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Sonoran AG: Reporters Were Not Intended Targets Of Armed Attack
A case of mistaken identity was what led to the tragedy in Hermosillo last Saturday, which claimed the life of radio announcer Reynaldo Lopez. Sports reporter Carlos Cota remains in critical condition.
Feb. 22, 2019
Nogales, Sonora, Opens New Shelter For Migrants
While temperatures have been dropping south of the border in Nogales, Sonora, the number of migrants waiting there to ask for asylum in the United States has gone up. So the city has opened a new shelter for migrants to help address the growing demand.
Feb. 20, 2019
Reporter Killed, Another Wounded In Hermosillo Shooting
One reporter is dead and another is gravely wounded after a weekend shooting in Hermosillo, the capital of the Northern Mexican state of Sonora.
Feb. 19, 2019
Health Services To Be Restored To ABC Daycare Victims
Family members of the tragic 2009 ABC Daycare fire in Hermosillo, Sonora will again be able to access health services through the federal social security system.
Feb. 15, 2019
Border Militarization Sparks The Interest Of Some Tourists
Officials south of the border in Nogales, Sonora say that increased military presence in neighboring Nogales, Arizona is hard on border communities. But it’s also encouraged some tourists to come see what’s happening at the border for themselves.
Feb. 14, 2019
In Sonora, Hunting Means Big Business And Conservation
Just south of the Arizona border, big game hunting is big business. Every winter, thousands of foreign hunters - most from the United States - flock to the state for its trophy deer, bighorn sheep, game birds and other species. Some say hunting policies have also been a boon to conservation efforts.
More Stories From Hermosillo
Feb. 11, 2019
U.S. Commerce Tomato Decision Could Hurt Nogales
The U.S. Commerce Department’s decision to resume an investigation into dumping of Mexican tomatoes into the U.S. market could hurt the produce import business, and consumers.
Feb. 7, 2019
Former Sonoran Gov. Padres Released From Jail
The previous Sonoran governor was released from jail over the weekend, a move that has generated strong reactions from state politicians. The ex-member of the conservative PAN party was released over the weekend after family members mortgaged properties to cover his bail.
Feb. 4, 2019
Documentary On Vaquita’s Plight Competes At Sundance
A documentary film about illegal poaching that’s threatening to wipe out the world’s most endangered marine mammal in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez has made its way to the Sundance Film Festival this year.
Jan. 28, 2019
Nearly 400 Migrants Detained Near Yuma
Nearly 400 migrants tunneled under the border fence and turned themselves in to Border Patrol agents near Yuma last week.
Jan. 22, 2019
Governors Budget Includes Cold Inspection Facility
Gov. Doug Ducey included funding for a new cold inspection facility at the Nogales commercial port of entry in his state budget plan. That could extend the state’s produce import season.
Jan. 22, 2019
Mexicos War On Gas Theft Sparks Shortages
Many states in Mexico, including its capital, have experienced severe fuel shortages for days. The Mexican administration says it’s the result of temporarily closing gas pipelines to stop illegal fuel taps. But many are skeptical.
Jan. 16, 2019
Sonoran Mayor Arrested On Passport Fraud Charges
The mayor of a small Sonoran town was arrested last month for allegedly lying to obtain a U.S. passport. He’s from the left-leaning party Morena, which was swept to power nationwide in July on promises of countering corruption.
Jan. 15, 2019
 First Cruise Planned From Rocky Point
The governor of neighboring Sonora, Mexico announced Monday that the first cruise ship will set sail from Rocky Point at the end of the year.
Jan. 14, 2019
Sonoran Carne Asada To Be Featured On Netflix
From street corner taquerías to well-known restaurants, some of Sonora’s best carne asada tacos are getting their moment in the limelight as part of a new Netflix show called “The Taco Chronicles.”
Jan. 14, 2019
Sea Shepherd Ship Attacked By Suspected Poachers
An activist ship that patrol’s Mexico’s Sea of Cortez to protect an endangered porpoise was attacked by alleged poachers Wednesday as tensions escalate just south of the border.
Jan. 10, 2019
Legislation Targets Produce Imported From Mexico
Every year billions of pounds of fresh produce cross the border from Mexico into the United States. Now, legislators in Florida are proposing a bill they say would protect U.S. produce growers from unfair Mexican trade practices. But opponents of the legislation say it would be bad for consumers.
Jan. 9, 2019
Sonora Had 40 Percent Of 2018 Mexican Zika Cases
Sonora had its heaviest year of confirmed Zika virus infections in 2018.
Jan. 9, 2019
Mexican Drivers Still Paying More For Gas
Mexico’s new president has promised to lower gas prices in cities bordering the United States as part of a plan to boost the economy in the border region. But so far prices are still higher south of the border.
Jan. 8, 2019
Sonoran Crops Damaged By Cold, Snowy Weather
Produce growers in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, are asking authorities to declare a state of emergency as snowfall and extreme cold weather damage thousands of crops throughout the state.
Jan. 4, 2019