Murphy Woodhouse

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Senior Field Correspondent - Hermosillo

Born and raised in the Intermountain West, Murphy Woodhouse has called southern Arizona home for most of the last decade. He’s one of two field correspondents at KJZZ’s Hermosillo bureau, where his reporting focuses on the trade relationship between Arizona, Sonora and the rest of Mexico.

Before joining the station, Murphy was a reporter at the Arizona Daily Star and the Nogales International. Prior to his reporting career, he completed a master’s degree at the University of Arizona’s Center for Latin American Studies and did three wildfire seasons with the Snake River Hotshots. He’s a proud graduate of the University of Montana’s School of Journalism.

When he’s not reporting, Murphy is often out in the woods running or riding singletrack, or swinging in a hammock with a book.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
‘Pepenadores’ Hope To Preserve Role As Recycling Efforts Grow Murphy Woodhouse Sept. 18, 2020
Sonoran Marriage Equality Measure Could Get Committee Hearing Soon Murphy Woodhouse Sept. 12, 2020
Sonora Hit Hard By Coronavirus But Spared By Zika So Far Murphy Woodhouse Sept. 12, 2020
Sonora Transgender Community, Allies Push For Gender Identity Reform Murphy Woodhouse Sept. 11, 2020
Sonora Among Hardest Hit By Excess Deaths During Pandemic Murphy Woodhouse Sept. 10, 2020
Car, Pedestrian Crossings At AZ Ports Of Entry Well Below Prior Years Murphy Woodhouse Sept. 5, 2020
Sonora Adds Second Largest Number Of Formal Jobs In August Murphy Woodhouse Sept. 5, 2020
More Businesses To Open In Hermosillo As Measures Further Relax Murphy Woodhouse Sept. 3, 2020
U.S. Trade Rep. Calls for Investigation of Blueberry Imports, Other Produce Murphy Woodhouse Sept. 2, 2020
Sonoran Searching Group Seeks Government Support Murphy Woodhouse Sept. 1, 2020
Border Closures 'Catastrophic' To Sonoran Flea Markets Murphy Woodhouse Aug. 31, 2020
Rocky Point Cruise Operator Declares Bankruptcy Murphy Woodhouse Aug. 27, 2020
AZ Representatives Raise Concerns About Potential Mexican Produce Measures Murphy Woodhouse Aug. 13, 2020
Sonoran Capital Hermosillo Further Loosens COVID-19 Restrictions Murphy Woodhouse Aug. 12, 2020
LGBTQ Groups Pressure Sonoran Congress On Marriage Equality Murphy Woodhouse Aug. 11, 2020
Encouraging COVID-19 Trends In Sonora, 5 Other States Murphy Woodhouse Aug. 11, 2020
Mexican President Pledges Support For Yaquis In Sonora Murphy Woodhouse Aug. 8, 2020
Sonoran Marriage Equality Measure Has Now Languished For A Year Murphy Woodhouse Aug. 5, 2020
Sonora Hopes To Improve COVID-19 Outcomes Murphy Woodhouse Aug. 5, 2020
Police Commander Killed In Northern Sonora Shootout Murphy Woodhouse July 31, 2020
As Pandemic Drags On, Sonoran Businesses Face Tough Choices Murphy Woodhouse Aug. 3, 2020
Phoenix Murder Suspect Arrested In Nogales, Sonora Murphy Woodhouse July 24, 2020
Mexican President Downplays Importance Of Face Masks Murphy Woodhouse July 23, 2020
Officials Take Issue As Mexico Lowers Sonoran COVID-19 Risk Level Murphy Woodhouse July 20, 2020
Mexican President: Military Will Take Charge of Land, Sea Ports Murphy Woodhouse July 17, 2020