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Arizona Mayors Slam Governors Essential Services List
Arizona mayors are pushing back against what they say is too soft of a stance taken by Gov. Doug Ducey’s stay-at-home order that went into effect Tuesday evening.
Apr. 1, 2020
ICE: Detainee Held In Arizona Has COVID-19
A 45-year-old Guatemalan held at the La Palma Correctional Center has tested positive for COVID-19, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Apr. 1, 2020
Federal Government Closes Grand Canyon National Park
The federal government announced Wednesday the immediate closure of Grand Canyon National Park to keep visitors and workers safe from COVID-19. On March 18, more than two weeks after the first case was reported in the U.S., Interior Secretary David Bernhardt encouraged people to visit national parks and waived all entrance fees.
Apr. 1, 2020
Crossings Plummet At AZ Ports After Pandemic Restrictions
Crossings at Arizona border ports are down sharply since restrictions went into place last month in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Apr. 1, 2020
Sonora Asks Med Students To Join Coronavirus Fight
Sonora, the Mexican state bordering Arizona, is calling for medical students and others to join the pandemic fight. Sonoran Health Secretary Enrique Clausen said the invitation is open for students in their fourth semesters or beyond.
Apr. 1, 2020
‘Remain In Mexico’ Hearings, Visa Interviews Further Delayed
After President Trump acknowledged that the country won’t return to normal by Easter, Homeland Security announced it would further delay hearings for asylum seekers waiting in Mexico under the “Remain In Mexico” program, and extend closures of visa offices across the country.
Apr. 1, 2020
Immigrant Rights Groups Launch #HopeCantBeQuarantined Campaign
Nearly 40,000 immigrants sit in detention centers across the country, and there is a small but growing number who’ve tested positive for the coronavirus. Rights groups are asking for help reaching out to them. In March, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement banned social visits to further slow the virus’s spread.
Mar. 31, 2020
Mexico Declares State Of Emergency As Pandemic Escalates
In Mexico, the COVID-19 pandemic curve is growing exponentially, with over a thousand cases. As a result, the government is declaring a state of emergency.
Mar. 31, 2020
Women Make Their Place In Growing Industry For Sonoran Agave Spirit Bacanora
Prohibited and produced clandestinely for decades, the Sonoran agave distillate Bacanora is starting to find a place in the international market, alongside better known Mexican spirits like Tequila and Mezcal. And as the market grows, women are carving out their own niche in the traditionally male-dominated industry.
Mar. 31, 2020
Navajo President Extends Casino, School Closures
The president of the Navajo Nation has extended an order for casinos and schools to remain closed through the end of April. The tribe has 148 positive cases of the coronavirus and five confirmed deaths as of Tuesday.
Mar. 31, 2020
Law Professor: Immigrant Detention Is A Coronavirus Petri Dish
A federal judge in Los Angeles is giving the Trump administration one week to justify keeping some 7,000 immigrant children in detention facilities across the U.S. Evelyn Cruz is a law professor in the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at ASU and director of its immigration clinic.
Mar. 31, 2020
Arizona Economist: We Are In Recession Already
Speaking at a webinar hosted by the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, a top-health care officials said Arizona still doesn’t have enough coronavirus tests and a local economist said financial pain caused by the pandemic will likely last longer than optimistic projections.
Mar. 30, 2020
How Arizona Is Coping With Coronavirus: Douglas, Nogales
Arizonans are feeling the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic in every corner of the state. But on the border with Mexico, communities with long histories of binational trade and cultural exchange are seeing unique impacts.
Mar. 30, 2020
Mexican President Greets El Chapos Mother Ignoring Pandemic Rules
Mexico’s president has been criticized after constantly ignoring instructions from his own government to face the coronavirus pandemic. And on Sunday, he broke the isolation and social distancing rules again — this time with the mother of a notorious drug lord.
Mar. 30, 2020
Navajo Nation To Start Curfew On Monday
The Navajo Nation will impose a curfew Monday, another tactic to encourage social distancing and slow the spread of the coronavirus. The curfew runs 8 p.m. to 5 a.m daily.
Mar. 30, 2020
After Emergency Declared, Sonorans Prep For Closure Of Non-Essential Business
With Covid-19 cases steadily rising in Sonora, the Mexican state to Arizona’s south, its governor declared a health emergency last week. She also ordered that only essential businesses remain open. Last week, businesses were scrambling to figure out who could remain open. And many are concerned about what this all means for the state’s workers and economy.
Mar. 30, 2020
Navajo County Ranks 13th Worldwide For COVID-19 Rate
Navajo County ranks 13th worldwide and 11th in the U.S. for COVID-19 infections per 1,000 people. As of Friday, Navajo County reported 43 cases
Mar. 28, 2020
Mexican Census Continues Despite Coronavirus Concerns
Like the United States, Mexico is conducting its 2020 census. But the country’s strategy against the COVID-19 pandemic is smacking up against the deadline, which officially ends this Friday, March 27.
Mar. 27, 2020
UA To Supply 200 Bottles Of Hand Sanitizer To The Navajo Nation
The University of Arizona has created a coronavirus coordination team to help respond to the pandemic. One project is the production of hand sanitizer for the community.
Mar. 27, 2020
Officials Take Temperatures Of Southbound Border Crossers In Nogales, Sonora
On Thursday, officials in Nogales, Sonora, started taking the temperatures of southbound travelers crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. The measure comes in response to demands from protesters who blocked motorists trying to enter Mexico the day before.
Mar. 26, 2020