shot
Mexican marines say a man was shot Thursday when a gun accidentally fired during a skirmish with poachers in a small fishing town on Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.
Mar. 29, 2019
Flagstaff Responds To Hate Crime With Love
People in Flagstaff have responded to a recent hate crime with heart. When swastikas were found painted on a Jewish community center’s windows in late March, the community covered its fence with hearts made of tinfoil.
Mar. 29, 2019
Arizona Universities Visit Sonoran High School Students
The University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University participated in an event Friday to help high school students in neighboring Sonora, Mexico learn about educational opportunities north of the border.
Mar. 29, 2019
Border Towns
Unless Mexico does more to stop Central American immigration to the United States, Trump tweeted Friday morning that he would close, “the Border, or large sections of the Border, next week.”
Mar. 29, 2019
3 Injured In Shootout Between Suspected Poachers, Mexican Marines
Three people were injured in a shootout between suspected poachers and Mexican marines early Thursday morning in the small fishing town of San Felipe on Mexico's Sea of Cortez.
Mar. 28, 2019
Border Officials Releasing Detained Migrants In Yuma
The federal government announced Thursday it was going to begin releasing newly detained migrants in Yuma. Those detained will be given a notice to appear at an immigration court hearing farther inside the United States.
Mar. 28, 2019
CBP Commissioner Says Border Has Hit Breaking Point
The commissioner of the nation’s border security agency says the border has hit a breaking point. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan spoke in El Paso, Texas, a region of the border where migrant detentions are rising fast.
Mar. 27, 2019
Fishermen Return To Sea Of Cortez In Banned Vaquita Area
Protesting what they call the government’s unkept promises, fishermen returned to the Sea of Cortez last weekend to an area where they have been banned for years in an effort to protect a small, endangered porpoise.They say they plan to keep fishing until the government responds.
Body Of Dead Vaquita Porpoise Found As Report Says Only 10 Left
Vaquita's Last Stand: The Struggle To Save The World's Rarest Marine Mammal
Mar. 26, 2019
U.S. Hopes To Work With Central America To Slow Migration
On the heels of meeting with Mexican officials about record migrant apprehensions, Homeland Security Secretary Kiersten Nielsen’s next stop is Honduras.
Mar. 26, 2019
White House To Investigate Sexual Abuse At IHS
President Donald Trump announced Tuesday his administration would form a task force to find out how a pediatrician was allowed to abuse Native American boys for years, while working for the Indian Health Service.
Mar. 26, 2019
Condemned Tohono O
In December, the Bureau of Indian Affairs staff shutdown the Santa Rosa Ranch School in Sells after finding many problems including asbestos in the floors, broken windows and electrical circuits and smoke detectors that didn't work.
Mar. 25, 2019
End Of An Era: Navajo Give Up On NGS Purchase
The Navajo Nation announced Friday that it has given up trying to purchase one of the west’s largest coal-fired power plants. From KJZZ’s Fronteras Desk in Flagstaff, Laurel Morales joined The Show to talk about what led up to this point.
Mar. 25, 2019
Lawyer Worries Video Hearings Could Cost Client
Use of video conference in immigration court has started in Arizona to help speed up an increasingly swamped system. Detainees at a private prison in Eloy have been appearing on a screen in Tucson instead of the court next door. The practice is legal but controversial. This is the story of a rookie lawyer tasked with using the technology for what he says is a life-or-death case.
Mar. 25, 2019
Report: New NAFTA Would Boost Arizona Industry
Arizona industries including mining and agricultural imports would benefit from the pending trade agreement for the U.S., Mexico and Canada, according to a new report.
Mar. 25, 2019