Andrea Barrios

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Man tried to buy firearms at gun show using a fake ID, officials say Andrea Barrios Sept. 29, 2023
Q&AZ What is the highest and lowest point in Arizona? Andrea Barrios Sept. 16, 2023
Number of unhoused people in Tempe drops 31%, city says Andrea Barrios Sept. 8, 2023
Q&AZ: How is the extreme heat affecting Arizona wildlife? Andrea Barrios Aug. 21, 2023
Q&AZ: What should I do when I see a wrong-way driver sign on an Arizona freeway? Andrea Barrios Aug. 15, 2023
Q&AZ: How can my garden survive Phoenix's extreme heat? Andrea Barrios Aug. 14, 2023
What to do when driving in an Arizona dust storm Andrea Barrios Aug. 3, 2023
ASU football now plays in Mountain America Stadium Andrea Barrios, Jill Ryan Aug. 2, 2023
Diamond Fire is now 86% contained Andrea Barrios, Ignacio Ventura, Greg Hahne July 29, 2023
Q&AZ: Should you keep your fridge in the garage during hot summers? Andrea Barrios July 26, 2023
Q&AZ: Is it illegal to deny someone water in AZ? Andrea Barrios July 31, 2023
ADOT wants your clever ideas for traffic safety signs Andrea Barrios July 20, 2023
Q&AZ: What was Legend City like and why did it close? Andrea Barrios June 26, 2023
American Center for Disability Law, Fontes stress importance of voting Andrea Barrios June 20, 2023
Q&AZ: AZ had the highest and lowest temp in the U.S. How is this possible? Andrea Barrios June 14, 2023
Democrat Quanta Crews sworn in to Arizona House Andrea Barrios June 9, 2023
Hobbs' pick to lead Department of Real Estate gets panel approval Andrea Barrios June 9, 2023
Arizona Republic staff plan walkout to protest Gannett's CEO Andrea Barrios June 1, 2023