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Registration For Mexican Expats To Vote In Election Lags In US
Only a small fraction of Mexican citizens living in the U.S. signed up to vote in their home country’s July presidential election, according to figures released on Friday. Registration barriers and apathy could be to blame.
Feb. 18, 2012
Baja After The Boom
Read multimedia stories produced by journalists from the Fronteras Desk and partner station KPBS as they travel along the Baja California, Mexico peninsula reporting on development, the environment and other issues that transcend the border region in both countries.
Feb. 18, 2012
Day 9: Reflecting On Our Neighbors To The South
A day filled with stunning views, fighting exhaustion and reflecting on Mexico.
Feb. 17, 2012
Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary Requirement Under Fire
The State of Arizona and the Department of Health Services are headed back to court over the state’s voter-approved medical marijuana law. A pro-medical marijuana group is contesting several requirements, including the rule that marijuana dispensaries must have a medical director.
Feb. 16, 2012
A Year Later, Immigration Agent’s Death In Mexico Remains Unsolved
ICE Special Agent Jaime Zapata was on assignment in Mexico City a year ago when attackers suddenly forced his armored SUV off the road.
Feb. 16, 2012
Homeland Security Goes Old School To Help Facilitate Border Crossings
U.S. Customs and Border Protection is testing radio transmitters to relay important traveler information.
Feb. 16, 2012
Organizers Take On Immigration Enforcement Leadership -- Without Talking About Immigration
The activists who successfully led the campaign to recall former Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce are now running another campaign -- calling for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s resignation. The strategy is consistent: Target immigration enforcement leaders without talking about immigration.
Feb. 16, 2012
Day 8: The Pressures Of Success In Mexico’s Wine Country
A day filled with bare vineyards, passionate vintners and some wine tasting, of course..
Feb. 16, 2012
Day 7: Drifting On The Sea Of Cortez
A day filled with blue water, blue sky and business blues.
Feb. 15, 2012
In Contraception Clash, Catholic Latinas Stray From Doctrine
In their push to reverse Obama's contraception rule, Catholic leaders aren't likely to find Latina allies.
Feb. 15, 2012
A Spark of Mormon Dissent in Romney Country
Mitt Romney is the man to beat in Arizona's upcoming primary. But some fellow Mormons say another candidate lines up better with their religious beliefs.
Feb. 14, 2012
Border Patrol budget would cut agents’ overtime pay
The proposed federal budget wouldn't reduce the number of agents, but would reduce their pay rates. Critics also say funding would be diverted away from legal points of entry.
Feb. 14, 2012
Foreign tourists boost Mexicos numbers
Mexico's tourism numbers are up, but not because of Americans.
Feb. 14, 2012
Married at the Mob Museum
The Mob Museum opened Tuesday in Las Vegas, celebrating the anniversary of the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre with a mass wedding.
Feb. 14, 2012
Day 6: Hanging With The Whales In Bahía Magdalena
We head to one of the most southern locations to watch California Gray Whales, Mexican style.
Feb. 14, 2012
Arizona Lawmakers Consider Funding Armed, Volunteer Militia
Arizona lawmakers will consider funding an armed state guard to help with border enforcement. This bill is the latest in a series which asserts the state’s right to deal with illegal immigration and drug trafficking.
Feb. 13, 2012
Arizona Tribal Group Denounces Land Exchange Bill
Arizona tribal leaders were on Capitol Hill on Thursday, testifying against a bill that would allow copper mining on Native American land. Opponents say the deal goes against a federal mining ban already in place. Supporters say it’s an economic boon.
Feb. 13, 2012
Day 5: It’s Not Easy Being Green – Energy – In Mexico
A day filled with green energy, potential greenbacks and green ideas at a surfing enclave.
Feb. 13, 2012
Day 4: Savoring The Ocean, One Meal At A Time
Eating our way south on the Baja California peninsula, the food gets as unique as the landscapes it comes from.
Feb. 12, 2012
Day 3: There Aren’t Supposed To Be Cacti Near The Ocean
A day filled with volcanoes, virgins and vistas.
Feb. 11, 2012