Mexico City News


LeBarón Community Requests Protection, Autonomy And Electricity
A community in northern Mexico where nine women and children were attacked and murdered last year wants justice, but also solutions from the government and more autonomy for themselves.
Sept. 7, 2020
Former Military And Police Officers Linked To LeBarón Murders
In November, nine women and children from the LeBarón family were murdered in a brutal attack by gunmen on a road in Sonora, Mexico. A new update on the investigation is pointing to almost 20 new suspects — some of them former members of the security forces.
Sept. 2, 2020
Mexico’s State Of The Union: Bonds With U.S. Solid; Remittances And Murder Rates Up
In a small and private event, Mexico’s president delivered his second State of the Union address. Among some issues that the president addressed was the relationship between his country and the United States.
Sept. 1, 2020
Mexico Is Fighting A New War Against Junk Food
Like in the U.S., Mexico faces a severe obesity and overweight problem. The authorities are trying to stop those health issues with a new labeling system for processed food, while banning the sales of those products to underage consumers. But the strategy is being confronted — and even considered a distraction from the pandemic.
Aug. 31, 2020
Mexico’s President Faces Corruption Controversy
The Mexican president has built his platform on promising to fight corruption. But now, he’s been indirectly accused of allegedly accepting illegal campaign contributions.
Aug. 25, 2020
Republicans In Mexico Applaud Trump’s Nomination
The Republican National Convention is underway and President Trump has been nominated for a second term. In Mexico, Republican expatriates applaud the decision, despite the controversial image that the president has in the country.
Aug. 24, 2020
Mexico City Inaugurates Heroine Promenade
Paseo de la Reforma, or the Reform Promenade, is one of the oldest and most important avenues in Mexico City. Its sidewalks and medians were mainly adorned with statues of male heroes. But now, the avenue will include 14 bronze monuments to prominent women.
Aug. 21, 2020
Democrats Abroad Push For Voters In Mexico
The Democratic Convention marks the official start of the party’s campaign season. And in Mexico, its affiliates also are starting to work on gathering expat votes — regardless of their political preferences.
Aug. 18, 2020
Mexico Plans To Produce COVID-19 Vaccine And Make It Free
Mexico has joined the list of nations that plan to launch a COVID-19 vaccine soon. And the country’s government not only plans to produce it, but also to make it free.
Aug. 17, 2020
Despite The Pandemic, Remittances In Mexico Rise
A big part of Mexico’s economy depends on money sent back home by expatriates; the vast majority of them living in the United States. And despite the pandemic and this year’s economic instability, Mexico is registering a record amount of these remittances.
Aug. 10, 2020
Mexican Governors Unite Against Federal Policies
In Mexico, like in the United States, some governors are disagreeing with the federal government’s fiscal and health policies during the pandemic. And they are forming a coalition to fight back.
Aug. 6, 2020
Using TV And Radio, Mexican Students Will Go Back To School
While the U.S. debates the safety of reopening schools amid a pandemic, the Mexican government has announced that students will start school from home.
Aug. 4, 2020
Mexico Plans Language Institute As A Homage To El Paso Victims
A year ago, a gunman killed 23 people at an El Paso Walmart. Eight Mexican citizens were among the dead, and 8 others were wounded, targeted by ethnicity. The Mexican government plans to create an institute to pay tribute to the victims.
Aug. 4, 2020
Why Is The Peso Stronger Despite The Pandemic?
The coronavirus pandemic is bringing with it a severe, historic downfall in the world’s economy. Mexico is no exception, but its currency, the peso, has become stronger.
July 31, 2020
Mexico Plans To Make Medicine Free And Centralize Their Distribution
After facing criticism for cutting costs in the health care system, the Mexican president is launching a groundbreaking strategy. And part of the plan involves a future coronavirus vaccine and more supplies bought from the U.S.
July 30, 2020
Tucson Has A New Mexican Consul After Controversies
During the current Mexican president’s administration of less than two years, Tucson has had three Mexican consuls. The third one was appointed after a controversial removal of his predecessor.
July 29, 2020
Mexican Presidential Airplane Returns To Mexico — And Is Still For Sale
The Mexican president has been using commercial flights while trying to sell — and even raffle off — the presidential plane. After months being stored in California, the plane is back in Mexico City, awaiting a buyer. The president’s opponents say it’s a distraction from the outbreak.
July 28, 2020
Mexican President Downplays Importance Of Face Masks
Mexico’s president downplayed the importance of wearing masks as a means to control the pandemic and allow for economic reopening. Asked whether face masks could play a key role in the economic reactivation underway in his country, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador responded that that was “disproportionate."
July 23, 2020
Mexican President: Military Will Take Charge of Land, Sea Ports
He made the announcement in the major port city of Manzanillo, which he said has been used to bring drugs and chemical precursors into the country.
July 17, 2020
New Evidence Shines Light On 43 Missing Mexican Students Case
In 2014, a group of college students hijacked buses in Mexico to go to a protest in Mexico City. Forty-three of them disappeared, and their mysterious absence spurred a movement against government oppression. Now, a new clue shines light on the case.
July 9, 2020