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Gov. Doug Ducey: Joe Biden Has Broken Our Border
Surrounded by Republican politicians, Gov. Doug Ducey on Friday insisted that everything that is now going wrong on the border is the fault of President Joe Biden, his administration and the Democratic Congress. Using sometimes blistering words, Ducey called the current influx of migrants "a man-made crisis caused by elites in Washington, D.C."
Mar. 20, 2021
Yuma, Tucson Officials Expect Tent-Like Migrant Facilities
Local officials in Arizona say Tucson soon could be home to large tent-like facilities to house unaccompanied migrant children and families after the Border Patrol gives them court dates and releases them into the U.S.
Mar. 19, 2021
Navajo Nation To Reopen 2 Casinos, Hold Day Of Prayer For COVID-19 Victims
The Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise is planning to reopen two of its casinos this week with reduced capacity. The move comes as the tribe eases its restrictions on businesses and sees a downward swing in COVID-19 cases and deaths.
Mar. 18, 2021
Ducey Criticizes Biden Policies Ahead of Border Tour
Gov. Doug Ducey will tour the Arizona-Mexico border Friday in response to a spike in border crossings across much of the 2,000 mile long international boundary.
Mar. 17, 2021
Study: Vast Swath Of AZ, NM Could Support Jaguars
A new study has found that a big chunk of Arizona and New Mexico could be viable jaguar habitat. The 20 million acres stretches from the Grand Canyon to the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico, and could support an estimated 150 jaguars, the study found.
Mar. 17, 2021
AZ Merchants Optimistic About Border Reopening
The restrictions, whose impacts largely fall on Mexican nationals, will have been in place for a year later this month.
Mar. 17, 2021
New York Times: Biden Administration Pondering Fate Of Incomplete Border Wall
When he was just a candidate for the White House, Donald Trump talked about immigration, border security and, most enthusiastically, a wall to keep migrants from entering the U.S. Billions were spent, but many areas are still incomplete. That has left the Biden administration in a position to figure out what’s next.
Mar. 17, 2021
Sonoran Teachers Could Soon Get Vaccine, A Step Toward School Reopening
Teachers in Sonora, Arizona’s neighbor to the south, could get access to coronavirus vaccines. Older residents in rural parts of the state are currently being prioritized for vaccination.
Mar. 16, 2021
Violence Along Highway To U.S. Leaves 3 Dead In Sonora
The area has seen several high-profile acts of violence over the last year, including a major shootout that claimed the life of a former mayor and shutdown the interstate.
Mar. 16, 2021
How Homeland Security Investigations, Mexican Government Recovered Artifacts
Stealing important possessions from another nation and either putting them on display in museums has been a part of history for centuries. And partnerships between countries to retrieve those items has been a newer development, but one that can sometimes be fruitful.
Mar. 16, 2021
Mexican Citizens With Border Crossing Cards May Be Able To Visit All Of Arizona
Mexican citizens who hold border crossing cards may be able to travel further into Arizona. Congress approved expanding the zone in which these travelers can go — now Customs and Border Protection has to report on what a pilot program to do this would look like.
Mar. 16, 2021
Yuma Mayor Calls For National Solution To Undocumented Migrant Releases
Cities and towns in the Yuma area are asking for help, as the federal government has been releasing undocumented migrants into communities there. The Show spoke with Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls for more about the current situation in Yuma.
Mar. 16, 2021
Sonora Now At Low COVID-19 Risk, Though Risk Of Third Wave Remains
A year after the first cases were confirmed in neighboring Sonora, the state is now at low risk for coronavirus spread.
Mar. 15, 2021
Sonora Sets Pandemic Beach Rules For Holy Week
The measures are intended to prevent a feared third wave of the virus, which has already officially claimed nearly 6,000 lives in the state.
Mar. 15, 2021
Mexico Prepares Protocol To Celebrate Elections Amid Pandemic
Mexico is preparing for its federal elections in early June which, according to its National Electoral Institute, will be the largest ones in its history. But how are the electoral authorities preparing for them as the pandemic continues?
Mar. 15, 2021
Mexican Elections Include Electronic Voting Abroad And A Migrant Representative
On June 6, Mexico will hold federal elections for many congressional and governor seats. According to its National Electoral Institute, tens of thousands of Mexicans living overseas have registered to cast their vote; most of them from the U.S. And this year, the election is different for Mexicans abroad.
Mar. 15, 2021
Author Explores The Psychology Of Borders In Wall Disease
Walls have separated individual houses, communities and, of course, nations for centuries. In her book "Wall Disease," reporter Jessica Wapner writes about how walls affect us internally and externally.
Mar. 15, 2021
Aid Groups Seek More Shelter Space As Migrant Releases Grow
Aid groups and Homeland Security were preparing months ago for the potential increase of migrants released in metro Phoenix, according to a 14-page document sent to local, state and federal officials. The number of migrants released daily in metro Phoenix was roughly 50. Now it’s as many as 150.
Mar. 12, 2021
Mexican Court Suspends Controversial Energy Reform
In Mexico, a drastic change to the energy laws benefiting the State over private companies had been signed by the president. But in less than 24 hours, the Mexican Supreme court suspended it.
Mar. 12, 2021
AMLOs Party Accused Of Using Vaccination For Votes
Mexico is among the countries offering free COVID-19 vaccines to its population, following its own protocols. But the process has also been politicized, and the president’s party might be penalized after using vaccinations as a political platform.
Mar. 12, 2021