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Phoenix Quarantine Hotel Sees Surge Of Homeless Guests
One community that’s been a challenge to protect throughout the pandemic is the homeless population in the Phoenix area. It’s grown over the last18 months, and people on the streets are often more vulnerable to serious complications from COVID-19 due to preexisting conditions or substance abuse disorders.
Sept. 15, 2021
Senior Patients Face A Greater Risks Of Dementia And Cognitive Problems After Surgery
Surgeries can improve quality of life. But brain changes that at times accompany aging can put seniors at greater risk for disorders arising from surgery and anesthesia, including delirium, impaired memory and problems with comprehension.
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Sept. 15, 2021
Half Of Arizonas Population Is Now Fully Vaccinated For COVID-19
Ten months after the first COVID-19 vaccines were administered in Arizona, half of the state’s population is fully vaccinated. Medical experts believe a large majority of the population will need to be immunized to bring the virus under control.
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Sept. 14, 2021
2011 Book On Phoenixs Lack Of Sustainability Still Resonates
Ten years ago, New York University Professor Andrew Ross had a book published called "Bird on Fire: Lessons from the World’s Least Sustainable City." The title itself was controversial and thought-provoking, and Ross faced criticism. But the ideas and opinions in his book are just as relevant — if not more so — today.
Sept. 14, 2021
New Study Shows Weight Gain Among Some Kids During Pandemic
Many people have gained weight during the pandemic. A new report finds kids have also put on weight over the last year and a half or so.
Sept. 14, 2021
How Bidens Vaccine Mandates Could Shrink Immunization Gap
Late last week, President Joe Biden announced sweeping vaccine mandates for federal workers, federal contractors and workers at companies with more than 100 employees. It’s being met with mixed political reaction here in the state, but in Maricopa County, those mandates could help close the gap with at least some of the population.
Sept. 14, 2021
Phoenix Livestock Store Keeps Selling Out Of Ivermectin
With a fourth wave of infections, more Americans are turning to ivermectin, a cheap drug used to kill worms and other parasites in humans and animals. Amy Jonson, vice president of the Western Ranchman, said her Phoenix feed and farm supply store is regularly selling out of ivermectin.
Sept. 14, 2021
SMCC Professor Will Become 4th Black Woman In Space
A 20-year South Mountain Community College professor this week will join her Inspiration4 crewmates aboard the first ever all-civilian spaceflight. Pilot and backup commander Sian Proctor will be only the fourth black woman to travel to space.
Sept. 13, 2021
Scientists Propose Covering Canals With Solar Panels
Researchers in California have come up with an idea they say would save water by preventing evaporation: covering the state’s nearly 4,000 miles of canals with solar panels.
Sept. 13, 2021
New Jewell Parker Rhodes Novel Inspired By Wildfires, Nature
The past few years have seen some of the biggest wildfires in Arizona history, and other states across the West have also been dealing with increasing wildfire activity. It is in that context that author Jewell Parker Rhodes sets her newest young adult novel, "Paradise on Fire."
Sept. 13, 2021
Nursing Homes Underreported Early Impact Of COVID-19
An early 2020 gap in federal reporting requirements likely caused officials to miss tens of thousands of U.S. COVID-19 cases and deaths. A new study attempts to fill in that blank.
Sept. 13, 2021
Study: 3 Lung Cancer Subtypes Can Arise Naturally In Nonsmokers
Smoking causes most cases of lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. But 10-20% of lung cancer patients have never smoked. New research by the National Cancer Institute shows those cases likely stem from a buildup of natural mutations.
Sept. 13, 2021
2,000+ COVID-19 Patients In Inpatient Beds For 12th Straight Day
Arizona Department of Health Services reported 2,765 new COVID-19 cases and 6 additional deaths on Sunday, continuing a surge that began in July.
Sept. 12, 2021
Chandler City Council OKs Plan To Test Mobile Voting App
Chandler City Council approved a pilot program for a mobile voting app this week, allowing residents to vote on their phones and tablets in a test election this November. Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke says the test is to see how residents respond to mobile voting.
Sept. 11, 2021
Monsoon Stories 2021: The Harvest Cycle
KJZZ's Monsoon Stories 2021 has been looking at ways monsoon season is affecting our wildlife and our cities — and their potential for future growth. This time, we leave the city and head to San Carlos Reservation in eastern Arizona, where one small farm is working to produce food — and to heal its community.
Sept. 10, 2021
New Book Highlights National Park Visitors Bad Reviews
More than 235 million people visited America’s national parks in 2020, despite temporary closures due to the pandemic. But not all of those visitors were impressed by what they saw at those parks. And some of them were not shy about saying so, especially online. That’s where Amber Share comes in.
Sept. 10, 2021
Researchers Explore The Effects Of Zoom Fatigue
How has staring at screens and seeing co-workers only via cameras affected us? Allison Gabriel, a professor in the University of Arizona's Eller College of Management, was part of a team led by University of Georgia Professor Kristin Shockley that studied what they called "Zoom fatigue."
Sept. 9, 2021
Professor: No Safe Place On The Planet From Heat
Phoenix set a heat record this June with the average temperature of 95.3 degrees, making it the hottest June on record. But Phoenix hasn’t been alone this summer, in terms of extreme heat.
Sept. 9, 2021
Mu COVID-19 Variant Now Present in Arizona
Coronavirus case rates have been accelerating since mid-June, driven in part by the dominant and more contagious delta variant. Now, a new strain has reared its head in the state.
Sept. 8, 2021
Unvaccinated Arizonans Remain Large Majority Of The States COVID-19 Hospitalizations
While thousands of vaccinated Arizonans have now had breakthrough cases of COVID-19, it’s still very rare for vaccinated people to need hospitalization, medical experts say.
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Sept. 8, 2021