Jimmy Jenkins

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Diego Rodriguez Announces Run For Attorney General Jimmy Jenkins June 24, 2021
Arizona Backtracks On Expiration Date For Death Penalty Drugs Jimmy Jenkins June 23, 2021
Mesa Adopts Climate Action Plan With Aspirational Goals Jimmy Jenkins, Mark Brodie June 22, 2021
Forest Service Announces Closure Of AZ National Forests Jimmy Jenkins June 21, 2021
Fire Evacuation Orders Expand Near Flagstaff Jimmy Jenkins, Jack Johnson, Vaughan Jones
Associated Press
June 21, 2021
Former Hacienda HealthCare CEO Pleads Guilty To Fraud Jimmy Jenkins June 21, 2021
American Airlines: Unprecedented Weather Led To Flight Cancellations Jimmy Jenkins June 21, 2021
Forest Service Chief Commits To Resources For AZ Wildfires Jimmy Jenkins June 17, 2021
AZ Will Pay Prisoners $1.50 An Hour To Fight Wildfires Jimmy Jenkins June 16, 2021
Arizona Utilities Confident In Energy Supply Amid Record High Usage Jimmy Jenkins June 15, 2021
Reports: People Impersonating Yavapai County Recorder's Office Workers In Prescott Jimmy Jenkins June 15, 2021
County Attorney Dismisses Charges Against Protesters Jimmy Jenkins June 13, 2021
AZ Budget Proposal Assumes New Private Prison Beds Will Cost More Than Public Facilities Jimmy Jenkins June 11, 2021
Data Analysis: 'Unnatural' Deaths Increasing In U.S. State Prisons Jimmy Jenkins June 9, 2021
No Dangerous Air Quality Levels After Phoenix Fire Jimmy Jenkins June 7, 2021
Aluminum Shortage Causing License Plate Delays Jimmy Jenkins June 7, 2021
Why Arizona May Resume Gas Chamber Executions Jimmy Jenkins, Lauren Gilger June 7, 2021
Labor, Material Shortage Leading To Construction Delays Jimmy Jenkins June 4, 2021
Website To Help People Navigate Marijuana Expungement Process Jimmy Jenkins June 3, 2021
Documents Reveal Arizona Preparing Gas Chamber For Executions Jimmy Jenkins June 3, 2021
AZ Plans To Launch Sports Betting On NFL Opening Day Jimmy Jenkins June 2, 2021
Settlement Checks Issued To Landmark Home Warranty Customers Jimmy Jenkins June 1, 2021
Phoenix Pride Announces In-Person Events Jimmy Jenkins June 1, 2021
Spur Fire Consumes 150 Acres, Over A Dozen Homes Jimmy Jenkins
Associated Press
May 28, 2021
Compliance Scores Plummet After Federal Judge Disallows 'Drive By' Mental Health Encounters In Arizona Prisons Jimmy Jenkins May 27, 2021