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Washington And Private Sectors Push Mexico To Open Industries
While some states in the U.S. plan to reopen businesses closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Mexican government is being pushed to allow certain industries to operate again — and part of that pressure is coming from Washington.
Apr. 21, 2020
New Report Looks At Pregnancy In Immigration Detention
Congress’s watchdog arm says more than a 100 complaints were filed against immigration authorities in recent years about the treatment of pregnant women in detention. But in most cases, investigators did not have enough information to decide if proper care had been given.
Apr. 21, 2020
Florence Project: Six Detainees From Lawsuit Have Been Released
The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project recently sued Immigration and Customs Enforcement to force the release of eight people vulnerable to COVID-19. Most of them have been let go.
Apr. 21, 2020
Farmers Attack LeBaron Ranch Over Water-Use Dispute
Last year, the murders of nine women and children by suspected drug cartel members in rural Sonora, Mexico, shocked the world. Family members of the victims, who are part of a community descended from Mormon settlers, faced an armed attack this week with local farmers.
Apr. 21, 2020
Nonprofit Steps In To Help Families With Immunocompromised Kids
COVID-19 is scary for many of us. But for families with children who have severely compromised immune systems, it’s a nightmare. One nonprofit program is working to help those families.
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Apr. 21, 2020
U.S. Extends CDC Health Protocol To Speed Deportations At The Border
The U.S. government has extended for another month the health protocols it used to quickly deport people crossing the border illegally. The order will remain until May 20 at least.
Apr. 20, 2020
AMLO Defends Stadium Purchase During Outbreak
Mexico’s president is defending the recent purchase of a baseball stadium in Sonora. The roughly $20 million was paid the state of Sonora in February, the same month the country confirmed its first COVID-19 case.
Apr. 20, 2020
Judge: At-Risk Migrants Must Be Released From Mexican Detention Centers
A federal judge in Mexico has ordered that migrants who are at a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus be released from detention centers and given temporary residence in the country because of a lack of protection from the coronavirus outbreak.
Apr. 20, 2020
Produced In 10 Languages For AZ Refugees, COVID-19 Safety Videos Reach 70,000
Shared apartments, jobs with no sick leave, and limited child care options make refugees especially vulnerable to COVID-19. As the coronavirus started to sweep through Arizona, state officials and Valleywise Health joined forces to make safety videos in languages like Swahili, Karen and Arabic.
Apr. 20, 2020
Sonora Cracks Down On Harassment Of Health Care Workers
Fear of the coronavirus has led to harassment and attacks on medical professionals in neighboring Sonora, Mexico. Now authorities say they’re enforcing strict penalties for crimes against health care workers during the pandemic.
Apr. 20, 2020
Illegal Border Traffic May Be Falling In Tucson Sector
The number of illegal border crossings in the so-called Tucson sector held steady as the coronavirus outbreak swept into the United States and Mexico. But now they may be trending downward.
Apr. 20, 2020
Aid Groups Prep In Case ICE Releases Migrants
At least 15 people held in immigration detention in Arizona have tested positive for COVID-19. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has released a few of the most vulnerable to the disease, and the agency faces ongoing pressure to let more go. Local aid groups are making plans in case that happens.
Apr. 17, 2020
Mexico to Extend COVID-19 Measures Through June
As COVID-19 cases rise, Mexico plans to extend its anti-coronavirus measures by a month. Some parts of the country with little or no confirmed transmission could be allowed to ease restrictions earlier.
Apr. 16, 2020
Medical Experts Criticize ICEs Handling Of Coronavirus
As of April 15, eight immigrants in Arizona detention centers have tested positive for COVID-19. ICE says it's following CDC guidelines, but its strategy has drawn criticism from some in the medical community.
Apr. 16, 2020
Navajo Nation Extends Weekend Lockdowns As Virus Cases Rise
The Navajo Nation has extended its weekend lockdowns preventing people from leaving their homes, except in emergencies, on the vast expanse of land that has been harder hit by the coronavirus than any other Native American reservation in the United States.
Apr. 16, 2020
AMLO: Sonora’s Stay-At-Home Orders Should Be Voluntary
On Monday, neighboring Sonora started enforcing strict stay-at-home orders. But Mexico’s president says people should be allowed to comply with coronavirus measures voluntarily.
Apr. 15, 2020
Report: Mexican Ag Workers At Risk During COVID-19 Pandemic
Tens of thousands of seasonal laborers work the fields of northwestern Mexico, harvesting crops destined for American markets. Crowded transportation and living situations create conditions for the spread of the coronavirus.
Apr. 15, 2020
Unfettered Poaching Threatens Nearly Extinct Porpoise During Pandemic
While resources and attention are focused on the coronavirus pandemic, conservationists say poaching is going unchecked in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez and putting a critically endangered porpoise at risk of extinction.
Apr. 15, 2020
Incomplete Data And Lack Of Testing Means Arizona COVID-19 Cases Are Undercounted
Arizona has tested 45,000 people for the coronavirus as of Wednesday. Gov. Doug Ducey has vowed to ramp up testing throughout the state, but the state’s information about current cases is still murky.
COVID-19 Hospitalization Rate Flattens In Maricopa County
Apr. 15, 2020
Sonoran Senator Breaks With Mexico President’s Morena Party
A senator from neighboring Sonora announced Tuesday she had left the party headed by Mexico’s president. The legislator had long been at odds with some of the party’s positions.
Apr. 14, 2020