Making Tacos Our Own


The taco — the ultimate Mexican comfort food — has become a staple in American cuisine and reigns supreme as a popular meal in many different forms and flavors.

In this delicious, sound-rich summer series, Fronteras: The Changing America Desk reporters investigate the transformation of the taco in the Southwest— from cheap street eats to gourmet delights, from a Mexican mainstay to an All-American breakfast classic.

taco truck
In the first of a Fronteras Desk series on tacos, David Martin Davies reports on how the taco has evolved in response to American food trends.
The Southwest border is a place where people and cultures collide and inevitably blend into one another. For El Paso artist Peter Svarzbein it was the perfect setting to introduce a food experiment that compliments his latest project.
In South Texas, the breakfast taco is a morning staple. Filled with eggs, bacon, and beans, the breakfast taco is San Antonio's Egg McMuffin, breakfast on the run for a city proud of its Latino heritage.
navajo taco
Continuing the Fronteras Desk series on tacos, Anne Hoffman reports on the unusual taco ingredients used on the Navajo Nation.
The fish taco is gaining in popularity in the U.S., but did you know the recipe that inspired that growth came from a taco stand operator south of the border?
Las Vegas is a city of transplants, from all over the country and these days, all over the world. The influence of Asian immigrants has brought new tastes to the city and new flavors to Las Vegas tacos.
"The way I look at tacos is like the new American sandwich," said cookbook author Kelley Coffeen.
taco truck
San Antonio is a Taco Town, but our colleagues at Austin's public radio station, KUT, seem to think the Capital City has the best breakfast taco on the block.
During our series on tacos we asked our viewers to share their opinions. This is what they came up with.
The standard of what makes a taco, a taco, is changing. We're curious to know if it's adapting with the region. So we're asking you: What does a taco look like your town?