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Maricopa county attorney hopes for speedy, transparent review of death-penalty protocols
Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell said she supports Gov. Katie Hobbs' executive order calling for a review of death-penalty protocols in Arizona. The state has come under fire for issues with executions.
This bill would protect same-sex marriage. Heres why the LDS church supports it
The Respect for Marriage Act would codify into law protections for same-sex marriage and religious liberties. And one of its supporters is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Nov. 29, 2022
Hobbs sues to force Cochise County to certify the election
Republican officials in a rural Arizona county refused Monday to certify the 2022 election despite no evidence of anything wrong with the count, a decision that was quickly challenged in court by the state's top election official.
Nov. 28, 2022
Lake sues Board of Supervisors and the county recorder over public records request
Losing Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has sued the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and the county recorder over access to public records related to the general election on Nov. 8.
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Nov. 28, 2022
Maricopa County certifies 2022 election results
Maricopa County supervisors voted Monday to certify the results of the Nov. 8 election despite a parade of witnesses who accused them of everything from corruption to being traitors.
Nov. 28, 2022
Cochise County GOP supervisors refuse to certify the 2022 election
Republican supervisors in Cochise County refused Monday to certify the 2022 election, a failure to follow state law that will soon prompt a lawsuit from state election officials.
Nov. 28, 2022
Despite mixed results from midterms, election denialism remains strong in AZ
Nov. 28 marks the deadline for all of Arizona’s 15 counties to certify the results of the 2022 election. But of course, election deniers and a slate of losing candidates here won’t let that be the end of it.
Nov. 28, 2022
Hobbs plans to work through partisan divide on issues that Arizonans care about
Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs has been busy building a transition team and planning her legislative agenda in which she will have to work with a likely more right-wing Republican majority.
Nov. 28, 2022
2022 election is barely over but a ballot initiative for 2024 is already afoot
Just over two weeks since the Midterm Elections, an effort to move forward a 2024 ballot initiative for open primary voting in Arizona is already afoot.
Nov. 28, 2022
Townsend subpoenas election info from Maricopa County, despite it being available
The head of the Arizona Senate Government Committee has subpoenaed Maricopa County officials for records detailing how the recent general election was run.
Nov. 25, 2022
Republican Gov. Ducey meets with Democrat Gov.-elect Hobbs
Outgoing Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said Wednesday that his Republican administration will ensure an orderly transition to Democrat Katie Hobbs, his first public statement on her victory.
Nov. 24, 2022
Arizona voters await final results to be certified Nov. 28
Though the race for attorney general is very close and will head to a recount, the state will has seen other races with even closer margins.
Nov. 23, 2022
Abe Hamadeh files suit over election results despite mandatory recount
The Arizona attorney general’s race will go down as one of the closest in state history. And there’s another twist as new legal filings are now contesting the outcome.
Nov. 23, 2022
Hobbs hopes lawmakers will work across the aisle on abortion
On the campaign trail, Katie Hobbs promised she would work to repeal the Arizona's near-total abortion ban. But the governor-elect may face challenges.
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Nov. 25, 2022
Maricopa County voters nearly tie record in midterms
After nearly two weeks of counting, Maricopa County election officials finished tallying midterm votes Monday. Just over 64% of eligible voters in the county cast a ballot, nearly tying a record set in 2018.
Nov. 22, 2022
Mohave County delays certifying election, for now
A second Republican-controlled Arizona county on Monday delayed certifying the results of this month's election as a protest against voting issues in Maricopa County that some GOP officials have blamed for their losses in top races including the contest for governor.
Nov. 22, 2022
Maricopa County Board chairman, family relocated after threats
After threats were made, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates and his family were relocated for their safety for one night over the weekend. Although no arrests or indictments have been made, Sheriff Paul Penzone says authorities are continuing to investigate.
Nov. 21, 2022
Kris Mayes defeats Abe Hamadeh in AG race
All outstanding ballots in Maricopa County and across the state of Arizona have now been counted. With that, the unofficial tally released Monday reveals Democrat Kris Mayes has defeated Republican Abe Hamadeh in a neck-and-neck race for attorney general.
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Nov. 21, 2022
A closer look at how some AZ propositions fared
Arizona’s midterm elections are finally almost over. As results settle, The Show spoke with Hank Stephenson of the Arizona Agenda to learn how some of the many propositions fared with voters this year.
Nov. 21, 2022
Title 42 is coming to an end. What this means for asylum seekers
A federal judge has ended Title 42, giving the Biden administration five weeks to do so. To learn what this means for asylum seekers, The Show spoke with Joanna Williams of the Kino Border Initiative.
Nov. 21, 2022
Díaz: Voters rejection of election deniers mean Trump era ending
Results from the recent midterm elections show voters nationwide largely rejected election denialism related to the 2020 presidential election. The editorial board of the Arizona Republic has been reflecting on all of this and what it means in recent days.
Nov. 21, 2022