Katherine Davis-Young

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Senior Field Correspondent

Katherine Davis-Young is a senior field correspondent. She has produced work for NPR, New England Public Radio, Southern California Public Radio, PRI's The World, Washington Post, Reuters and more.

As the host of the podcast "(Un)Affordable," she spent months investigating the causes and effects of the Phoenix metro area’s worsening affordable housing shortage.

She has a master’s degree in radio journalism from the USC Annenberg School of Journalism.

She lives in central Phoenix with her husband, daughter, and ill-behaved cat and dog. Her side-passions include photography, crosswords and hot sauce.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
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New St. Vincent de Paul facility to house homeless seniors Katherine Davis-Young May 2, 2023
Yavapai County Section 8 waitlist will open in May Katherine Davis-Young April 27, 2023
County approves $3.8M to prevent heat-related deaths Katherine Davis-Young April 26, 2023
Desert Botanical Garden wants your help tracking saguaro cactus health Katherine Davis-Young April 26, 2023
Homelessness in Maricopa County is up 7% Jill Ryan, Katherine Davis-Young April 25, 2023