Steve Goldstein

Title Author(s) Publication Date
AZ could see monsoon come slightly earlier, curbing heat Steve Goldstein, Nick Sanchez May 20, 2022
Lawmakers seek investigation into development in Benson Steve Goldstein May 19, 2022
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Advocates in New Mexico working to keep abortion legal Steve Goldstein May 18, 2022
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New Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell wants to fix her office's public perception Steve Goldstein May 17, 2022
Boas: Steve Schmidt is playing victim to the McCains. It isn't working Steve Goldstein May 16, 2022
NewsCap: What's next for Biggs after Jan. 6 subpoena Steve Goldstein, Mark Brodie May 13, 2022
'Justice' is a musical about Sandra Day O'Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Steve Goldstein May 13, 2022
Documentary explores the struggles of living with Lyme disease Steve Goldstein May 12, 2022
Newest tech for COVID testing just around the corner Steve Goldstein May 12, 2022
How overturning Roe v. Wade could impact the health of Arizonans Steve Goldstein May 12, 2022
Why Utah Democrats are throwing their support behind an independent — and former Republican — for Congress Steve Goldstein May 11, 2022
Why U.S. immigration cases are piling up, and why judges can't speak about them Steve Goldstein May 10, 2022
A homeowner let an unsheltered couple stay on her porch. Why Phoenix is unhappy Steve Goldstein May 10, 2022
Valleywise doctor details precautions to take as COVID cases rise in AZ Mark Brodie, Steve Goldstein May 10, 2022
Phil Boas: Arizona is facing a critical moment for its water supply Steve Goldstein May 9, 2022
Exhibition explores how Jewish delis became community icons Steve Goldstein May 9, 2022
How more realistic science in sci-fi could ruin the entertainment Steve Goldstein May 4, 2022
UA educator creates comic books to teach kids chemistry Steve Goldstein May 3, 2022
Author lays out plan to tackle climate change through hypothetical futures Steve Goldstein April 29, 2022
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How placement of private land makes public areas inaccessible Steve Goldstein April 27, 2022
Arizona has more QAnon candidates than any other state Steve Goldstein April 27, 2022
What sets Arizona's new Right to Try legislation apart from federal law Steve Goldstein April 26, 2022