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Beat The Odds
Beat the Odds – or BTO- is a program out of the Center for the Future of Arizona. BTO focuses on helping schools in low income areas.
Jan. 26, 2011
Tourism At Baja Beaches Hurting Despite Being Safe
Even though the drug war violence in Mexico has stayed away from the beaches in the Baja Peninsula, the region is losing in tourism.
Jan. 26, 2011
Border Patrol Trying To Convince Kids From Turning To The Cartels
A growing number of American kids from border towns are being recruited into Mexican drug cartels, lured by the fast money of running narcotics.
Jan. 25, 2011
Trilingual School Solves Problems
It’s the only school of its kind in the country. Everyone must study English but parents have an option to send their children to also learn Spanish or Navajo.
Jan. 24, 2011
Hundreds In Arizona Gather To Honor Murdered Border Agent
Hundreds of Border Patrol agents filled part of the baseball stadium in a sea of olive green. A line of riflemen stood at attention as the American flag and the agency's own flag fluttered in the cool morning air.
Jan. 22, 2011
Service Held For Father Of Tijuanas Mayor
Alfonso Bustamante, considered one of the architects of modern Tijuana, died at his home on Wednesday. He was 95.
Jan. 21, 2011
Tijuana Sewage Spill Leaves Lesson For Both Sides Of The Border
In recent weeks, more than 31 million gallons of sewage have spilled across Playas de Tijuana, just south of the border from San Diego. The impact is being felt in both countries. But the damaging delay by Mexican authorities before moving to stop the spill could be an opportunity to improve communication on environmental emergencies.
Jan. 20, 2011
Wife of Federal Judge John Roll Says: Thank You
She thanked the community for their support after the shootings that led to the death of her husband.
Jan. 20, 2011
To Be Young, Openly Gay And Undocumented
Sergio is a 21-year-old college student in San Diego, majoring in business administration. He is openly gay and undocumented, having crossed the border illegally from Mexico with his family when he was 2.
Jan. 20, 2011
Escondido May Face Class-Action Lawsuit Over Checkpoints
Amid ongoing controversy over its driver's license checkpoints, an Escondido man is suing the city, saying the stops violate state law.
Jan. 18, 2011
Federal Judge Murdered In Giffords’ Shooting Was A Border Legacy
Those who knew the judge say he died working for the betterment of a major border district. He'd gone to see Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords to say hi. And to talk about his plans for the future of the busiest immigration corridor along the border.
Jan. 17, 2011
Giffords Shootings An Emotional Drain On Arizona
Tucson continues to struggle with the emotional distress caused by the shooting rampage at a local shopping center.
Jan. 17, 2011
Thousands Attend Presidential Memorial For Tucson Shooting Victims
The president met with Representative Gabrielle Gifffords' family and the families of those wounded and killed in Saturday's shootings.
Jan. 15, 2011
U.S.-Mexico Crossborder Trade Relationship Improving
The crossborder trade relationship between the U.S. and Mexico has been a difficult one over the last few years. This week, both countries met to try to improve it.
Jan. 14, 2011
Forest Won’t Be The Same After Wildfire
Forestry experts say it will take decades for the 15,000 acres to fully recover.
Jan. 13, 2011
Proposed Budget Cuts To Affect Poor And Immigrant Families
In his first proposal for the new budget year, Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown made a case for steep cuts to essential services that would affect poor Californians, including refugees and immigrants.
Jan. 11, 2011
CES Trade Show Litmus Test
Las Vegas typically hosts about 45 of the country’s top 200 trade shows. This year, some 44,000 workers are hoping the trade show season will be better than the last.
Jan. 10, 2011
Policy Reversal Will Allow Mexican Truckers Into US Again
The Obama administration's proposal to a Bush-era policy, and allow Mexican long-haul trucks to operate in the U.S. is drawing the ire of labor unions on this side of the border.
Jan. 10, 2011
Pursuit of Green Energy Sources Expands Into Mexico
The production of solar and wind energy is booming in Southern California and nearby border states. Utilities are so eager to get into the game that they're reaching into Mexico to meet the demand.
Jan. 7, 2011
CBP Commissioner To Focus On Tuscon and San Diego Coast
Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Alan Bersin says controlling the border in Tuscon and beefing up security off San Diego's coast are top priorities this year.
Jan. 6, 2011