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Court Sides With Fronteras Desk For Border Murder Case Files
A Cochise County Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday that the widow of a murdered Arizona border rancher could not prevent the law enforcement report on her husband’s death from being released to the public.
Dec. 18, 2013
Tijuana Official Shot, Killed By Unknown Assailants
The head of Tijuana’s municipal sports department was murdered Monday night near his home in central Tijuana.
Dec. 17, 2013
End To Mexico Oil Monopoly Will Maintain Boom In North American Crude
The entry of Mexican crude oil into the world's oil supply expected following energy reform in Mexico is predicted to swell a glut of crude that is currently a threat of rising crude prices.
Dec. 17, 2013
Immigration Reforms Prospects In 2014
Members of the House of Representatives left Washington last week without passing immigration reform. So what are the chances next year?
Dec. 16, 2013
Explosion At Júarez Candy Factory Ruled Accidental
The explosion was the result of a chemical reaction involving corn starch and oxygen, according to a report issued this weekend by the Chihuahua State Attorney General's office.
Dec. 16, 2013
Medical Tourism Booming In Baja California
Medical tourism to Baja California has risen nearly 18 percent since 2010, Mexico’s Frontera newspaper reports.
Dec. 16, 2013
Border School Football Rivalries Voted Among Nations Best
Two of the ten high school rivalry games in the USA Today Sports contest are based in border cities.
Dec. 16, 2013
NAFTA Anniversary Worth Celebrating, Studying
As the 20th anniversary of NAFTA is marked, officials need to evaluate its lessons.
Dec. 16, 2013
Wins And Losses Seen In New Mexicos Efforts To Reduce Drug Use
For almost two decades, New Mexico has led the nation in drug overdose deaths. In 2012, nearly 500 New Mexicans died from drug overdoses. For many, opioids — like prescription painkillers and heroin — are the drugs of choice, and they’re easy to find and often cheap.
Dec. 16, 2013
Best Of The Border (12/9 - 12/13)
The week's top stories from Fronteras: The Changing America Desk.
Dec. 14, 2013
Texas Takes New Mexico To Supreme Court Over Water
Thirsty Texas is looking to its neighbor states for water. Oklahoma has been the target of Texas water grabs and now the Lone Star State is looking to the Land of Enchantment.
Dec. 13, 2013
Price Drop In Crude Predicted For Nations Biggest Oil Field
Analysts are split on the price of crude for 2104 begging the question; How will the nation's largest producing oil field in Texas and New Mexico fare? Even those predicting a fall say very well.
Dec. 13, 2013
Mexican Congress Approves Energy Reform; US Companies Likely To Benefit
American energy companies and reform-minded Mexicans have waited for Mexico to allow foreign investment and technology into the oil and gas sector. Mexico's Congress has formally approved the move after a contentious debate in Mexico Chamber of Deputies, the equivalent of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Dec. 13, 2013
Colorado River Users Talk Resource Constraints
The Colorado River Water Users met in Las Vegas this week to discuss how to deal with some of the lowest water levels on record. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell spoke to the group Friday.
Dec. 13, 2013
Mountain Lions, Bighorn Sheep Die In Effort To Restore Nature
Arizona Game and Fish killed two mountain lions that preyed on recently re-introduced bighorn sheep in the mountains north of Tucson.
Dec. 13, 2013
Group Demands Investigation Into El Paso Immigrant Detention Center
A group of immigrant activists is calling for an investigation into the detention of asylum seekers at an El Paso detention facility. They allege the detainees are being wrongfully held.
Dec. 12, 2013
Mexico Second Only To Syria In Deaths In 2012
A think-tank in Switzerland says only Mexico had more deaths by violence than Syria in 2012.
Dec. 12, 2013
Mexican Congress Approves Anti-Protest Law
Even by Mexican standards, the traffic-clogging street protests against proposed energy and education reform has reached intolerable levels. The Mexican Congress has reacted by proposing a law severely restricting demonstrations along major arteries in Mexico City, much to the chagrin of Mexico City's Congressional representative who says the government of Mexico's capital city opposes the plan.
Dec. 12, 2013
Sen. Boxer Introduces Bill To Improve Short-Term Detention At Borders
California Sen. Barbara Boxer has introduced a bill that would require U.S. Customs and Border Protection to set standards for holding people in short-term custody.
Dec. 12, 2013
Protesters Call For End of Deportation
As part of a national day of action, a small group of protesters in San Antonio are calling for the end of deportations following a request from several members of congress.
Dec. 12, 2013