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$3.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Could Mean More Than $115B For AZ
Legislation that would add $3.5 trillion in spending over 10 years through budget reconciliation has run into delays. But a new report by ASU’s Seidman Institute shows that, if that $3.5 trillion is implemented, Arizona’s economy would be helped significantly.
1 hour ago
Phoenix Council To Appoint Jeff Barton Next City Manager
There will soon be a new person managing more than 14,000 Phoenix city employees.
Sept. 1, 2021
Tucson Defends Vaccine Requirement For City Workers
Tucson continues to argue its vaccine requirement for city workers is legal.
Sept. 1, 2021
Carmona Tailoring AZ Vaccine Message To Diverse Communities
Former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona has been brought on board as a senior advisor to the governor on emergency health preparedness. The Show with him to hear his take on getting more people vaccinated.
Sept. 1, 2021
How The So-Called Arizona Audit Is Already Shaping 2022s Election
The controversial, partisan review of the 2020 election in Maricopa County has already had an impact on candidates running for office in 2022. The longer the review continues, the worse it could get for some Republicans.
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Sept. 2, 2021
FDA Approval Doesnt Sway Ducey On Vaccine Mandates
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey still doesn’t want COVID-19 vaccines to be mandatory for college students, even though Pfizer’s vaccine now has formal authorization from the Food and Drug Administration.
Aug. 31, 2021
What Census Data In One Town Says About Undercounted Populations
There were a lot of things standing in the way of an accurate census count in 2020: a pandemic, natural disasters, and what many called political interference from the Trump administration. And although the census says it’s too early to tell, a new investigation from the Associated Press shows a potential undercount — especially of Hispanic and Black populations.
Aug. 31, 2021
New Jury Selection Rule A Huge Step Towards Addressing Racial Bias
The Arizona Supreme Court says it’s getting rid of peremptory strikes — the ability of lawyers to eliminate potential jurors without giving a reason.
Aug. 31, 2021
VA Secretary Says Pandemic Worsened Health Care For Veterans
Phoenix was at the epicenter of the problems surrounding Veterans Affairs hospitals and how veterans were being cared for. Improvements have been made since then, but the pandemic introduced new challenges for health care for veterans.
Aug. 31, 2021
ASU Coordinator Watching Afghanistan As Family Flees Taliban
The world continues to watch in horror as the events in Afghanistan unfold with the Taliban taking over a country the United States had occupied for two decades. Yagana Hafed is the engagement coordinator with the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University. Her parents left Afghanistan following the Soviet invasion, and she still has family currently trying to flee from the Taliban takeover.
Aug. 31, 2021
Fraud Trial For Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Begins
Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, who got Arizona lawmakers and Gov. Doug Ducey to change state law in 2015 to financially benefit her company, goes on trial this week on criminal charges of fraud and conspiracy.
Aug. 31, 2021
WATCH: Biden Speaks After U.S. Completes Afghanistan Withdrawal
President Biden addresses the nation after the U.S. completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan, ending America's longest war. More than 123,000 civilians were flown out by the U.S. and its partners as part of the evacuation efforts, and all U.S. service members are now out of the country.
Aug. 31, 2021
House Committee Seeks Records From Biggs, Gosar
The communications of two Arizona congressmen are being targeted by the House Select Committee tasked with investigating the deadly insurrection on Jan. 6.
Aug. 30, 2021
This DACA Recipient Cant Afford College In Arizona, So Hes Going To Harvard University Instead
It’s been 15 years since Arizona voters passed a policy that bars undocumented students from qualifying for in-state college tuition rates. It’s led some of these students to leave the state to chase their college dreams.
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Aug. 31, 2021
Arizona Restaurant Owner Running For Governor
A Tucson restaurant owner who made headlines for his support of former President Trump on the campaign trail last year is now running for higher office.
Aug. 30, 2021
These 2 Lawsuits Could Stop Or Delay Sports Betting In AZ
Sept. 9 marks the first day that sports betting will be legal in the state. But last week, the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe filed suit, along with race track operators Turf Paradise, to stop the new gaming law from taking effect and prevent any sports betting transactions from taking place in Arizona.
Aug. 30, 2021
Phil Boas: Proposition 208s Approach Was Supremely Stupid
The Arizona Supreme Court recently issued a ruling that made it seem likely that the voter-approved Proposition 208 — Invest in Ed — will never actually be implemented. Abe Kwok of the Arizona Republic criticized the approach of the people who crafted Proposition 208. The Show spoke with Republic editorial page editor Phil Boas about the column.
Aug. 30, 2021
Voting Rights Rally In Phoenix Draws Energy From March On Washington Anniversary
Arizona and several other states imposed new restrictions making it harder to vote. Saturday's event at Pilgrim Rest church is part of a national effort to sign up two million new voters and press Congress to act on voting rights legislation.
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Aug. 30, 2021
Arizona Lawyers Will No Longer Be Able To Bar Jurors Without Cause
Arizona is making a major shift to fight discrimination in court trials. The state Supreme Court this week will announce a new rule eliminating the ability of attorneys to strike prospective jurors without cause.
Aug. 29, 2021
8 Candidates Vie For Vacant State Senate Seat
On Tuesday, a citizen panel will interview eight candidates vying to be the next state senator in Legislative District 30.
Aug. 30, 2021
Maricopa County Officials: Senate Subpoena Enforcement Puts Public Safety At Risk
The county has so far refused to comply with the Senate’s latest demands to turn over routers, user names, passwords and other information related to Maricopa County’s election equipment. Officials say the efforts by Senate Republicans have now put the county’s operating budget at risk.
Aug. 27, 2021