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Court says governor not required to carry out execution
The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that state law doesn’t require Gov. Katie Hobbs to carry out execution of a prisoner who is scheduled to be put to death on April 6 for his conviction in a 2002 killing.
Court: Mark Finchem sanctioned after groundless secretary of state election lawsuit
The Republican candidate who lost the Arizona secretary of state election has been sanctioned after the lawsuit he filed, claiming “misconduct” and “illegal votes,” was deemed groundless.
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March 6, 2023
Legislature debates bills on doctors, early voting and time off for lawmakers
It’s expected to be another busy week at the state Capitol as floor debate and votes continue and committees start taking up bills from the other chamber.
March 6, 2023
Díaz: Brnovich must face consequences for hiding election reports
Former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich sat on evidence his own staff had uncovered that debunked election fraud conspiracies. And now the editorial board of the Arizona Republic declares it cannot go unpunished.
March 6, 2023
Your guide to Tempe Propositions 301, 302, 303
Tempe voters will decide on a new Arizona Coyotes arena and entertainment district on an old landfill site near Priest Drive and Rio Salado Parkway. Here’s an overview of each based on the ballot language released by the city of Tempe.
March 6, 2023
Maricopa County rejects water plan for Rio Verde Foothills
County supervisors on Friday rejected a city proposal to resume water service at triple the cost.
March 3, 2023
Attorneys ask AZ Supreme Court to enforce pre-statehood abortion law
The state Supreme Court is being asked to reverse a lower court’s decision and enforce the pre-statehood law that made nearly all abortions illegal.
March 3, 2023
Tempe OKs changing park and street names with ties to KKK
Tempe is changing park and street names with ties to the KKK. Among the moves approved by the City Council this week include renaming Hudson Park to Parque de Soza, and renaming Hudson Lane to Thomas Lane.
March 3, 2023
AZ House bill designed to keep water flowing to unincorporated areas
The Arizona House gave preliminary approval to a bill designed to keep water flowing to unincorporated areas that had been receiving water service from cities.
March 3, 2023
NewsCap: Conspiracy theories finally went too far for GOP
This week, top Republican lawmakers denounced a legislative hearing filled with unfounded conspiracy theories, and Cochise County voted to give election responsibility to its Republican recorder. To discuss those stories and more, The Show spoke with Jaime Molera of Molera Alvarez and Democratic strategist Tony Cani.
March 3, 2023
Hobbs doesn’t plan to carry out scheduled execution
Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs says corrections officials will not carry out an execution even though the state Supreme Court scheduled it over the objections of the state’s new attorney general.
March 3, 2023
Ukrainian, Iranian communities join voices to protest tyranny
In a show of unity against tyranny, Arizona's large Iranian-American community is lending a megaphone to a smaller, but growing Ukrainian community in the Valley.
March 3, 2023
AZ House bill would expand tax credit to cover pregnancy
Arizona Republican Rep. Matt Gress wants to expand a state law that provides a tax credit for children to also include the number of months a person is pregnant.
March 2, 2023
What proposed changes to the census form could mean for the Latino community
The Biden Administration is proposing changes to the census form it says would allow for more detailed data about respondents’ racial and ethnic backgrounds.
March 2, 2023
Hobbs says Mayes cant simply end a Saudi water deal
While running for attorney general, Democrat Kris Mayes vowed to undo a state land lease that provides free groundwater to a Saudi Arabian alfalfa grower. Gov. Katie Hobbs now says that’s easier said than done.
March 2, 2023
Some beverage manufacturers want AZ to let them recycle their wastewater
A bill moving through the Arizona Legislature would allow some manufacturers to build and operate wastewater treatment facilities on site, which would make it possible for them to conserve and recycle their own groundwater.
March 2, 2023
AZ House Dems are voting against all bills right now. Heres why
Democrats in the Arizona House of Representatives staged a protest of sorts this week — voting against all bills for the last two days. They said it's an effort to shine a light on what they call a new unwritten rule that no bill will be voted on without the support of the majority of Republican representatives.
March 2, 2023
Lesko wants even more restrictive changes to asylum policy
There has been push back on the Biden administration’s plans to implement new restrictions on asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border. But an Arizona congresswoman wants to see even more restrictive changes to asylum policy.
March 2, 2023
Lake appeals loss in governor’s race to Arizona Supreme Court
Kari Lake, the Republican who lost the Arizona governor’s race to Democrat Katie Hobbs, has asked the state Supreme Court to review her challenge of election results that has so far been rejected by the courts.
March 2, 2023
Phoenix passes ordinance to ban income source discrimination
Despite some legal uncertainty, Phoenix leaders have approved an ordinance meant to ban housing discrimination based on a person’s source of income. “Source” encompasses a wide range — from paychecks to child support to pensions.
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March 3, 2023
Bill could require schools to build alternate bathrooms for trans students
While supporters of the bill say the move is a compromise, opponents say the bill further stigmatizes transgender people.
March 1, 2023