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Flagstaff digs itself out of record-breaking snow
The city of Flagstaff registered a record-breaking five-plus feet of snow this month, and it’s not over yet with freezing temperatures sticking around and another storm expected early next week.
Jan. 26, 2023
An argument for the protection of geoglyphs in Arizona
Geoglyphs are massive etchings on the land found found all over the world, including in Arizona, where development can threaten their preservation.
Jan. 26, 2023
Advocates call on Congress to create a path to citizenship for Afghan refugees
Advocates hoping to secure a pathway to citizenship for thousands of Afghans who were evacuated from their country in August 2021 are hoping to engage with lawmakers again now that Congress is back in session.
Jan. 26, 2023
Legal experts: Title 42 illegal, ineffective and dangerous
Prior to March 2020, the U.S. had never invoked Title 42, which grants federal authorities the power to deny entry into the U.S. to prevent the spread of communicable diseases. Since then, officials have used it more than 2.5 million times to send away asylum seekers and migrants. Now, two legal experts say enough is enough.
Jan. 25, 2023
20 GOP states sue Biden over border parole programs
A coalition of 20 GOP-led states have signed onto a lawsuit challenging the Biden administration’s new parole programs allowing a set amount of people from Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti and Venezuela to enter the U.S. on humanitarian grounds.
Jan. 25, 2023
In Nogales, new process has asylum seekers ask for Title 42 exceptions using a CBP app
In Nogales and other ports of entry along the U.S.-Mexico border, asylum seekers hoping to bypass Title 42 restrictions can now use a Customs and Border Protection app to apply for an appointment with port officers. Activists say results so far are a mixed bag.
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Jan. 25, 2023
Amid declining violence in Sonora, major port city is a troubling outlier
A security analyst said that struggles between organized crime groups is the key factor behind violence in Guaymas, but that the struggle may be for control of the port, which allows access to materials necessary for meth and fentanyl manufacture.
Jan. 24, 2023
Mexico looks to reach deal with firm holding Sonoran lithium concessions
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador hopes that the firm — almost certainly Ganfeng — will turn over its concessions to the Mexican government.
Jan. 24, 2023
AZ law banning abortions due to genetic abnormality can take effect
A federal judge has ruled an Arizona law banning doctors from performing abortions because of genetic abnormalities can take effect. The law was passed two years ago by legislators but was unable to take effect because of the federal protections provided under the Roe vs. Wade ruling.
Jan. 24, 2023
Tucson officials release climate action plan, invite public comment
The city of Tucson is inviting the public to comment on a newly-released draft plan on fighting climate change.
Jan. 24, 2023
Sonora ends long streak of setting new murder record every year
It was a streak that no state wants: a new murder record year after year in neighboring Sonora. But now that streak has officially ended.
Jan. 23, 2023
Hermosillo activist now has permit grow, smoke marijuana
Since getting his permit, Miguel Haro has been hearing from other people looking for help to get theirs.
Jan. 23, 2023
This January is Flagstaffs 3rd snowiest on record
Highways across northern Arizona remain closed as snow continues to fall across the state. The city is only three inches away from having its snowiest January in 43 years.
Jan. 23, 2023
Navajo Nation rescinds COVID-19 mask mandate
The Navajo Nation has rescinded a mask mandate that's been in effect since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, officials announced Friday, fulfilling a pledge that new tribal President Buu Nygren made while campaigning for the office.
Jan. 21, 2023
Planned Parenthood advocates call for action from AZ
On the eve of the 50th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, Planned Parenthood of Arizona is asking Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs to strengthen abortion access and protections in the state.
Jan. 20, 2023
UNAM head blasts Supreme Court justice for plagiarism
The National Autonomous University of Mexico's rector shared a blistering condemnation of Justice Yasmin Esquivel's plagiarism scandal, and said the university is exploring additional measures it could take against her.
Jan. 20, 2023
Sonora governor outlines solution to critiques of military checkpoint from Nogales port authority
The head of the port authority in Nogales, Arizona, says the checkpoint in Querobabi, Sonora, has "long outlived its necessity."
Jan. 20, 2023
USDA awards $930 million towards wildfire preventions
$930 million from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act will go towards wildfire prevention efforts in at-risk communities and critical infrastructure. The San Carlos Apache Tribal Lands is the only place in Arizona that will get the funding.
Jan. 20, 2023
Hobbs proposed budget puts money toward addressing PFAS in AZ groundwater
In a budget proposal released this month, Gov. Katie Hobbs earmarked some state money for cleanup of PFAS — a group of chemicals found in many water sources that are linked to health problems like cancer.
Jan. 19, 2023
Mexico has implemented a strict ban on smoking in all public places
Those hoping to light up a cigarette in Mexico will now be limited mostly to their homes and other private residences after a strict smoking ban went into effect this week.
Jan. 18, 2023