The Drug War At Home

A University of San Diego report found that drug-related killings decreased along the border last year, even as violence grew across Mexico.
Mar. 2, 2012
We have been asking for stories about how the violence in Mexico related to the drug war has affected citizens north of the border. Here are two of their stories.
May. 30, 2011
The Obama administration insists that the border is "more secure than ever," but budgets for border-related crime are getting cut.
May. 27, 2011
When is a crime near the U.S.-Mexico border just a crime or a result of spillover violence? It’s all in the eyes of the beholder.
May. 27, 2011
Mexico’s drug traffickers pray to a mustachioed saint that has become a symbol for the cartel culture.
May. 26, 2011
As Mexican lawmakers try to curb "Narco" culture, the fantasy of living like a drug trafficker is growing in the U.S. It has spread to religion, fashion and television.
May. 26, 2011
Mexican cartels have the drugs and the cash. Gangs have the organization and the street smarts. Authorities say that makes them partners in cross-border crimes, including kidnapping and murder.
May. 25, 2011
Sheriffs, police chiefs and judges from the Rio Grande Valley have been charged with crimes. One expert said it is just a part of life in the impoverished area near the U.S.-Mexico border.
May. 24, 2011
At least one bank has been accused of facilitating the movement of billions in drug cartel cash across the U.S.-Mexico border. Authorities say more banks are under investigation.
May. 23, 2011
Drug cartels used the real estate crash to expand out of barrios and into suburbia. A new law is helping cops fight back.
May. 20, 2011
For every enforcement method the government implements, the drug cartels respond with a counter measure.
May. 19, 2011
Federal officials cannot stop all of the illicit drugs entering the country. So they teamed up with local cops to target vehicles smuggling drugs on highways across the southwest and beyond.
May. 18, 2011
Roberto Hernandez moved drugs north to the U.S. and dollars south to Mexico. His illegal trade ended when investigators started listening to his phone calls.
May. 17, 2011
About 22 million Americans use illegal drugs, leading to billions of dollars in profit for Mexico's drug cartels. This is the first in a series of stories exploring "The Drug War At Home."
May. 16, 2011


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