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Paper offers blueprint to solve neverending U.S. border, immigration crisis
Immigration enforcement hawks say the U.S. border must be sealed before there’s any talk about the millions of undocumented people already here. Advocates say the U.S. has abandoned decades-old promises made to protect people fleeing persecution. Solutions to these issues are not either — or says a new blueprint from the American Immigration Council.
May. 3, 2023
Fire may have been started by exploding ammo
Fire season is already under way, with a few minor blazes reported in the state so far this year, and investigators are looking for a person in one of them. The Molino 2 Fire broke out in Coronado National Forest and briefly shut down the Catalina Highway near Tucson.
May. 3, 2023
Report finds issues in federally run jails in Indian County
A government watchdog advisory released at the end of April finds persistent safety issues with federally run detention centers on tribal land.
May. 2, 2023
Rights activists praise plan to set up refugee processing but say it cant replace asylum
The Biden administration recently announced a plan to open centers in Central America where people hoping to come to the U.S. to seek protection can begin that process.
May. 2, 2023
Camping and campfire ban expanded in national forest around Flagstaff
The U.S. Forest Service has expanded a camping and campfire ban around Flagstaff to reduce the risk of human-caused fires in northern Arizona.
May. 2, 2023
Biden administration asks Texas court not to end DACA outright
The case began five years ago this week, when a coalition of states led by Texas sued to end the Obama-era program that has given more than 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the US as kids protection from deportation and a work permit.
May. 2, 2023
Flagstaff will host a Not Invisible Act Commission public hearing
A federally mandated commission that focuses on the disappearances and murders of Indigenous people in the Untied States will be holding a public hearing in Flagstaff on May 9.
May. 1, 2023
Tucson in process of returning land to Tohono Oodham Nation
The Arizona Daily Star reported the Tucson City Council unanimously approved a proposal earlier this month to give more than 10 acres of city land at the base of Sentinel Peak, also known as "A" Mountain to the tribe.
Apr. 29, 2023
Voices of Arizona: The ladies in the kitchen
Volunteers in the kitchen at the Beth El Synagogue in central Phoenix are mixing, blending and stirring what will eventually be a hearty meal for migrants passing through as they make their way to their sponsor.
Apr. 28, 2023
An archaeologist on what we can learn from other countries with border walls
The country’s southern border is often in the news for what’s going on at that moment, but Randall McGuire tries to take a longer view of the area.
Apr. 27, 2023
New oral history project will teach about atrocities of Americas Indian boarding schools
The U.S. government is embarking on an effort to make the dark legacies of its Native American boarding schools more available to the public through oral histories and digital records of that past.
Apr. 27, 2023
CBP urged to limit detaining pregnant women and new mothers
A group of nearly 200 aid and advocacy organizations are calling on Customs and Border Protection to issue formal regulations around how pregnant women and new mothers are detained.
Apr. 27, 2023
AZ leaders in D.C. this week talking about migration at the border
Health and municipal leaders in southern Arizona appeared before Congress this week to talk about how their communities are responding to the increase in migrants and asylum seekers along the U.S.-Mexico border. It comes two weeks before Title 42, which restricts asylum at the border, is set to end.
Apr. 26, 2023
Officials: Closed forest roads closed for good reason
The Forest Service is warning that many roads on the Coconino National Forest are still closed from the long winter snow season.
Apr. 25, 2023
Public meetings set for Grand Canyon South Rim work
The National Park Service will be holding public meetings next month about several construction projects slated for Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim.
Apr. 24, 2023
Evacuations ordered after flooding in small Arizona town
Navajo Nation officials ordered evacuations Sunday for some residents of Chinle after floodwaters filled washes and overflowed berms and dirt dams. They said many residents are refusing to leave, however, because they want to protect their property and livestock.
Apr. 24, 2023
Duceys Border Strike Force might go away. What does it mean for Arizonas border sheriffs?
As Arizona lawmakers work on a new budget, the Hobbs administration wants to do away with the Department of Safety’s Border Strike Force. The force was established by former Gov. Doug Ducey in 2015 as an collaborative initiative he said would have state troopers partner with local law enforcement, and it's been expanding ever since.
Apr. 21, 2023
Tucson is giving a stretch of land back to the Tohono Oodham Nation
The city of Tucson is returning a portion of ancestral land to the Tohono O’odham Nation in a new resolution unanimously passed by the City Council this week.
Apr. 20, 2023
U.S. Supreme Court pauses case that could restrict abortion pill access
Planned Parenthood Arizona stressed that regardless of what happens next at the Supreme Court, medication abortion is still legal in Arizona because of a separate ruling from Washington state that safeguards access in some states.
Apr. 20, 2023
New Flagstaff shelter opens with nearly $9M grant
A nonprofit group in Flagstaff is converting a motel into short-term housing after receiving millions in state grant money from the Arizona Department of Housing.
Apr. 19, 2023