Michel Marizco

Fronteras Desk Senior Editor

Fronteras Desk Senior Editor Michel Marizco is an award-winning investigative reporter. His reporting from the U.S.-Mexico border has revealed government wrongdoings and led to lengthy prison sentences for predators targeting vulnerable populations in southern Arizona.

He leads a diverse team of reporters who work in the vast and remote Navajo Nation, in quiet immigrant communities in Phoenix, along the Mexican border, and in the colorful and vivacious Mexico City.

Their work focuses on the enterprising efforts in these regions to bring them into the 21st century’s global marketplace; the cultures, curiosities and tensions as these places change; and on those weird, wild stories that make the U.S.-Mexico border such an inherently fascinating region.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
3 Arrested In Border Patrol Shooting, Including Suspected Rock Thrower Michel Marizco Apr. 20, 2016
Goldwater Institute Files Lawsuit Over Proposed Tucson Spaceport Michel Marizco Apr. 14, 2016
Fast And Furious Documents Only Tell Part Of Story Michel Marizco Apr. 11, 2016
Border Agents Accused Of Taking Migrants' Belongings Michel Marizco Apr. 7, 2016
Audit: Homeland Security Employees On Paid Leave Cost $20 Million Michel Marizco Apr. 6, 2016
Supreme Court Scheduled To Consider Hearing Border Patrol Shooting Lawsuit Michel Marizco Mar. 31, 2016
Native American Mexico Border Crossing Threatened Michel Marizco Mar. 29, 2016
21 Members Of Border Gun Running Ring Indicted Michel Marizco Mar. 25, 2016
Blackmailing Media Outlets An Ongoing Problem In Mexico Michel Marizco Mar. 22, 2016
Audit: US Federal Electronic Immigration System Failing Michel Marizco Mar. 22, 2016
Ex-Mayor Of Mexico Town Sentenced In Drug Trafficking Case Michel Marizco Mar. 8, 2016
Suspected Ringleader Of Sinaloa Cartel Extradited To US Michel Marizco Mar. 8, 2016
Pinal County Sheriff's Deputy Indicted On Child Sexual Conduct Charges Michel Marizco Mar. 4, 2016
Federal Government Asks For Funding For Surge Of Children At Border Michel Marizco Mar. 2, 2016
Federal Auditors: Border Agency Must Fix Or Close Remote Post Michel Marizco Feb. 25, 2016
CBP Grounds Entire Fleet Of Drones After California Crash Michel Marizco Jan. 28, 2014
New DHS Secretary Tours Border, Addresses Transparency Issues Michel Marizco Jan. 22, 2014
New Homeland Security Secretary On A Border Tour Michel Marizco Jan. 21, 2014
Was The NSA Spying On A Mexican Druglord's Son? Michel Marizco Jan. 17, 2014
Video Surfaces Of Border Agent Punching Man On Ground Michel Marizco Jan. 17, 2014
ACLU Lodges Complaints Over Checkpoints in Southern Arizona Michel Marizco Jan. 16, 2014
Border Patrol Tests Tunnel Robots Michel Marizco Jan. 14, 2014
Senator, Border Patrol Union, Question Effectiveness of Current Border Strategy Michel Marizco Jan. 9, 2014
Permanent Memorial Will Honor Tucson Shooting Victims Michel Marizco Jan. 7, 2014
Judge Ruling On Border Laptop Seizures Creates Different Rules Across the Country Michel Marizco Jan. 2, 2014