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Environmental Groups Call For Greater Protections For Vaquita Marina
Environmental groups are urging the U.S. government and international organizations to use sanctions to pressure Mexico to protect a critically endangered porpoise that lives in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.
Apr. 2, 2021
Large-Scale Vaccination Set To Begin In Hermosillo Next Week
As of this week, more than 2 million Arizonans have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. In neighboring Sonora, Mexico, large-scale vaccination hasn’t even started in the capital city. But older adults are set to begin receiving doses next week.
Apr. 1, 2021
State Department’s Report Alerts On Mexico’s Impunity Levels, Attacks To The Press
The State Department recently published an annual report on human rights, which points to a variety of issues in Mexico. The report cites high levels of impunity, attacks on human rights defenders and the media, as well as low rates of prosecution. Mexico’s president is questioning the State Department’s motives.
Apr. 1, 2021
Tensions At Mexico-Guatemala Border After Shooting
Mexico has been facing accusations from human rights activists since the current administration beefed up military presence on the Guatemalan border. And new tensions flared in the area this week after a soldier shot and killed a Guatemalan citizen.
Apr. 1, 2021
Comcaac Nation Demands Water With Historic Gathering
In neighboring Sonora, Mexico, members of the Indigenous Comcaac Nation, often called the Seris, have long struggled for access to clean water in their two towns on the Sea of Cortez. Last Saturday, they walked miles to a sacred site for their people to demand the Mexican government provide them with potable water and other basic services.
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Apr. 1, 2021
Nez: How Navajo Nation Is Handling Renewed Concerns Over COVID-19
The Navajo Nation was one of the hottest spots for transmission of COVID-19 in the world. So it was good news last week when the Nation had its first day in more than six months without a new reported COVID-19 case. But this week there have been renewed concerns as the Nation saw its first confirmed case of the U.K. variant of the virus.
Apr. 1, 2021
Vaccine Disparities A Challenge For Border Communities
The vaccine effort in Arizona is proceeding apace, with tens of thousands of doses administered daily. But the picture is very different in neighboring Sonora and across Mexico, where the vaccine rollout has been much slower. For border communities like Nogales, that disparity could spell unique challenges.
Mar. 31, 2021
Havasupai Councilwoman Named To Biden Advisory Team
The Biden administration has appointed Havasupai Councilwoman Carletta Tilousi to serve on its Environmental Justice Advisory Board.
Mar. 31, 2021
Virus Variant Identified In Britain Found On Navajo Nation
A coronavirus variant first identified in Britain has been found on the Navajo Nation. Tribal health officials said Tuesday that the United Kingdom strain was confirmed in a sample obtained in the western part of the reservation.
Mar. 31, 2021
Grisly Discovery Is Latest Of Hundreds For Sonoran Searching Group
The remains appear to have been incinerated, something the group says it's seeing more of in recent months.
Mar. 30, 2021
San Carlos Tourist Sector: Coordination Could Have Lowered Impacts
The requirement to have a negative coronavirus test was particularly difficult in a state where access to testing has been much more limited than in neighboring Arizona.
Mar. 30, 2021
After 2 Weeks At Green, Sonora’s COVID-19 Risk Rises
State officials are worried about a third wave brought on travel during Holy Week, and there are some indications that it may be building now.
Mar. 29, 2021
Data: COVID-19 Deaths In Mexico Higher Than Reported
The data would place Mexico as the country with the second-highest number of deaths after the U.S.
Mar. 29, 2021
Public Outrage In Mexico After Immigrant Woman Killed By Police
A police custody death in the Mexican Caribbean coast on Saturday resembling the George Floyd case is generating public outrage and concern among human rights activists. The death of a migrant woman is being considered a result of police brutality.
Mar. 29, 2021
Sonoran Official, 5 Others Traveling To Tucson Killed In Plane Crash
A Sonoran government official was among six killed in a plane crash Saturday. Leonardo Ciscomani was the state’s assistant secretary of economic development. In a post on social media, Sonoran Gov. Claudia Pavlovich praised him as an “exemplary” public official.
Mar. 29, 2021
Man Dies In Border Patrol Custody In Tucson
A 29-year-old man from Guatemala died in custody Saturday after being apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol in Casa Grande. The man was apprehended on the evening of March 25 and started to show signs of distress the next morning at the Tucson Coordination Center.
Mar. 28, 2021
2.7M U.S. Vaccine Doses To Arrive In Mexico Within Next Week
By next Thursday, the U.S. will have sent roughly 2.7 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Mexico. The vaccine rollout is going much slower in Mexico than in the United States.
Mar. 26, 2021
Mexico Export Manufacturers Hope To Get Excess U.S. Doses for Workers
Export manufacturers in Mexico are hoping to get excess U.S. vaccine doses to their workers. As it stands, many export manufacturing plant workers may not get vaccinated until next year.
Mar. 26, 2021
Mexicos 200K Official COVID-19 Deaths Likely Significant Undercount
Mexico officially surpassed 200,000 deaths from the coronavirus Thursday, the third highest toll in the world — after the United States and Brazil. But that number is likely a significant undercount because the country’s testing rate is so low.
Mar. 26, 2021
Vaccines To Be Administered At Drive-Thru Sites In Hermosillo
COVID-19 vaccines are slowly rolling out for older adults in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, with the first doses in the state capital Hermosillo expected to arrive within the next week. Many of those vaccines may be administered at newly approved drive-thru sites.
Mar. 26, 2021