Michel Marizco

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Fronteras Desk Senior Editor

Fronteras Desk Senior Editor Michel Marizco is an award-winning investigative reporter. His reporting from the U.S.-Mexico border has revealed government wrongdoings and led to lengthy prison sentences for predators targeting vulnerable populations in southern Arizona.

He leads a diverse team of reporters who work in the vast and remote Navajo Nation, in quiet immigrant communities in Phoenix, along the Mexican border, and in the colorful and vivacious Mexico City.

Their work focuses on the enterprising efforts in these regions to bring them into the 21st century’s global marketplace; the cultures, curiosities and tensions as these places change; and on those weird, wild stories that make the U.S.-Mexico border such an inherently fascinating region.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Audit: Border Wall's Effectiveness Has Never Been Measured Michel Marizco Feb. 17, 2017
US Consulate Security Officer Arrested On Drug-Trafficking Charges Michel Marizco Feb. 13, 2017
680 Arrested In Immigration Roundups Across The Country Michel Marizco Feb. 13, 2017
New Homeland Security Secretary Tours Arizona Border Michel Marizco Feb. 10, 2017
Arizona Woman Deported To Mexico Under New Trump Rule Michel Marizco Feb. 10, 2017
Trump's Immigration Ban To Affect Arizona Program Training Iraqis To Fight ISIS Michel Marizco Jan. 30, 2017
Tucson City Councilmembers Preparing to Fight Trump In Court Over Sanctuary Order Michel Marizco Jan. 27, 2017
Chief Of Border Patrol Resigns Michel Marizco Jan. 26, 2017
Border, Mexico Brace For President Trump's Wall Mandate Jorge Valencia, Michel Marizco Jan. 26, 2017
Trump's Promise Of Wall Seen As Threat On Border, In Mexico Jorge Valencia, Michel Marizco Jan. 25, 2017
Judge Rules Missing Man In Border Case Is Deceased Michel Marizco Jan. 20, 2017
Mexico Extradites 'El Chapo' Guzmán to US Michel Marizco Jan. 19, 2017
New Border Wall Being Erected In Naco Michel Marizco Jan. 18, 2017
Republican Lawmakers Propose Cost-Control Bill For Border Security Michel Marizco Jan. 12, 2017
Rights Groups Want Border Patrol Held in Contempt of Court Michel Marizco Jan. 11, 2017
Union: Border Patrol Agent Seriously Injured In Christmas Eve Attack Michel Marizco Jan. 4, 2017
Assaults On Border Agents Up From Same Period A Year Ago Michel Marizco Dec. 21, 2016
Autopsy: Guatemalan Detainee Who Died In Arizona Died From Blood Clot Michel Marizco Dec. 20, 2016
A Border Town's Changing Face Michel Marizco Dec. 13, 2016
Teens Arrested In Cross-Border Marijuana-Launch Plot Michel Marizco Dec. 9, 2016
ICE Inmate Dies In Custody In Arizona Michel Marizco Nov. 28, 2016
CBP Adds Temporary Facilities For Migrant Surge In Texas Michel Marizco Nov. 23, 2016
Audit: US Immigration Agency Lost Track Of Thousands Of Green Cards Michel Marizco Nov. 22, 2016
Judge Orders Border Patrol to Improve Conditions in Holding Cells Michel Marizco Nov. 18, 2016
On Wall, Arizona Border Ranchers Want Trump to Keep His Word Michel Marizco Nov. 18, 2016