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Sempra Impasse in Ensenada Raises Questions
The temporary shutdown of Sempra Energy's natural gas plant in Ensenada last month raised many questions. Among them is the future of American investment in Mexican border states.
Mar. 4, 2011
Federal Solar Energy Initiative Is Local In Nevada Town
The Obama Administration is proposing a zone approach in the southwest to help solar projects get online.
Mar. 2, 2011
Baja California Mayors Desperate To Regain Investment & Tourism
After a few years of economic decline, mayors throughout Baja California, Mexico, have launched a campaign to convince Americans that their cities are safe, and open to foreign investment.
Feb. 28, 2011
Nine Suspects Arrested In ICE Agents Murder, But Questions Of Torture Remain
The Army said the six men and three women were working for the Zeta cartel. They said the gunmen mistook the agent's SUV for a rival drug gang.
Feb. 25, 2011
Border Crossing Expansion Begins At San Ysidro Port
The San Ysidro Port of Entry is America's busiest border crossing but it also may be the most frustrating border crossing. That's why government leaders from the U.S. and Mexico showed up to break ground to expand the port.
Feb. 24, 2011
Several Arrested In San Diego During Raids On Mexican Drug Cartels
Federal agents arrested eight people and seized three assault rifles, one shotgun, six handguns, about $40,000 and some marijuana in raids in San Diego.
Feb. 24, 2011
Migrant Farm Workers In Imperial County Vulnerable For HIV
Migrant men who make their living as farm workers are at higher risk of HIV infection, and increasingly, they have fewer resources to control it.
Feb. 23, 2011
Graffiti Artists Want To Disassociate From Crime
Police across the country have increasingly high tech ways to catch graffiti artists. But some taggers in California say they’re tired of being associated with gangs and crime.
Feb. 21, 2011
Government Seeks New Border Technology Plan
Government officials no longer want one monolithic system to secure the border. Instead, they are looking for different systems for the different types of terrain Border Patrol monitors.
Feb. 18, 2011
Mexican Gunmen Knew They Were Killing A U.S. Agent
"The ICE agents said we're Americans, we're diplomats. And the response from the Zetas was to open fire on the agents."
Feb. 18, 2011
Selective Service Encourages Undocumented Men to Sign Up
The Selective Service System, which relies on civilian volunteers in the event of a national emergency, is reaching out to young undocumented men. Immigrant advocates are questioning the new directive.
Feb. 17, 2011
FBI Rules Out Friendly Fire In Border Agents Murder
Federal investigators have ruled out friendly fire in the killing of a U.S. Border Patrol agent outside of Nogales.
Feb. 16, 2011
Charreadas Grow In Popularity Despite Hurdles
There's a sport played by many Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in a town near you, but you probably haven’t heard of it. Some people call it "Mexican Rodeo." But despite its popularity, it's increasingly hard for its colorful riders to find a place to practice their sport.
Feb. 14, 2011
Border Sheriff Quits Homeland Security Task Force, Calls It Hypocrisy
Three days ago, top Homeland Security Department officials touted new levels of cooperation with local law enforcement in a border task force. Now, one of the most prominent members of that task force has resigned, calling the government's announcement hypocrisy.
Feb. 12, 2011
Looking For Hope In The Midst Of Mexicos Trouble
Headlines from Mexico are dominated by drug cartels and violence. A group of experts recently gathered at UC San Diego to turn the spotlight toward the country’s rich history and vibrant culture.
Feb. 10, 2011
Trial Of Border Vigilante Accused Of Murder Draws To A Close
Prosecutors in the capital murder case say the defendant Shawna Forde formed a splinter group called Minuteman American Defense. Now she faces charges of first-degree murder.
Feb. 10, 2011
CBP Commissioner Says Border Is Safe, Secure
They say cross-border crime has dropped, particularly in Arizona and they credit a two year program of cooperation.
Feb. 10, 2011
One Month After the Shootings, Tucson Moving On
One month after a gunman opened fire at a Tucson shopping center, killing six and wounding 13, including a U.S. Congresswoman, the city is trying to move on.
Feb. 10, 2011
Nortec Artists Mix Tijuana Folklore Into ‘Bulevar 2000’
Tijuana-based Nortec Collective mixes electronic music with the brass, drums and accordion of popular Mexican Norteño music. Their latest album, "Bulevar 2000," is nominated for a GRAMMY award.
Feb. 10, 2011
Border Field State Park Undergoes Redesign
Border Field State Park, also known as Friendship Park, has long been a nexus for cross-border relations. But security concerns forced its closing.
Feb. 9, 2011