Alisa Reznick

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Senior Field Correspondent - Tucson

Alisa Reznick is a senior field correspondent covering stories across southern Arizona and the borderlands for the Tucson bureau of KJZZ's Fronteras Desk.

Prior to joining KJZZ, she covered border and immigration at Arizona Public Media, where she was awarded a regional Edward R. Murrow Award for her coverage of Indigenous-led protests against border wall construction.

Reznick started her career working in bilingual newsrooms and as a freelance journalist in Amman, Jordan. Her reporting on migration, refugees and human rights has appeared on PRX’s The World, Al Jazeera and Nova PBS, among others. As a recipient of the International Labour Organization's FAIRWAY Reporting Fellowship, she spent six months reporting on labor migration issues across Arab States.

Originally from Flagstaff, she likes climbing, being outdoors and Pluto.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Grijalva re-introduces bill to require overtime pay for farm workers Alisa Reznick July 13, 2023
This Tucson project is turning plastic waste into construction-grade building blocks Alisa Reznick July 10, 2023
Lawyers group says asylum process 'sacrifices fairness for speed' Alisa Reznick July 6, 2023
Tucson residents can install water-conservation systems for rebates Alisa Reznick July 5, 2023
Officials: Child who died after crossing border suffered heat-related injuries Alisa Reznick July 3, 2023
9-year-old migrant dies in Mesa hospital after crossing U.S.-Mexico border Alisa Reznick July 1, 2023
Family of Indigenous man fatally shot by Border Patrol say they're still searching for answers Alisa Reznick June 28, 2023
Rep. Gallego wants more aid for communities helping asylum seekers Alisa Reznick June 22, 2023
TPS extended for current recipients from Nicaragua, Nepal, Honduras and El Salvador Alisa Reznick June 22, 2023
FEMA funds are coming to AZ to help with asylum seekers Alisa Reznick June 19, 2023
Asylum officers union comes out against Biden's asylum rule in legal brief Alisa Reznick June 15, 2023
Biden administration taps new Border Patrol head Alisa Reznick June 15, 2023
Appeals court rules to reinstate Title IX suit against UA Alisa Reznick June 14, 2023
Pima County legal clinics to offer assistance with records sealing requests Alisa Reznick June 13, 2023
Rights groups say asylum is still restricted in Nogales Alisa Reznick June 9, 2023
DeSantis makes a stop in Cochise County Alisa Reznick June 7, 2023
Senate bill to strengthen visa program for Afghans who worked with U.S. Alisa Reznick June 7, 2023
3 major chemical companies say they'll settle lawsuits over PFAS Alisa Reznick June 5, 2023
For DACA recipients, a court ruling and an anniversary loom large Alisa Reznick June 5, 2023
Family of man killed by Border Patrol says he was 'shot down at his doorstep' Alisa Reznick May 26, 2023
Tucson signs deal to voluntarily give up some Colorado River water shares Alisa Reznick May 24, 2023
CBP details fatal shooting of Tohono O'odham man Alisa Reznick May 23, 2023
Tucson eyes AZ plans as Colorado River agreement moves forward Alisa Reznick May 22, 2023
Tohono O'odham member fatally shot by Border Patrol Alisa Reznick May 22, 2023
New data shows immigration-related lawsuits are on the rise Alisa Reznick May 18, 2023