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Beyond Sprawl: Can Foreign Cash Save The Housing Market?
Absentee buyers are seeing opportunity in cheap Las Vegas homes; they accounted for close to half of home sales in September. As part of our continuing series, we explore why some local realtors want to lure cash-rich foreigners to join in on the buying.
Dec. 1, 2011
Controversial Secure Communities Program Scrutinized
Amid growing criticism and confusion over the Secure Communities program, members of Congress question a top federal immigration official about it during a committee hearing.
Nov. 30, 2011
Beyond Sprawl: Gambling On Downtown Las Vegas
As part of our ongoing series, we explore why one Las Vegas company is tired of its offices in the sprawling suburbs. The CEO wants to move downtown, and help transform the gritty neighborhood into a vibrant, urban hub.
Nov. 30, 2011
Beyond Sprawl: Rethinking Residential, Cul-De-Sacs For The Future
With the real estate crash and lingering economic gloom, is it time to re-think the all-American suburb? In the next installment of our ongoing series, Arizona State University graduate students say yes and share some of their designs.
Nov. 29, 2011
Critics: Environmental Impact Statement Needed For Well
The Montezuma Rimrock Water Company wants to turn on a high-production well near the Montezuma Castle National Monument. Critics claim the well does not have the proper permits and should not be turned on.
Nov. 29, 2011
Beyond Sprawl: Watching The Bubble Burst Firsthand
Laura Oeinck was a realtor during the height of the mortgage crisis. As part of our continuing series on development in the Southwest, Oeinck shares what she witnessed.
Nov. 28, 2011
HD Screens Take To Las Vegas
Las Vegas-themed TV shows are seeing success, which means that more shows are in the works.
Nov. 28, 2011
Beyond Sprawl: The Southwest Zombie Problem
Zombie subdivisions are haunting the suburbs. The half-built developments are a nuisance to neighbors, city government and planners. In the first part of a multimedia series, we explore what should be done with the empty land and report how the answers will impact the region's economy.
Nov. 28, 2011
Mexican Consumers Flock to the U.S. for Holiday Sales
Some Mexican shoppers traveled a long way to get in on Black Friday sales along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Nov. 25, 2011
Park Service: Uranium Mining Hurts Tourism
The mining industry and the park service remain in a debate about the economics of uranium mining on land surrounding Grand Canyon National Park.
Nov. 25, 2011
A Navajo Thanksgiving
On Thanksgiving, many Navajo people get together with their families, eat turkey and give thanks. Navajo teacher Brent Chase teaches his students in northern Arizona about a special Navajo tradition.
Nov. 24, 2011
Native Foods Make A Comeback In Southwest
Tired of waiting in line at the supermarket during this holiday season? There may be some food you can harvest right outside your back door.
Nov. 23, 2011
Rare Ice Age Footprints Discovered in New Mexico
In southern New Mexico, scientists are studying a discovery made by student interns at White Sands National Monument. The students found 700 prehistoric footprints of Ice Age giants including mammoths, camels and saber tooth cats.
Nov. 23, 2011
Small Business Saturday Could Help Latino Entrepreneurs
About one in five small businesses in the U.S. are owned by Latinos. A campaign to boost sales could help many Hispanic families in this tough economy.
Nov. 23, 2011
Millions Seized In Tijuana Said To Belong To Sinaloa Cartel
More than $15 million said to belong to the powerful Sinaloa cartel has been seized in Tijuana. This is the second largest cash seizure since 2006, when Mexican President Felipe Calderon started to aggressively go after the drug cartels.
Nov. 22, 2011
Groups Ask Congress To Cut Border Enforcement Funds
The congressional supercommittee failed to settle on a bipartisan proposal to cut the nation's deficit. Some advocates for immigration reform say there are savings to be had by cutting border enforcement.
Nov. 22, 2011
Countering The Lure Of Black Friday Along The Border
Along the U.S.-Mexico border, retailers hope to stem the flow of shoppers north to American stores looking for deals on holiday gifts.
Nov. 21, 2011
Janitors Occupy Federal Building Over Immigration
More than 100 janitors and supporters demonstrated in front of San Diego's federal building. Inspired by Occupy Wall Street, they expressed their displeasure about the lack of immigration reform.
Nov. 18, 2011
What are you renting?
As a tough economy continues to squeeze many budgets, the rental market is expanding beyond traditional items like apartments, houses, and cars. What are you renting?
Nov. 18, 2011
Are Industrial Relics Worth Preserving?
There is a debate about what to do with old manufacturing sites. Some cities have re-purposed old industrial spaces for other uses and saved some of the buildings. Others have razed the locations for redevelopment.
Nov. 18, 2011