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shade and trees
For the second time in a year, Phoenix is earmarking millions in federal funds to add trees and shade canopies to neighborhoods disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.
Jun. 1, 2023
Lake Mead
The Phoenix City Council unanimously approved a plan Wednesday to give up a share of its Colorado River allocation in exchange for money.
May. 31, 2023
Organ pipe cactus are tall columnar cactus with many long, spiny arms that grow up from a short trunk. They are found in Arizona, Sinaloa and Baja California — but they grow at their highest density only in Sonora, in a narrow band along the Gulf of California in the southernmost part of the state.
May. 23, 2023
White House
The Biden administration has fast-tracked a mine in southern Arizona under a rule that could allow the project to proceed with expedited environmental review.
May. 22, 2023
Fronteras Desk logo
Efforts to create a large, urban park in Hermosillo are moving forward, with state leaders securing the purchase of an additional 420 acres of land for the project.
May. 12, 2023
a cactus against a sunset
One might think that plants that thrive in the Sonoran Desert and nearby ecosystems would be well suited for climate change, but researchers found they have had difficulty adapting to a warmer planet.
May. 10, 2023
Coconino County has aggressively been thinning its forests to try to reduce the amount of overgrowth that leads to violent fires like those last year that burned more than 30 homes and 80 square miles. But current thinning practices don’t create desirable logs with any real use. So it’s trying out different technologies to eliminate a growing problem ahead of any new fires.
May. 9, 2023
bridgestone tire
The University of Arizona is launching a five-year project to develop a new variety of natural rubber. The goal is to expand natural rubber production in the Southwest and offer a solution for growers amid the ongoing water crisis.
May. 8, 2023
Air Pollution
The American Lung Association has released its latest study on air quality across the U.S. Among the concerning findings for the state are the high levels of pollution and ozone in Maricopa County.
May. 7, 2023
As efforts to conserve the region’s most precious resource continue, agencies like Central Arizona Project fund cloud seeding projects in upper Colorado basin states with the goal of increasing snowpack that will melt into the Colorado River and flow into the Grand Canyon state.
Apr. 28, 2023
The Desert Botanical Garden is asking for the public's help gathering information about Arizona’s iconic saguaro cactuses. The garden will hold its second annual Saguaro Census throughout the month of May, and anyone with a smartphone can help.
Apr. 26, 2023
Arizona wildflowers Mexican poppies and lupine
It’s been a colorful spring so far across much of Arizona, as our wet winter has led to wildflower superblooms. But, some of those blooms are also producing pollen, which is not great news for allergy sufferers.
Apr. 24, 2023
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Navajo Nation officials ordered evacuations Sunday for some residents of Chinle after floodwaters filled washes and overflowed berms and dirt dams. They said many residents are refusing to leave, however, because they want to protect their property and livestock.
Apr. 24, 2023
a cactus against a sunset
The Center for Western Priorities has released a study ranking Western states on conservation efforts in the last decade. The nonprofit ranked Arizona 10th out of 11 Western states.
Apr. 19, 2023
During her annual state of the city address, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego told the audience at the Sheraton downtown that national action is needed.
Apr. 12, 2023
wood that has been infested by bark beetles
Pine beetles destroyed forests in the Sierra Nevada in just a few years, and researchers say they may never return to pre-drought levels.
Apr. 10, 2023
Lake Mead
As Arizona faces challenges related to water shortages, the need to educate residents about conserving water grows more significant. In April, the Arizona Department of Water Resources intends to hold its first-ever Water Awareness Festival to educate and engage with the public about water conservation.
Mar. 25, 2023
wind turbine
Babbitt Ranches is known for its long tradition of raising livestock in northern Arizona and its annual colt sale. But the company will soon be known for clean energy.
Mar. 22, 2023
Hermosillo water supply
The Sonoran capital Hermosillo is experiencing a water crisis. And experts say the only way to fix it is through better resource management.
Mar. 22, 2023
Kate Gallego
Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego will appear at the United Nations Water Conference in New York this week where she will discuss work done by the city to conserve water.
Mar. 19, 2023


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