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Report: Border Patrol Agents Punished, Sexually Assaulted Children At Yuma Center
A federal immigration agent is under investigation for sexual assault at a southern Arizona border detention facility. According to a report by NBC News, the agent groped a Honduran child in custody in Yuma.
Jul. 11, 2019
As Fewer Refugees Come To AZ, The Congolese Community Grows
The 1,107 Congolese refugees who have come to Arizona since October 2017 are the most from any one country in that time. Still, they are a fraction of about 7,500 people the United Nations said were forced to flee violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in June.
Jul. 10, 2019
Tucson Organization Brings Migrant Guide Project To Sonora
The leader of a Tucson-based organization is visiting Sonora, Mexico, this week to share a guide designed to help migrants on their journey through Mexico and into the United States. One of the biggest dangers for migrants traveling through Mexico is a lack of information, said the Rev. Robin Hoover, president of Migrant Status Inc.
Some U.S. Asylum Seekers Find Work In Northern Mexico
Jul. 10, 2019
Mexico Secretary Of Finance Quits, Criticizes His Government
On Tuesday, just seven months after taking oath, Mexico’s president was surprised by the resignation of the finance secretary, who slammed the administration on his way out.
Jul. 9, 2019
AMLO Responds to US Steel, Tomato Tariffs
During his Tuesday morning press conference, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said he had “confidence that we’ll be able to confront this new challenge.”
Jul. 9, 2019
Mexican Federal Police Officers Upset With New National Guard
Just a few weeks ago, the Mexican National guard began to operate not only against organized crime but also detaining undocumented immigrants. But experts and members of the Federal Police are concerned with the guard’s protocols and duties.
Jul. 9, 2019
Sonora Cracks Down On Illegal Chocolate Cars
In Mexico, millions of people drive cars that come from the United States. Many of those cars haven’t been properly imported. Now, state and local officials in neighboring Sonora, Mexico are seizing some of these irregular cars.
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Jul. 9, 2019
Phoenix To Temporarily Close Mexico Trade Offices
The Phoenix City Council has voted to temporarily close the city’s offices in Mexico, which connect companies on both sides of the border looking to expand, while the contract to run the offices is being reviewed.
Jul. 8, 2019
Some U.S. Asylum Seekers Find Work In Northern Mexico
Mexico’s top diplomatic official says hundreds of Central American migrants who have been sent to Mexico to await the outcome of their U.S. asylum claims have secured jobs in factories near the border.
Jul. 8, 2019
AZ Business Welcomes Possible Completion Of Sonoran Highway
For now the third time, Mexico’s president has announced an end date for the construction of a major roadway through the northern state of Sonora, though previous predictions have proven wrong.
Jul. 8, 2019
Pima County Intends To House Asylum Seekers At Old Youth Detention Center
Pima County wants to use an empty juvenile detention center to house Central American asylum seekers dropped off in Tucson by federal immigration agents.
Jul. 8, 2019
How A School District Stepped Up To Help Migrants
Almost four months ago, local aid groups called on governments to provide a facility to help house migrant families being released by ICE in Phoenix. None stepped forward. But now a centralized overnight shelter could open as soon as this week.
Jul. 8, 2019
Remittances To Mexico Break Monthly Record In May
Remittances to Mexico, one of the main largest sectors of the country's economy, in May hit their highest level for any individual month on record, according to new figures released by the country's central bank.
Jul. 5, 2019
Mexico’s President Congratulates U.S. On Fourth Of July
President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico commemorated the United States' Independence Day on Thursday, saying he hopes the two countries will have friendship and cooperation.
Jul. 4, 2019
Border Agent With Long List Of Complaints Heads To Trial In Arizona
Authorities say after he ran down Antonin Lopez twice with his agency vehicle, Border Patrol Agent Matthew Bowen texted a co-worker. "Just a little push with a Ford bumper," he wrote, prosecutors say.
Jul. 3, 2019
Tomato Imports Still Up After Duties Were Imposed
Despite a significant tariff in place, Mexican tomato imports have not yet declined as some feared. For now two months in a row, Mexican tomato import weights have increased year-over-year through Nogales since a nearly 18% tariff was imposed in early May.
Jul. 3, 2019
9 Officers Killed In Guaymas In As Many Months
In the wake of another attack this week, the U.S. Consulate in Hermosillo Mexico warned visitors to use “extreme caution and avoid large public gatherings in Guaymas and Empalme.”
Jul. 3, 2019
UNESCO: Parts Of Mexicos Sea of Cortez In Danger
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has designated parts of Mexico’s Sea of Cortez as a world heritage site “in danger” in an attempt to help protect the habitat of the vaquita marina, an endangered porpoise.
Jul. 3, 2019
Phoenix-Area Aid Groups Take Key Step Toward Opening Migrant Shelter
A coalition of aid groups helping migrant families dropped off in Phoenix has taken a big step toward realizing the goal of reopening the unused Ann Ott School as an overnight shelter, but at least one neighborhood group plans to appeal decisions made by a city hearing officer on Tuesday.
Jul. 2, 2019
Some Central American Asylum Applicants Choose To Return Home
Dozens of Central American asylum applicants are choosing to be bused back to their home countries, instead of waiting in Mexico while their cases are being processed in the U.S., Mexican immigration officials said on Tuesday.
Jul. 2, 2019