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As Mexican lawmakers try to curb "Narco" culture, the fantasy of living like a drug trafficker is growing in the U.S. It has spread to religion, fashion and television.
May. 26, 2011
State Bill Introduced To Regulate DUI Checkpoints
Critics say DUI and drivers license checkpoints are being used to impound cars and target undocumented immigrants. A California Assembly member has proposed to ban the practice.
May. 25, 2011
U.S. Gangs As Foot Soldiers For Drug Traffickers
Mexican cartels have the drugs and the cash. Gangs have the organization and the street smarts. Authorities say that makes them partners in cross-border crimes, including kidnapping and murder.
May. 25, 2011
Sheriffs, police chiefs and judges from the Rio Grande Valley have been charged with crimes. One expert said it is just a part of life in the impoverished area near the U.S.-Mexico border.
May. 24, 2011
How Drug Cartels Move Cash Across The U.S.-Mexico Border
At least one bank has been accused of facilitating the movement of billions in drug cartel cash across the U.S.-Mexico border. Authorities say more banks are under investigation.
May. 23, 2011
Government Starts Inquiry Into Program Leading to More Deportations
A controversial program administered by the Department of Homeland Security is the subject of an internal inquiry. Secure Communities has been under fire for stepping up deportations of noncriminals.
May. 23, 2011
DEA: Major Drug Smuggling Operation Along U.S.-Mexico Border Dismantled
Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne said authorities are still looking for the ringleader, who is at large in Mexico.
May. 20, 2011
Calderon: Only Shots For Spring Breakers Were Tequila Shots
The Mexican president insisted that of the more than 22 million foreign tourists that visited Mexico last year, almost none were impacted by drug violence.
May. 20, 2011
Hiding Drugs And People In Suburban Neighborhoods
Drug cartels used the real estate crash to expand out of barrios and into suburbia. A new law is helping cops fight back.
May. 20, 2011
Flying Marijuana Over The Border Low & Slow
For every enforcement method the government implements, the drug cartels respond with a counter measure.
May. 19, 2011
Navy Ship Gets Labor Leader
The Navy Secretary made it official Wednesday, the last in a line of massive new cargo ships will carry the name Cesar Chavez. The news was heralded by the people building the ship in San Diego.
May. 18, 2011
No Warrant Needed to Search Laptops, Phones at Border Crossing
A report released today asks the Department of Homeland Security to discontinue a policy that allows electronic devices be searched without probable cause or warrants at border crossings.
May. 18, 2011
Hunting Drug Smugglers On US Highways
Federal officials cannot stop all of the illicit drugs entering the country. So they teamed up with local cops to target vehicles smuggling drugs on highways across the southwest and beyond.
May. 18, 2011
A Desert Smuggler
Roberto Hernandez moved drugs north to the U.S. and dollars south to Mexico. His illegal trade ended when investigators started listening to his phone calls.
May. 17, 2011
Improvements Made to Border Wastewater-Treatment Plant
Water is high on the long list of issues the U.S. and Mexico deal with along the border. The improvement of a wastewater-treatment plant in San Diego highlights increasing collaboration.
May. 16, 2011
Officials: US Addicts Fuel Mexico
About 22 million Americans use illegal drugs, leading to billions of dollars in profit for Mexico's drug cartels. This is the first in a series of stories exploring "The Drug War At Home."
May. 16, 2011
Obama Reignites Immigration Debate Along U.S.-Mexico Border
President Barack Obama gave a speech in El Paso, Texas regarding border security and immigration.
May. 10, 2011
President Obama To Address Immigration Reform At U.S.-Mexico Border
As the city of El Paso prepares for President Obama's visit, residents weigh in on his stance on immigration so far.
May. 10, 2011
A New Gold Rush Leaves A Mark In Southwestern States
During the 19th Century, gold mining fueled the expansion into the so-called Wild West. Today, rising gold prices have led to a new gold rush with ten old mines reopened in the last decade.
May. 10, 2011
Tijuana Joins Protests Against Mexico
About 100 people gathered at a traffic circle on one of the city's busiest streets calling for an end to the violence and for justice.
May. 8, 2011