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McCain, Arizona Republicans: First Border Security, Not Immigration Reform
Senator John McCain and Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake were once key authors of a guestworker program for illegal immigrants. They say that's come to an end.
Mar. 25, 2011
Hispanic Population Growth Fuels U.S. Increase
A new report by the Pew Hispanic Center says Hispanics accounted for more than half of the nation's population growth in the last decade.
Mar. 24, 2011
The Tijuana-San Diego Border From An American Perspective
The San Ysidro port of entry is a constant sea of U.S.-bound vehicles and travelers—a complicated daily operation requiring an army of customs agents.
Mar. 24, 2011
3 Accused of Trying To Buy Stinger Missiles, Anti-Tank Weapons For Sinaloa Cartel
The accused were trying to buy the military weaponry for the Sinaloa Cartel. Court documents show they used pounds of crystal meth for a down payment on the weapons.
Mar. 23, 2011
Border Patrol Detains 13 Marine Impersonators
The Border Patrol in San Diego detained two U.S. citizens and 13 undocumented immigrants all wearing U.S. Marine uniforms and riding in a white van with altered U.S.-government license plates.
Mar. 22, 2011
CA Assembly Member Introduces Strict Immigration Law
Inspired by Arizona's strict immigration enforcement law, a California assembly member has introduced a similar bill in the Golden State.
Mar. 22, 2011
Tougher Penalties For Undocumented Immigrants Caught At Sea
People caught crossing into the U.S. illegally by sea face tougher penalties. Officials hope it helps prevent migrants from dying.
Mar. 21, 2011
Family Restaurant Tells The Story Of Latino Growth In Oceanside
Grandma's restaurant in Oceanside is a typical mom-and-pop joint, but also proof of the demographic changes that the 2010 Census shows are sweeping San Diego County.
Mar. 21, 2011
Wikileaks Reveals U.S. Diplomats Concerns About Drug War In Tijuana
Diplomats were informed that Tijuana's then-police chief had made a deal with drug-cartel operatives.
Mar. 18, 2011
Sensing Change: More People In The Southwest Equals More Money
Census figures are helping government and non-profit planners assess financial needs within their own communities.
Mar. 17, 2011
Sensing Change: A Las Vegas Street Illustrates Story Of Rapid Asian Growth
Last year's U.S. Census shows the changes in Asian-American communities across the Southwest.
Mar. 16, 2011
Justice Department Investigates Arizona For Faulty Testing Of English Learners
In Arizona, as in most states, kids who don’t speak English well are put into separate classes to teach them the language. The number of kids in these classes has shrunk considerably over the last five years. Arizona’s Department of Education attributes the shrinkage to its model of instruction. Others claim the drop has more to do with a testing process designed to push students out of English classes before they are ready. The U.S. Department of Justice is currently investigating the claim.
Mar. 14, 2011
Mexican Cartels Upgrade To Heavy Caliber Rifles From The U.S.
Two of the guns were reportedly used in the murder of a Border Patrol agent in December.
Mar. 14, 2011
Smuggling Tunnel Found Near Calexico
Mexican authorities have unearthed a suspected smuggling tunnel that runs beneath the border between Mexicali and Calexico. It is about two miles east of the Calexico East port of entry.
Mar. 9, 2011
U.S. Census: More Minorities Than Whites In San Diego County
The 2010 Census shows the White population dropped during the decade, while several minority groups made significant gains.
Mar. 8, 2011
Casino Plays The Latino Card
Casinos in a Nevada-California border town figure out how to routinely draw a large, Latino crowd.
Mar. 8, 2011
Detained At Departure
Along with the cash and guns, Customs and Border Protection agents are also finding illegal immigrants headed south.
Mar. 7, 2011
Sempra Impasse in Ensenada Raises Questions
The temporary shutdown of Sempra Energy's natural gas plant in Ensenada last month raised many questions. Among them is the future of American investment in Mexican border states.
Mar. 4, 2011
Federal Solar Energy Initiative Is Local In Nevada Town
The Obama Administration is proposing a zone approach in the southwest to help solar projects get online.
Mar. 2, 2011
Baja California Mayors Desperate To Regain Investment & Tourism
After a few years of economic decline, mayors throughout Baja California, Mexico, have launched a campaign to convince Americans that their cities are safe, and open to foreign investment.
Feb. 28, 2011