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Changing Woman, Part 1: Kinaaldá
The traditional stories that define Navajo culture revere women. But today, rape and domestic violence rates surge. So what happened? That’s what we set out to answer in this series named after Changing Woman, or Asdzą́ą́ Nádleehé. We’ll meet the women who prove that despite generations of cultural genocide, the heart of Navajo culture still beats.
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Sep. 6, 2018
Spill Victims Cheer Mexican Supreme Court Ruling
The Mexican Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a small Sonoran community opposed to a copper mine’s tailings pond.
Sep. 5, 2018
Think Tank Calls For Completion Of Mexico City Airport
Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will receive public comment on the construction of Mexico City’s new airport until Wednesday as part of his incoming administration’s review of the 4-year-old project.
Sep. 4, 2018
Sonora, New Mexico Sign New Agreements
New Mexico and Sonora governors signed new agreements on education and security at a plenary meeting of the New Mexico-Sonora Commission in Santa Fe last week.
Sep. 4, 2018
Mexican Supreme Court To Rule On Mine Case
Mexico’s Supreme Court will soon rule on a case brought by victims of a massive 2014 mine spill along a river just across the Arizona border in the Mexican state of Sonora.
Sep. 4, 2018
Trump Rejects Pay Increase For Federal Border Agents
The labor union that represents millions of federal employees, including 12,000 U.S. Border Patrol agents criticized the Trump Administration for freezing their pay Thursday. But they also criticized the border agent union which endorsed President Donald Trump for not speaking up against the pay freeze.
Aug. 31, 2018
Eloy Faces $40M Lawsuit Over Toddler
The city of Eloy is facing a $40 million lawsuit. Litigants in the case say they're also targeting Immigration and Customs Enforcement as well as the massive private detention center corporation that runs facilities in Arizona known as CoreCivic.
Aug. 30, 2018
Eloy Threatened With $40M Lawsuit Over Detention Center
Lawyers for a young Guatemalan immigrant mother whose child died after she was released from custody intend to file lawsuits against the private detention company who held the pair, the federal government and the city of Eloy.
Aug. 29, 2018
Sonoran Gov. Supports Special Border Zone
The governor of Sonora, Mexico, says a special border zone would bring economic development to the region. Arizona leaders are interested in the idea, but say they need more details.
Aug. 28, 2018
U.S., Mexico Officials May Sign Trade Deal Without Canada
Top U.S. and Mexico officials are leaving room for a trade agreement that would exclude Canada.
Aug. 28, 2018
Family Accuses Eloy For Child
Lawyers for a Guatemalan mother said Tuesday they are planning to sue the city of Eloy, Ariz., over the death of a 19-month-old baby who died, they said, after she’d grown ill inside a ICE facility last May.
Aug. 28, 2018
U.S.-Mex Trade Deal Raises Cautious Optimism
The announcement of a preliminary U.S.-Mexico trade deal Monday came as welcome news for business officials on both sides of the border.
Aug. 27, 2018
Shelter Employee On Trial For Alleged Abuse Of Migrants
A former employee at a shelter for young migrants in Mesa is set to stand trial Tuesday. The 25-year-old youth care worker is accused of abusing teenage boys at the facility.
Aug. 27, 2018
U.S. Issues Increased-Caution Advisory For Mexico Travel
The U.S. Department of State issued an increased-caution travel advisory for Mexico this week, as authorities in the popular beach destination of Cancun uncovered eight cadavers across the city.
Aug. 24, 2018
AZ Gets More Oversight Of Southwest Key As Ex-Worker
Arizona officials just revealed a new agreement to raise oversight of the nonprofit that operates shelters for immigrant kids in Arizona.
Aug. 24, 2018
Pipelines Delays Haven
Natural gas exports from the U.S. to Mexico have been increasing steadily for the last decade, even while construction on new pipelines has been delayed over conflicts with indigenous peoples who don't want the routes going through their land.
Aug. 23, 2018
Inspections Lead To Increased Oversight Of Southwest Key Programs
Arizona is pursuing fines against an operator of shelters for immigrant children after recent inspections revealed problems with employee background checks.
Aug. 23, 2018
Lawyers For Border Agent Facing Retrial Want New Venue
A Border Patrol agent who shot and killed a teenage boy standing on the other side of the border in Mexico is arguing to change the venue of his upcoming manslaughter trial from Tucson to Phoenix.
Aug. 23, 2018
Border Environmentalists Turn To U.S. Supreme Court
Environmental groups asked the nation’s top court to consider taking on their case against the U.S. government as it continues ramping up border wall projects along the boundary with Mexico.
Aug. 23, 2018
Vast Majority Of Migrants In Mexico Were Fleeing Honduras
A majority of migrants traveling through Mexico last year were fleeing Honduras. That's according to a new report from an association of 23 migrant shelters in Mexico.
Aug. 22, 2018