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Major Mexican Newspaper To Stop Publishing Cartel News
Zócalo, a publication out of the Coahuila capitol, Saltillo, wrote a front-page editorial on their site Monday explaining it would no longer publish information concerning drug cartel violence.
Mar. 12, 2013
Diversifying The Lifeguard Applicant Pool
Swimming pool season is around the corner, which means young people are training to be summer lifeguards. In Phoenix, there's an effort underway to hire teens from more diverse backgrounds for the job.
Mar. 12, 2013
Court Limits Border Agents Ability To Search Personal Computers
A federal court has ruled that border agents can only go so far when it comes to searching border crossers' digital devices without reasonable suspicion of a crime.
Mar. 11, 2013
Could Immigrants Visit Home Countries Under Gang Of Eights Path To Citizenship?
As a pathway to citizenship is forged by the Senate's Gang of Eight, questions remain unanswered.
Mar. 11, 2013
Despite Warnings, Border Waits Not Longer Than Usual
Under sequestration, U.S. Customs and Border Protection is slated to have $500 million slashed from its budget. Border authorities warn this is already making for longer waits. But their warnings don’t seem to pan out.
Mar. 10, 2013
Best Of The Border (3/3-3/8)
The week's top stories from Fronteras: The Changing America Desk.
Mar. 9, 2013
Congressmen Argue: Will Sequestration Affect Border Security?
Some Republicans say the Department of Homeland Security is exaggerating the harm sequestration will cause border security.
Mar. 8, 2013
Tribe And Environmentalists Sue Forest Service Over Uranium Mine
The Havasupai Tribe and environmental groups filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Forest Service for allowing a uranium mining company to operate six miles outside of Grand Canyon National Park.
Mar. 8, 2013
Former New Mexico Prisoner Awarded $15 Million Settlement
A man detained in New Mexico won a $15 million settlement in court this month. The settlement is reportedly one of the largest ever awarded in a prisoner civil rights case.
Mar. 8, 2013
Hopi Revises Criminal Code, Regains Sovereignty
Crime rates in Indian Country are more than twice the national average. But for decades antiquated criminal codes have limited what tribal courts could do. That’s changing now: the Hopi Tribe has recently revised its criminal code and as a result is regaining a degree of tribal sovereignty in its court system.
Mar. 8, 2013
FBI Offers Insight Into Indian Country Crime
The head of northern Arizona's FBI Office talked about what it's like to be an agent on Indian Country and offered insight into reservation crime.
Mar. 7, 2013
President Obama Signs VAWA
President Obama signed the Violence Against Women Act Thursday. The reauthorization enhanced protections for Native American, undocumented and LGBT communities.
Mar. 7, 2013
Asian-Americans Have Their Own Priorities For Immigration Reform
Asian Americans have their own concerns as they await immigration reform legislation, among them endless visa backlogs affecting would-be Asian immigrants and laws that have led to the deportation of many Southeast Asians who arrived legally.
Mar. 7, 2013
The Place Where Baseball, Immigration Collide
Today's excellent column by Yahoo! MLB writer Jeff Passan pretty much sums up the intersection of professional baseball and the nationalist climate swirling in the air of its seasonal host.
Mar. 7, 2013
What Happens If You Dont Cooperate At Inland Check Points?
What happens if you refuse to answer the questions agents ask at a Border Patrol checkpoint?
Mar. 7, 2013
Visa Overstays Present Challenge For Immigration Reform
Among the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country, some 40 percent entered the U.S. legally with a temporary visa. But once they arrived, they decided to stay.
Mar. 7, 2013
ICE Using New Tool For Detention Decisions
Before the controversy surfaced around ICE's release of detainees due to budget cuts, the agency had quietly begun to use a new instrument to decide which immigrants to hold in its custody.
Mar. 7, 2013
Declining Interest In Chicano Studies Reflects A Latino Identify Shift
For the second semester in a row, San Diego State University's Chicano Studies department has fallen short of enrollment targets, despite a record number of Latinos on campus.
Mar. 6, 2013
Carlos Slim And Mexicos Digital Divide
The richest man in the world and his stronghold on his country's internet connectivity.
Mar. 6, 2013
Juarez Media Outlets Targeted In Shooting
The offices of a newspaper and a television station in Ciudad Juarez were hit in a drive-by shooting early Wednesday morning. No one was injured.
Mar. 6, 2013