Kendal Blust

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Senior Field Correspondent - Hermosillo

Kendal Blust, an Arizona native, reports from KJZZ’s bureau in Hermosillo, Sonora, focusing on business and economic relationships between Arizona and northern Mexico.

Prior to joining KJZZ, Kendal worked at the Nogales International, reporting on border and immigration issues, local government, education and business. While working on her master’s degree at University of Arizona School of Journalism, she did stints with the Arizona Daily Star and the Tico Times in Costa Rica, and completed a thesis project about women art activists in the Arizona-Sonora borderlands.

In her pre-journalist life, Kendal was a teacher, first helping Spanish high school students learn English, then heading to Tucson to teach fourth grade.

When she’s not in the newsroom, Kendal enjoys getting outside for a hike or a swim, catching a good movie, hanging out with family and friends, and eating great food.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
‘Remain In Mexico’ Asylum Hearings Delayed A Third Time Kendal Blust April 30, 2020
Sonoran Leaders: Stay-At-Home Orders Must Continue Kendal Blust April 29, 2020
ADOT Offers Virtual Training For Truck Drivers In Mexico Kendal Blust April 28, 2020
Groups Fostering Binational Connections Face Challenge Kendal Blust, Murphy Woodhouse April 28, 2020
Deported Migrants Sent Through 'Sanitation Tunnels' Kendal Blust April 22, 2020
Sonoran Border City Now In ‘Phase 3’ Of Covid-19 Transmission Kendal Blust April 21, 2020
Farmers Attack LeBaron Ranch Over Water-Use Dispute Kendal Blust April 21, 2020
Judge: At-Risk Migrants Must Be Released From Mexican Detention Centers Kendal Blust April 20, 2020
Sonora Cracks Down On Harassment Of Health Care Workers Kendal Blust April 20, 2020
AMLO: Sonora’s Stay-At-Home Orders Should Be Voluntary Kendal Blust April 15, 2020
Unfettered Poaching Threatens Nearly Extinct Porpoise During Pandemic Kendal Blust April 15, 2020
Sonoran Senator Breaks With Mexico President’s Morena Party Kendal Blust April 14, 2020
Bacanora Producers Make Hand Sanitizer Instead Of Spirits Kendal Blust April 14, 2020
Sonoran Authorities Enforce Strict Stay-At-Home Order Kendal Blust April 13, 2020
As Coronavirus Spreads, Sonoran Cities Struggle Without Arizona Visitors Kendal Blust, Murphy Woodhouse April 13, 2020
New Report Documents Labor Abuses Of Migrant Agricultural Workers Kendal Blust April 8, 2020
During Pandemic, Activists From Home Protest Femicide Kendal Blust April 7, 2020
Doctors Without Borders Calls On Mexico To Release Detained Migrants Kendal Blust April 7, 2020
Study Documents Wildlife Movement Across The Border Kendal Blust April 6, 2020
Clash Between Armed Groups Leaves 19 Dead In Northern Mexico Kendal Blust April 5, 2020
Mexican Constitutional Reform Expands Pension, Health Care Systems Kendal Blust April 5, 2020
Sonora Considers Harsher Measures To Control Coronavirus Spread Kendal Blust April 5, 2020
Activists Skeptical Of Upcoming Sale Of Hermosillo Fields For COVID-19 Relief Kendal Blust April 3, 2020
Sonora Legislators Donate Salaries For Coronavirus Relief Kendal Blust April 2, 2020
‘Remain In Mexico’ Hearings, Visa Interviews Further Delayed Kendal Blust April 1, 2020