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Sonoran Capital Hermosillo Further Loosens COVID-19 Restrictions
Hundreds of new COVID-19 cases are still being confirmed daily in Sonora, along with several dozen new deaths, which have been heavily concentrated in the capital in recent days.
Aug. 12, 2020
Why ICE Stopped Cooperating With Immigration Nation
ICE has attracted significant attention during the three and a half years of the Trump presidency as the administration has aggressively changed some immigration policies. During the last election cycle of 2018, the phrase "Abolish ICE" was brought up and encouraged by some progressive candidates and organizations. Now, ICE is at the center of a new Netflix documentary series called "Immigration Nation."
Aug. 12, 2020
Bureau Of Indian Education Schools Fall Short Of Benchmarks
The Bureau of Indian Education has a long and troubled history educating about 46,000 Native American students around the country. But a new investigation by the Arizona Republic and ProPublica shows its more than 180 schools have chronically failed to meet benchmarks set by the federal government that every other public school in the country is held to.
Aug. 12, 2020
Border Wall Contractor Sucked 1.5M Gallons Of Water From Protected Wetland
A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service report shows that border wall contractors are depleting water from natural ponds in the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge in southern Arizona.
Aug. 12, 2020
LGBTQ Groups Pressure Sonoran Congress On Marriage Equality
A marriage equality reform measure has languished in the Sonoran Congress for more than a year.
Aug. 11, 2020
Border Patrol Agent Accused Of Drug Trafficking In Arizona
Agent Victor Carlos Passapera Pinott appeared before a federal judge in Tucson on Monday. He is accused of driving to an area west of the Lukeville border early Sunday morning then to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport where he loaded two duffel bags.
Aug. 10, 2020
Encouraging COVID-19 Trends In Sonora, 5 Other States
Sonora is currently considered orange according to the four-color federal semáforo — or traffic light — rating system. That means that nonessential businesses can operate at substantially reduced capacity.
Aug. 10, 2020
Sonora Eases Path For Bacanora Producers To Sell Products Locally
Officials in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, are easing the path for sales of a regional agave spirit at the state level. It could be especially helpful to smaller producers.
Aug. 10, 2020
Fall Events Move Online As Pandemic Continues To Disrupt
Popular fall events that draw big crowds in Arizona and in New Mexico are going online as the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact communities across the country.
Aug. 10, 2020
Despite The Pandemic, Remittances In Mexico Rise
A big part of Mexico’s economy depends on money sent back home by expatriates; the vast majority of them living in the United States. And despite the pandemic and this year’s economic instability, Mexico is registering a record amount of these remittances.
Aug. 9, 2020
Sonoran Officials: Youth Responsible For Most Coronavirus Spread
As in Arizona, leaders in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, continue to struggle to tamp down on the spread of the coronavirus. And the state’s health secretary says young people are most responsible for proliferating the virus.
Aug. 9, 2020
Mexican President Pledges Support For Yaquis In Sonora
Mexico’s president pledged this week to address several long standing grievances of Yaqui indigenous communities in Sonora. During a visit with tribal leaders in Vicam, Andrés Manuel López Obrador acknowledged the historic abuses endured by the Yaqui people. He also announced the signing of a Justice Plan for Yaquis.
Aug. 7, 2020
Navajo Nation Implements 32-Hour Weekend Lockdowns For August
The Navajo Department of Health is implementing four partial 32-hour weekend curfews for the rest of August. The new partial lockdown will go into effect this weekend. Essential workers and essential businesses are exempt from the curfew and farm work can also continue. But any vendors that farmers may buy supplies from are not exempt so officials say plan ahead.
Aug. 7, 2020
Mexico’s President Inaugurates Controversial Dam In Sonora
During a visit to Sonora, Mexico, on Wednesday, Mexico’s president inaugurated a controversial dam project that’s been in the works for nearly a decade. But as the reservoir fills, many are concerned about its displacement of members of a local indigenous community and the destruction of archaeological sites.
Aug. 6, 2020
Mexican Governors Unite Against Federal Policies
In Mexico, like in the United States, some governors are disagreeing with the federal government’s fiscal and health policies during the pandemic. And they are forming a coalition to fight back.
Aug. 6, 2020
Asylum Seekers, Advocates Protests At Border Wall In Nogales
On Thursday, hundreds of people gathered on both sides of the border wall and tuned into a live video stream to demonstrate their support for the right to seek asylum. During and before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration has implemented policies that have effectively halted asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border.
Aug. 6, 2020
What A New $50 Fee Means To Asylum Seekers In The U.S.
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services relies on fees to fund its operations. But migrant advocates say new fees for asylum applications and work permits are really an outsize burden on people fleeing persecution.
Aug. 6, 2020
Sonoran Marriage Equality Measure Has Now Languished For A Year
Sonora is one of several Mexican states where same-sex couples face additional barriers to wed, despite a 2015 Supreme Court ruling that such laws are unconstitutional.
Aug. 5, 2020
6 Years After Rio Sonora Mining Spill, Contamination Continues
Six years after Mexico’s largest mining company spilled toxic waste into the Sonoran waterways, impacting thousands of people downstream, authorities say the area is still contaminated. And residents say neither the government nor the mining company have followed through with their promises.
Aug. 5, 2020
Sonora Hopes To Improve COVID-19 Outcomes
Sonora hopes to improve its response to the coronavirus pandemic in the state’s indigenous communities. Oxygen meters are being delivered to a number of such places so that residents can determine when they should seek medical care.
Aug. 4, 2020