Christina Estes

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Senior Field Correspondent - Downtown

As a senior field correspondent, Christina Estes focuses on stories that impact our economy, your wallet and public policy.

During her 15-plus years reporting in Arizona, Estes has worked for a variety of news outlets and covered presidential campaigns, state and local politics, education and business.

Like many Midwest transplants, Estes enjoys spending winters on the patio — especially reading a good mystery while lying in a hammock.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Phoenix City Council Rejects Sanctuary City Request Christina Estes Feb. 16, 2017
Valley of The Sensors? GPEC Launches Global Investment Plan Christina Estes Feb. 14, 2017
Phoenix Public Works Launches Apprenticeship Program Christina Estes Feb. 8, 2017
Scottsdale Company Launches Post-Hire Employee-Check Service Christina Estes Feb. 7, 2017
Council Could Vote On Declaring Phoenix A 'Sanctuary City' Christina Estes Feb. 2, 2017
ASU Professor Debunks Stock-Market Myth Christina Estes Feb. 2, 2017
University Of Phoenix Parent Company Goes Private In $1.1 Bil Deal Christina Estes Feb. 1, 2017
Reverse Job Fair In Phoenix Turns Tables On Employers Christina Estes Feb. 1, 2017
CEO Calls It 'Very Good Time' For Phoenix Job Seekers Christina Estes Jan. 30, 2017
Supreme Court Ruling Leads Peoria To Update Sign Code Christina Estes Jan. 30, 2017
President Jimmy Carter Honored By 'Fly-Fishing Companion' In Phoenix Christina Estes Jan. 29, 2017
Pedestrian Safety 'A Major Concern' For Phoenix Restaurant Developer Christina Estes Jan. 27, 2017
New Project To Replace Phoenix’s Former Matador Restaurant Christina Estes Jan. 26, 2017
Hungry? Food Trucks Are Coming to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Christina Estes Jan. 26, 2017
Phoenix Businesses And Neighbors Clash Over Noise, Traffic Christina Estes Jan. 26, 2017
A Call For Help: Phoenix Police Bureau Needs To Fill 45 Operator Jobs Christina Estes Jan. 23, 2017
Landlords Have Upper Hand When Leasing To Many Lawyers Christina Estes Jan. 21, 2017
Phoenix Police Working Presidential Inauguration Christina Estes Jan. 20, 2017
Phoenix Police Describe Car-Show Behavior As 'Recipe For Disaster' Christina Estes Jan. 17, 2017
Luring Locals: New Ways Arizona Hotels Are Getting Your Money Christina Estes Jan. 17, 2017
Phoenix-Area Retail Construction Hits Highest Level Since 2009 Christina Estes Jan. 16, 2017
Phoenix Council Members Ask For ‘Do Over’ Vote On Lobbying Contract Christina Estes Jan. 11, 2017
Phoenix Leaders To Focus On Vacant, Struggling Retail Centers Christina Estes Jan. 11, 2017
Arizona Businesses Target 'Out-of-State Interests' With 'Bad Ideas' From Getting On Ballots Christina Estes Jan. 7, 2017
Attention Shoppers: Prepare For More Tracking, Technology In Stores Christina Estes Jan. 6, 2017