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$3.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Could Mean More Than $115B For AZ
Legislation that would add $3.5 trillion in spending over 10 years through budget reconciliation has run into delays. But a new report by ASU’s Seidman Institute shows that, if that $3.5 trillion is implemented, Arizona’s economy would be helped significantly.
30 minutes ago
WATCH: Biden Outlines COVID-19 Strategy
President Joe Biden outlined a new "six-pronged" strategy to combat rising coronavirus cases across the country. His remarks come as a surge of new COVID-19 cases has led to rising numbers of hospitalizations and deaths in many states.
Ducey Vows To Push Back As Biden Announces Vaccine Requirements
Sept. 9, 2021
Arizona Republican Legislator Abruptly Announces Resignation
Arizona state Rep. Bret Roberts abruptly announced Wednesday he's resigning from the Legislature, just two weeks after he filed to run for reelection. The Republican from Maricopa said stepping down is what's best for his family.
Sept. 9, 2021
Barton To Become Phoenix’s First Black City Manager
The Phoenix City Council unanimously approved the next city manager. During Wednesday’s meeting, Jeff Barton received high praise from the mayor and all eight council members.
Sept. 8, 2021
Engel Quits AZ Senate To Focus On Congressional Race
Democratic state Sen. Kirsten Engel of Tucson has resigned to focus on her campaign for the U.S. House.
Sept. 8, 2021
What Emails Do And Dont Tell Us About The Arizona Audit
Last week, lawyers representing state Senate Republicans released a cache of records from the so-called audit of the 2020 Maricopa County election results. Nearly 22,000 documents were released and within those, about 3,000 of those are emails between Republican senators and the contractors being paid to carry out this process.
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Sept. 8, 2021
Rise And Fall Of Bin Laden: A Closer Look At The Man Behind 9/11
Peter Bergen, co-director of ASU’s Center on the Future of War, followed Osama bin Laden’s career beginning in 1997. His latest book includes new information about bin Laden, including his final days, and also includes perspective that covering bin Laden for more than two decades has provided.
Sept. 8, 2021
Arizona Unemployment Benefit Ends With Hopes Of Incentivizing Return To Work
Arizona is one of 26 states that halted the expanded unemployment benefit last Friday that workers have been receiving since the pandemic began. The reason is to incentivize a return to work. Of those 26 states, 25 have Republican governors.
Lawsuit Argues Ducey Violated Arizona Law In Cutting Benefits
Sept. 8, 2021
AZ Stops Investing In Company That Owns Ben & Jerrys
State Treasurer Kimberly Yee announced Tuesday that she is selling off all of the state's notes it holds in loans to Unilever. That follows the announcement that the company will no longer sell its Ben & Jerry's brand ice cream in Israeli-occupied territories.
Sept. 7, 2021
Nonprofits Help Afghan Refugees Adjust To Life In Arizona
People evacuated from Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover began arriving in the United States last week. The first group to arrive in America was brought into Phoenix last week. With the challenges of escaping the Taliban behind them, this community now faces the task of acclimating to life in Arizona — and the dramatic changes in routine that come with a move across the world.
Sept. 7, 2021
Judge Refuses To Block New Arizona Sports Betting Law
A judge on Monday evening refused to block a new Arizona law allowing sports gambling to be run by professional sports teams in a decision that will allow the major gambling expansion start as planned later this week.
Sept. 7, 2021
20 Years After 9/11, Americas Longest War Ends
Twenty years after 9/11, America’s longest war has ended. Here's a journey through the evolution of how it started, the presidential pivots along the way and the feelings of veterans who were asked to fight against an unconventional enemy.
Sept. 10, 2021
Interest In Anti-Mask School Vouchers Outpaces Funds
A program announced by Arizona’s Republican governor last month to give private school vouchers to parents who object to campus mask requirements has seen applications surge, with twice as many either started or completed than can be funded with the $10 million in federal coronavirus relief earmarked for the plan.
Sept. 6, 2021
Court Hearing To Determine Sports Betting Legality
New sports betting laws are due to go into effect on Thursday in Arizona, but not if the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe has its say. A court hearing Monday, will decide whether to throw out a legal bid that could stop or at least delay the start of legal sports betting.
Sept. 6, 2021
CEO: Valley Metro Working To Renew Half-Cent Transportation Tax
In 2004, Maricopa County voters approved a half-cent sales tax to help pay for transportation needs in the area. Now, Valley Metro CEO Scott Smith tells PBS’s “Arizona Horizons” that the tax is going to expire in 2025, and the company is working to get its replacement on next year’s ballot.
Sept. 4, 2021
Pinal Supervisors Reject $3.4M COVID-19 Vaccine Grant
Last week, the Pinal County Board of Supervisors rejected a $3.4 million federal grant aimed at improving vaccine equity.
Sept. 5, 2021
Attorney Gearing Up To Defend State In Suit Over Mask Mandate Ban
The lawyer defending the state of Arizona in a lawsuit over a ban on mask mandates and other provisions says a judge has no place in the bill-drafting process.
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Sept. 3, 2021
Arizona Man Who Wore Horns In Jan. 6 Riot Pleads Guilty
An Arizona man who sported face paint, no shirt and a furry hat with horns when he joined the mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 pleaded guilty Friday to a felony charge and wants to be released from jail while he awaits sentencing. Jacob Chansley could face 41 to 51 months in prison under sentencing guidelines, a prosecutor said.
Sept. 3, 2021
Arizona Anti-Abortion Activists Inspired By New Texas Law
Now that the Texas ban on abortion after fetal heartbeat detection has been enacted, some anti-abortion activists are seeing it as an inspirational policy.
Sept. 3, 2021
Scottsdale’s Transportation Future Prioritizes People Over Cars
The future of transportation in Scottsdale could look much different. Although Scottsdale’s seen a lot of development over the last 20 years, the city says travel demand has not grown as much as expected.
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Sept. 2, 2021
State Senate Withholds Thousands Of Audit Emails, Texts
Despite a court-ordered data dump, the Republican-led state Senate argued in court Sept. 1 they need to keep private nearly 3,000 emails and text messages sent by state lawmakers and Cyber Ninja officials.
Sept. 2, 2021