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ACLU of Arizona, other states issue travel advisory for Texas after new immigration law
The Texas law goes into effect in March and makes crossing the border without permission a state crime, enforceable by local authorities.
Dec. 19, 2023
Kelly, Sinema request more federal funding for border communities
Sites along the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona has seen a sharp rise in the number of asylum seekers presenting themselves to border officers in recent weeks.
Dec. 19, 2023
Tohono Oodham leader says Guard troops wont be deployed on tribal land
Tribal leaders of the Tohono O'odham Nation say they’re in touch with Arizona over the National Guard deployment along the border, but troops won’t be deployed on tribal land.
Dec. 18, 2023
Congressional talks tying Ukraine funding to border overhaul stalled again
Congressional lawmakers have spent the last few weeks trying to negotiate a year-end spending bill that would pair military aid with massive overhauls to border and immigration policy.
Dec. 18, 2023
Tribes focus on Post-2026 guidelines for Lake Powell, Lake Mead
The ‘Sovereign to Sovereign Dialogue,’ a first-of-its-kind panel held on Friday during the Colorado River Water Users Association’s 75th meeting in Las Vegas included discussions between the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Camille Touton and three Colorado River Basin tribal leaders among the Ten Tribes Partnership.
Dec. 18, 2023
In Coconino County, wildfires and subsequent flooding remain the biggest threat
Coconino County officials say wildfire threat and the resulting flooding are the most prominent dangers in the region. And in an election year, they caution that there’s no guarantee that federal dollars will continue coming in to stop it.
Dec. 15, 2023
Forest Service wants to protect Upper Verde River
The U.S. Forest Service wants to protect 36 miles of the Upper Verde River in central Arizona by placing it under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.
Dec. 14, 2023
Delays hit other ports of entry in Arizona as Lukeville remains closed
The Lukeville Port of Entry remains closed on both sides — impacting tourists and other travelers. Border communities in other parts of Arizona say it’s also impacting their crossings.
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Dec. 13, 2023
New report: 1,000s of children have been ordered deported under Biden
A new report shows thousands of children have been ordered deported in immigration proceedings under the Biden administration — including some under 5 years old, and others here alone — despite the administration’s promises to step away from Trump-era hardline immigration policies.
Dec. 13, 2023
Sedona program pays up to $10,000 to rent locally
The city of Sedona is renewing a pilot program that incentivizes homeowners to rent to long-term, locally employed tenants rather than short-term rent platforms like Airbnb.
Dec. 13, 2023
Arizonas Democratic congressmen push for more federal energy payment assistance
Lawmakers are asking Congressional leaders to ramp up a federal program that helps low-income families with energy costs.
Dec. 12, 2023
As Border Patrol responds to Lukeville, aid workers say another humanitarian crisis is brewing
In recent weeks, dozens and sometimes hundreds of migrants have gathered along a gap in the border wall about 15 miles from the Sasabe Port of Entry.
Dec. 12, 2023
Tucson shelter asks for volunteer interpreters
Casa Alitas, the organization housing the surge of migrants in Tucson once they’re released from Border Patrol custody, is seeking volunteers to help with interpretation for migrants who speak French, Punjabi and other languages.
Dec. 12, 2023
Court ruling looms over Bidens parole program for some migrants
The program lets vetted migrants from Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba come to the U.S. for two years on what’s called humanitarian parole, they can also apply for a work permit.
Dec. 12, 2023
The closure of the small but vital Lukeville Port of Entry on Arizona's southern border continues to have ripple effects today. Over the weekend, Gov. Katie Hobbs went down to Lukeville and called on the federal government to do more to secure the border.
Dec. 12, 2023
AZ tribes intervene against lawsuit seeking to restrict ballot drop boxes
Two Native American tribes have intervened in a court case to protect the use of ballot drop boxes on Arizona reservations.
Dec. 11, 2023
In Tucson, pro-Palestine protesters call for end to the ‘war economy’ 
Like cities around the U.S. and the world, Tucson has seen protests and civil actions calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and an end to U.S. military support for Israel. But that call is more personal here.
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Dec. 11, 2023
Pima County sounds alarm on surge of border crossings
Pima County is sounding the alarm after a four-month surge in crossings at the southern border.
Dec. 11, 2023
Grijalva tells Biden to send more resources, FEMA to Lukeville
Lawmakers are continuing to call on the Biden administration to respond to a situation unfolding outside the border community of Lukeville, Arizona — where hundreds of migrants are awaiting processing by the Border Patrol.
Dec. 11, 2023
Hobbs will send National Guard if Lukeville port remains closed
Gov. Katie Hobbs plans to send National Guard troops to the Arizona-Mexico border if the Biden Administration does not reopen the Lukeville Port of Entry soon.
Dec. 8, 2023