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As Hospitalizations Rise, Sonora Remains At Maximum COVID-19 Risk
A leading Mexican health official says that Sonoran hospitals are facing a troubling rise in demand during the coronavirus pandemic.
Jun. 18, 2020
Paul Petersen Pleads Guilty To Fraud In Adoption Scheme
Paul Petersen, a Republican who served as Maricopa County’s assessor for six years until his resignation in January, faces a maximum of 17 years in prison for his guilty pleas on Arizona charges of fraudulent schemes and forgery.
Jun. 18, 2020
Supreme Court DACA Ruling Leaves DREAMers Feeling Relieved
On June 18, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected President Donald Trump's attempts to end legal protection for the thousands of immigrants who protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. What does the ruling mean for Dreamers who have anxiously been awaiting the decision?
Jun. 18, 2020
How AZ Is Coping: Checking In With Bisbee
Over at the website, and on social media, Bisbee virtual pride is planning speakers, games, tours of the town people can enjoy remotely, says Ramon Garcia, president and CEO of Bisbee Pride.
Jun. 18, 2020
High Court Rejects End To DACA Protections; AZ Leaders React
The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected President Donald Trump’s effort to end legal protections for 650,000 young immigrants, a stunning rebuke to the president in the midst of his reelection campaign. The outcome seems certain to elevate the issue in Trump's campaign, given the anti-immigrant rhetoric of his first presidential run in 2016 and immigration restrictions his administration has imposed since then.
Jun. 18, 2020
How AZ Is Coping: Checking In With Nogales
In February, 286,440 cars and 249,148 pedestrians crossed the border north into Nogales, Arizona, many on their way to work, shop or see friends and family. After border restrictions went into place in late March, those numbers collapsed.
Jun. 17, 2020
Peso And The Virus: Mexicos Economy During COVID-19
The coronavirus's devastating effects are not only health-wise, and the pandemic is making it hard for industries, businesses and individuals in Mexico, the United States’ largest trading partner. This Fronteras Desk series explores the neighboring nation’s economy as it faces the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Jun. 16, 2020
Kelly Holds DACA Meeting As Recipients Wait For SCOTUS Decision
A Supreme Court decision on the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is expected this month. U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kelly said Tuesday that so-called Dreamers are as American as his own daughters.
Jun. 16, 2020
Investigation: Border Patrol Unprepared For Migrant Surge Last Year
Customs and Border Protection wasn’t prepared to handle a large population of immigrants who arrived at the southwestern border last year, a new investigation has found.
Jun. 16, 2020
Rocky Point Reactivating Economy, Welcomes Tourists
The popular tourist town Rocky Point, in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, completely shut its doors to outsiders in March to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. On Tuesday, it started reopening to visitors — but with some restrictions.
Jun. 16, 2020
Sonoran Capital Mandates Many Businesses To Close At 6 P.M.
Some have criticized the measures as unconstitutional, though the Hermosillo mayor says state and federal authorities have granted her government the power to implement them.
Jun. 15, 2020
Workers To Face Furloughs If USCIS Doesnt Get Emergency Funds
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has said it needs $1.2 billion in emergency money from Congress. If lawmakers don’t agree, a local union representative said most workers could be furloughed as soon as August.
Jun. 12, 2020
Human Rights Commission In Jalisco Accuse Police Of Torture
Last week, many rallied against police brutality and abuse in Mexico, after a civilian in the state of Jalisco was allegedly killed in custody. The case is still open, but an investigation by the state’s Human Rights Commission says the police tortured and executed the man.
Jun. 12, 2020
Bighorn Fire Near Tucson Threatens Hundreds Of Homes
Hundreds of foothills homes on the outskirts of Tucson remained under an evacuation notice Friday as firefighters worked to keep a wildfire from moving downhill from canyons and ridges in mountains in a national forest.
Jun. 12, 2020
How AZ Is Coping: Checking In With Navajo Nation
Although their coronavirus numbers are flattening, the Navajo Nation still has the highest infection rate per capita. As the state and the Grand Canyon National Park reopen many people are driving through the Navajo Nation on their way to Lake Powell, Utah or other destinations.
Jun. 12, 2020
Lawsuit Seeks Trade Sanctions Against Mexico To Protect Vaquita
Conservation groups are suing the Trump administration to implement new sanctions against Mexico as part of ongoing efforts to protect the nearly extinct vaquita marina porpoise that lives in the upper-most part of Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.
Jun. 11, 2020
Audit: Instead Of Migrant Care, Border Patrol Spent Millions On Equipment
Customs and Border Protection used money intended for food and medicine for immigrants in custody on ATVs, dirt bikes, and speaker systems, a new audit has found.
Jun. 11, 2020
Several Sonoran City Halls Don Rainbow Colors For LGBTQ Pride Month
But Sonora remains one of a number of Mexican states where marriage equality is formally prohibited, despite a 2015 Supreme Court ruling. Same-sex couples are able to marry in the state, but face additional hurdles to do so.
Jun. 11, 2020
Audit: Agency Wrongly Projected Interpreter Costs For Immigration Courts
The Justice Department arm that runs immigration courts wrongly projected the cost of interpreters in 2019, according to an Inspector General audit of the Executive Office for Immigration Review.
Jun. 11, 2020
Cancún Gradually Opens Its Doors While The Pandemic Still Grows In Mexico
The coronavirus pandemic has severely affected the economies of many tourist destinations throughout the world. Now, after three months of isolation, one of the most popular locations in Mexico for Americans is slightly opening its doors.
Jun. 11, 2020