Fronteras Desk Senior Editor Michel Marizco is an award-winning investigative reporter. His reporting from the U.S.-Mexico border has revealed government wrong-doings and led to lengthy prison sentences for predators targeting vulnerable populations in Southern Arizona.

In 2016, he received The Associated Press Television-Radio Association’s award for investigative reporting. Previously, his work earned recognition with a National Headliners Award and a Maria Moors Cabot Prize.

In 2010, he helped launch the KJZZ local journalism center, The Fronteras: Changing America Desk and opened the station’s Tucson bureau. He returned in 2016 as the Fronteras Desk’s Senior Editor to lead a team of highly-skilled reporters. His work now focuses on transnational trafficking syndicates, immigration, federal law enforcement and those weird, wild stories that make the U.S.-Mexico border such an inherently fascinating region.

Contact Michel Marizco at 520-820-8525,, on Twitter @borderreporter.

Title Author Publication Date
Contractors Start Building Border Wall Prototypes Michel Marizco September 26, 2017
Arizona City Helping Mexican Neighbor With Sewage Spill Michel Marizco September 21, 2017
California Sues To Stop A New Border Wall Michel Marizco September 20, 2017
ADOT Training Mexican Truck Drivers Michel Marizco September 19, 2017
Arizona Town Losing Landmark Business As Border Shopping Habits Change Michel Marizco September 19, 2017
1 Dead After Gunfight with Border Patrol, State Troopers Michel Marizco September 13, 2017
Defense: U.S. Prosecutors In Border Agent Murder Trial Used Fabricated Evidence Michel Marizco September 13, 2017
Environmental Rules Waived For Calexico Border Fence Replacement Michel Marizco September 12, 2017
Cross Border Energy Project Concerns Border Patrol Michel Marizco September 12, 2017
8.2 Earthquake Strikes Off Coast Of Mexico, Felt In Mexico City Michel Marizco September 08, 2017
Arizona Construction Company Among 4 Chosen To Build Border Wall Prototypes Michel Marizco August 31, 2017
CBP Prioritizes Hiring More Agents For Arizona Michel Marizco August 28, 2017
Leader, Family Of Sinaloa Cartel Arrested Michel Marizco August 22, 2017
A Harder Punishment For First-Time Offenders Who Cross U.S. Border Illegally Michel Marizco August 18, 2017
Arizona, Mexico Power Companies Creating Cross-Border Power Grid Michel Marizco August 15, 2017
Hundreds March In Tucson After Deadly Weekend In Charlottesville Michel Marizco August 14, 2017
CBP Spent Millions Polygraphing Applicants Who Admitted To Committing Crimes Michel Marizco August 12, 2017
Immigrant Rights Group Says Most Border Patrol Abuses Go Unpunished Michel Marizco August 02, 2017
Homeland Security Waives Environmental Impact Studies for Border Wall Michel Marizco August 01, 2017
Zetas Drug Cartel Members Convicted Of Murdering ICE Agent Michel Marizco July 31, 2017
House Passes Border Wall Funding in Spending Package Michel Marizco July 27, 2017
Auditors Question Success of Border Surveillance Towers Michel Marizco July 25, 2017
Old Weather Radio Technology Still Most Trusted For Tracking Monsoons In Arizona Michel Marizco July 21, 2017
CBP Paying Up To $297 Million To Hire 5,000 New Border Agents Michel Marizco July 19, 2017
U.S. Targets First-Time Illegal Border Crossers Michel Marizco July 14, 2017