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Some Border Patrol agents will carry heat stress kits
Some Border Patrol agents in Arizona will be equipped with heat stress kits this summer — with tools to respond to migrants suffering from heat-related illnesses amid triple-digit temperatures.
Jun. 13, 2022
Government will appeal Texas ruling against Bidens deportation priorities
Last week, a federal court in Texas ruled the Biden administration could not move forward with enforcement priorities it outlined last fall for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Jun. 13, 2022
Man accused of starting Pipeline Fire released
A federal judge ordered the release of the man accused of burning toilet paper in the area where the Pipeline Fire erupted in northern Arizona earlier this month.
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Jun. 12, 2022
ICE will consider military service before pursuing deportation of some migrants
Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it will avoid deporting immigrants who are active-duty military or veterans under a directive released by the agency last week.
Jun. 8, 2022
Would-be DACA recipients file motion for relief as court decision looms
A group of would-be DACA recipients are asking a federal court in New York to allow them to obtain a work permit and temporary protection from deportation as a separate court case decides the future of DACA.
Jun. 8, 2022
Comcaac leaders ask tourists to contract directly with members for visits
Members of an Indigenous community in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, are asking tourists not to contract outside tour operators when visiting the tribe’s territory.
Jun. 8, 2022
Sonoran Congress votes to end mask mandate
Nearly two years after a mask mandate was implemented in Sonora amid the height of the pandemic, legislators voted this week to lift the measure.
Jun. 8, 2022
All of Sonora now facing severe drought or worse
Half of the state's 72 municipalities are considered to have severe drought, and the other 36 extreme drought.
Jun. 8, 2022
Native American artists push back on colonial definitions
What defines Native American art? ASU professor Jacob Meders explores the history of balancing Indigenous identity and creativity.
Jun. 8, 2022
Sonora, Chihuahua governors sign agreement on interstate project
If completed, the project would substantially cut the travel time from Chihuahua to the Sonoran port city of Guaymas.
Jun. 7, 2022
Hermosillo mayor rolls out water plan to ensure supply through summer
A number of wells have been rehabilitated, and rooftop water storage units are being handed out, among other measures.
Jun. 7, 2022
How the U.S. can help climate change refugees
There's plenty of news about immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border. And according to migration expert Amali Tower, much of immigration can be traced back to climate change.
Jun. 6, 2022
Game and Fish warns of bear sightings around Tucson
The Arizona Game and Fish Department is warning southern Arizona residents that bear sightings are on the rise in their area. Department spokesperson Mark Hart says May and June are the busiest months for bear sightings.
Jun. 4, 2022
Sonoran governor proposes long-term infrastructure-planning body
As described by Gov. Alfonso Durazo, the Sonoran Institute for Planning would make binding recommendations to state governments and plan three decades out.
Jun. 3, 2022
Mexico inches closer to nationwide marriage equality
Same-sex couples are now able to marry just as easily as their straight compatriots in 27 of Mexico's 32 states, and advocates are hopeful it could become a nationwide reality in several years.
Jun. 3, 2022
Baja California Sur now 9th Mexican state to decriminalize abortion
A ninth state in Mexico has legalized abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Jun. 3, 2022
Danger, abuse as asylum claims in Mexico soar
The number of people asking for asylum in Mexico continues to rise, with nearly 50,000 applications in just the first five months of this year. But an overburdened system has meant asylum seekers often face significant obstacles and abuses in the process.
Jun. 3, 2022
Long Line of Ladies explores Indigenous womanhood
Often, in American culture, when a girl gets her first period it’s a hushed affair. But the film "Long Line of Ladies" portrays a very different picture for a young woman and her family.
Jun. 3, 2022
Better management, reduced consumption essential to resolving Hermosillo’s water crisis
Hermosillo, Sonora, is already experiencing what have become habitual summer water shortages. And experts say that the only way to address the crisis is to better manage the city’s water — and to use less of it.
Jun. 2, 2022
For border communities, fallout of crossing restrictions lingers but opportunity remains
More than six months have passed since restrictions were lifted along the U.S.-Mexico border, and cities like Nogales, Arizona, are still feeling the ongoing consequences of Mexican shoppers being shut out for nearly two years. But some relief has come, and new opportunities have opened up.
Jun. 2, 2022