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California Bar Considers Admitting Undocumented Immigrant
The State Bar of California is contemplating whether to admit a new lawyer to its ranks: An undocumented immigrant who passed the tough bar exam in 2009.
Jul. 29, 2011
The Private Versus Public Prisons Debate: Are The Cost Savings Real?
It's been a year since three inmates escaped a private prison in northern Arizona. Since then, many have debated whether private prisons actually save taxpayers money.
Jul. 29, 2011
Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake, Together Again
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake team up, AGAIN, to do a history of rap, part II. Pure awesomeness.
Jul. 28, 2011
ATF Testimony On Fast & Furious Scandal Frustrates Congress
ATF leaders appeared before Congress Tuesday morning during a hearing into Operation Fast and Furious. A report details how dozens of weapons were found linked to crimes in Mexico. The leaders avoided hard questions as to who was ultimately is responsible for the scandal.
Jul. 27, 2011
Investigation Into Deadly Riot At Border Town Jail
Police suspect guards may have helped inmates sneak weapons inside the Juarez municipal jail, which were used in a riot that left 17 dead.
Jul. 27, 2011
Juarez Police Raids Seek To Disrupt Human Trafficking
Officers located a 15 year old girl who was reported missing since May, as well as four unaccompanied underage girls.
Jul. 26, 2011
The Man Behind Arizonas Border Fence
For years, Arizona's immigration-enforcement charge has been lead by senior lawmakers. But this year, many of the most aggressive immigration bills were crafted by a little known freshman state Senator Steve Smith. Now, he’s spearheading a fundraising campaign to use private donations and inmate labor for a new fence along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Jul. 26, 2011
Tijuanas Artists Boycott Museum
Tijuana’s most important cultural institution has been the target of a boycott by local artists and writers for the past three years. At the center of it is a politician-turned-museum director accused of corruption.
Jul. 26, 2011
Jerry Brown Signs Lesser Of Two California DREAM Acts
Gov. Jerry Brown today signed Assembly Bill 130, which will allow undocumented immigrant students living in California to receive private financial aid.
Jul. 25, 2011
The Fight For The 2012 Latino Vote Begins On Spanish TV
The Democratic National Committee's debut political commercial for the 2012 campaign season is in Spanish. It is a response to a Spanish ad put out earlier this week by a Republican leaning group.
Jul. 22, 2011
Fly Along On A Deportation Flight To Guatemala
Peter O'Dowd was on board a deportation flight to the nation in Central America Friday. You can listen to him report from 20,000 feet in the air.
Jul. 22, 2011
Baja California Positioning Itself As Aerospace Manufacturing Hub
Aerospace manufacturing is one of largest industries in Baja California. And as the cluster of companies working south of the border grows, Tijuana is positioning itself for more international investment.
Jul. 22, 2011
New Ads Spread GOP Debt Message To Latinos
The ongoing negotiations in Washington over the national debt ceiling have sparked a new wave of political ads. Republican groups, including one founded by Karl Rove, are trying to get their message out in both English and Spanish.
Jul. 21, 2011
Officials Investigating Cross Border Disease Outbreak
Six people have been diagnosed with paralysis, all in San Luis Río Colorado, Mexico. It’s usually only temporary and partial.
Jul. 21, 2011
Border Fence Fundraiser Draws Dollars And Political Clout
Several prominent Arizona lawmakers gathered Wednesday to celebrate the launch of a fundraising campaign to use private donations and inmate labor to build a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. A website that accepts donations went live Wednesday.
Jul. 21, 2011
New Mexico Governor Cracks Down On Out-Of-State Foreigners With Drivers Licenses
Some 85,000 foreign nationals have New Mexico's driver's licenses, according to the governor's office. About 1.7 million people have licenses.
Jul. 20, 2011
Arrests Made In Connection To Mexicos Largest Marijuana Plantation
Dozens have been arrested in Baja California in connection with the largest marijuana plantation found in Mexico.
Jul. 20, 2011
Can You Spare A Buck For A Border Fence?
The plan is to raise millions of dollars through private donations - in part through a website - to build a more secure fence along the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona. It's still unclear exactly where the barrier will go.
Jul. 20, 2011
California Builders Say Sempras Green Projects in Mexico Will Cost 15,000 U.S. Jobs
Builders project that $300 million in local, state and federal revenue would also be lost during the project's life.
Jul. 19, 2011
Proposed Medicaid Cuts Would Harm Latinos
A significant portion of minority communities are at risk of losing health coverage if lawmakers decide to cut Medicaid as part of the ongoing budget debate in Washington DC.
Jul. 19, 2011