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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Professor Explores Ways To Have A Fair Election In November Steve Goldstein May 21, 2020
How The Pandemic Might Influence This Year's Elections Mark Brodie May 21, 2020
How A Post-WWII Friendship Between Sister Cities Provides Relief During The Pandemic Heather van Blokland May 22, 2020
Arizona Governor Not Ready To Further Relax Social Distance Ben Giles
Associated Press
May 21, 2020
Rocky Point Hopes To Welcome Visitors Back In June Kendal Blust May 21, 2020
Q&AZ: Where Can I Donate Clothes During The Pandemic? Bridget Dowd May 21, 2020
3 Shot At Westgate District; Glendale Police Say Shooter In Custody Ben Giles May 20, 2020
Extra Phoenix DUI Patrols Over Memorial Weekend Harry Croton May 20, 2020
Mexicans Of African Descent Fight For Recognition In Mexico Rodrigo Cervantes May 21, 2020
Phoenix Funds Aid To Refugees Affected By Coronavirus Matthew Casey May 20, 2020
COVID-19 Testing Coming To Steele Indian School Park Christina Estes May 21, 2020
ASU, UA Share Plans On Bringing Students Back In Fall Rocio Hernandez May 20, 2020
Sonoran And AZ Cattle Industry Could Be Hurt By Import Ban Murphy Woodhouse May 20, 2020
AZ Traffic Expected To Increase On Memorial Day Weekend Harry Croton May 20, 2020
Long-Lasting Disinfectants Could Offer Further Defense Against Coronaviruses Nicholas Gerbis May 20, 2020
AZ Tax Revenue On Restaurants, Hotels Plunged In March Katherine Davis-Young May 20, 2020
ASU Prof: Long-Distance Summer Travel Not Possible Right Now Steve Goldstein May 20, 2020
U.S. Immigration Agency Asks For $1.2B To Make It Through Year Mark Brodie, Matthew Casey May 20, 2020
Stand-Up Sit Down: Danielle Williams Steve Goldstein May 20, 2020
House Lawmakers Debate Whether They Should Be In Session At All Steve Goldstein, Mark Brodie May 20, 2020
Arizona State University Modelers Post COVID-19 Data Mark Brodie May 20, 2020
How History Has Favored The Economy Over Public Health Lauren Gilger May 20, 2020
AZ Restaurants Short Staffed As Employees Stay Home Jill Ryan May 20, 2020
Flagstaff Unified Chose One-On-One Instruction Over Virtual Group Classes. Here's Why Jill Ryan May 20, 2020
Will Phoenix Open Libraries, Pools And Parks This Summer? Christina Estes May 20, 2020