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Haaland announces $14.5M to electrify AZ tribal homes
This week, the Interior Department allocated $72 million to aid tribal communities in electrifying their homes on a path toward zero-emissions energy systems. Three of the 21 tribes receiving federal funding are from Arizona.
Mar. 7, 2024
Federal inaction at the U.S.-Mexico border sparks fight at AZ Capitol
Republican state lawmakers and Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs agree — they say the federal government has fallen short in securing the state’s southern border. But they are at odds over a Republican package of bills that would restrict immigration.
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Mar. 6, 2024
This tiny Arizona city becomes first to pass Gaza ceasefire resolution
South Tucson is an autonomous 1.2-square-mile city with about 5,000 residents that’s completely surrounded by the city of Tucson. Now, it’s the first city in Arizona to pass a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.
Mar. 6, 2024
Pima Countys climate action plan includes greenhouse emission reduction projects countywide
A climate action plan Pima County officials submitted to the EPA outlines a list of environmental projects the county hopes to take on over the next several years.
Mar. 6, 2024
Latinos see border in crisis but say more walls arent the answer, study reveals
A new study from the Pew Research Center says Latinos in the U.S. view the sheer number of migrants trying to enter the country at the Southwest border as a problem. But they also don’t view bigger border walls or increased deportations as the solution.
Mar. 6, 2024
As the EPA narrows in on PFAS regulations, Tucson hopes for federal priority
PFAS are a group of widely-used, human-made chemicals linked to health issues like cancer and thyroid disease. The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to release a long-awaited set of drinking water standards for the chemicals this year. But contamination has already been found in thousands of communities around the country like Tucson.
Mar. 6, 2024
Navajo Nation offers public education meetings on possible water settlement
Twelve public meetings, coordinated by the Navajo Nation Water Rights Commission and Navajo Department of Justice’s Water Rights Unit, are slated all around the reservation through next Wednesday.
Mar. 6, 2024
UA acknowledges it sits on Native lands. Some say it should use funds to help Native students
More than 10 million acres were taken from Native American tribes to create the more than 100 so-called land-grant universities, including the University of Arizona. Recent reporting from Grist says those funds aren't used to help Native students.
Mar. 6, 2024
Professor wants to create a pipeline for Latino students in the performing arts
There have been many efforts to get girls and minority students in STEM — science, technology, engineering and math. But Micha Espinosa didn’t hear a lot about getting them into the arts. So, she’s working to change it.
Mar. 6, 2024
The  2nd annual Tombstone Festival of Western Books rides into its namesake town Friday
A cavalcade of 40 authors from as far away as Minnesota and North Dakota will join regional writers and book lovers at the renowned town known for its history of outlaws and gunfights.
Mar. 5, 2024
Kellys bill streamlines help to clean up old mines
Kelly introduced the Legacy Mine Clean up Act with Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming. The lawmakers say if passed, it would establish an office within the EPA that would work with state and tribal partners, implement best practices and set up a priority list to accelerate mine site cleanup.
Mar. 5, 2024
Mexicos litigators say 2 gun-related causes could have broad legal implications
Mexico first filed suit against major gun makers — which it alleges design, market and sell weapons in ways that arm cartels and fuel violence. A second suit against five Arizona gun stores argues that they systematically participate in trafficking firearms across the border.
Mar. 5, 2024
Why has Texas border seen drop in migrant arrests while AZ numbers are up?
LA Times reporter Andrea Castillo dug into a new pattern that has emerged in where migrants cross the U.S. border.
Mar. 5, 2024
Hobbs vetoes controversial Arizona immigration bill some likened to SB 1070
"This bill does not secure our border,'' the governor said in a brief veto message. She also said it "will be harmful for communities and businesses in our state, and burdensome for law enforcement personnel.''
Mar. 4, 2024
Officials will treat 12,000 acres of forest near Flagstaff to reduce overgrowth
Officials in northern Arizona will treat more than 12,000 acres of forest on the San Francisco Peaks to try to stave off destructive fires near Flagstaff.
Mar. 4, 2024
Kelly, Sinema renew calls for federal migrant care funding, warning of Arizona street releases
U.S. Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly are again calling on Congress to renew funding for Pima County’s migrant and asylum-seeker assistance programs.
Mar. 4, 2024
Federal money headed to Tucson to address PFAS, lead pipes and other water issues
Water authorities are already testing and cleaning water for PFAS — a group of human-made chemicals linked to cancer and other health issues.
Mar. 4, 2024
Journalist makes the case for open borders — and it doesnt mean no borders
John Washington is a journalist who’s covered the border for a long time. In his new book, he makes the case for open borders. In fact, that’s the title of the book. He joined The Show to talk about why that doesn’t mean no borders.
Mar. 4, 2024
NYC brawl video triggered fears of migrant crime wave. But numbers say otherwise
The bussing of asylum seekers to so-called sanctuary cities has ignited fears of a growing migrant crime wave. But the numbers say otherwise. The Show speaks with Weihua Li, data reporter for the Marshall Project.
Feb. 29, 2024
Navajo Nation closes in on water settlement with Arizona, federal authorities
The proposal will mean access to piped water for tribal members living without it and settle all of the Navajo Nation’s water rights claims as well as those for the Hopi and the San Juan Paiute tribes.
Feb. 28, 2024