Rachel Mitchell
Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell has asked a Superior Court judge to sanction losing Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and her attorneys.
May. 24, 2023
Arizona Capitol building
Democratic state Sen. Priya Sundareshan has criticized her GOP colleague after he sent a letter to Arizona’s 15 counties, claiming there were dangers using electronic voting machines.
May. 24, 2023
Kari Lake
Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson closed the books on an election challenge by losing gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake that was all but dismissed by the Arizona Supreme Court.
May. 23, 2023
GOP Sen. Sonny Borrelli
Citing authority he does not actually have, a state senator has ordered all Arizona counties to conduct future federal elections without the use of electronic voting equipment.
May. 22, 2023
An official ballot drop box at Maricopa County Elections Department
The League of Women Voters of Arizona has settled its lawsuit against an Arizona group that sometimes monitored ballot drop boxes while in tactical military gear in 2022.
May. 22, 2023
Gov. Katie Hobbs
Gov. Katie Hobbs has vetoed two election-related bills. One bill would have let representatives of both political parties challenge the decisions made by election workers over early ballot signature validation.
May. 22, 2023
Kari Lake at the Republican Party of Arizona watch party
Attorneys in the latest Kari Lake election trial made their closing arguments Friday afternoon. In an attempt to overturn the 2022 election results, Lake’s team has been trying to prove that Maricopa County didn’t properly verify ballot signatures.
May. 19, 2023
Kari Lake
Maricopa County has a failed process for verifying thousands of ballot signatures that even some of its own workers question, attorneys for Kari Lake, the 2022 Republican candidate for Arizona governor, argued in court Wednesday.
May. 18, 2023
After running through a vote-counting machine, an election worker gathers ballots
To prepare for the 2024 elections, the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School has released a series of recommendations for federal, state and local officials to make sure those elections are secure.
May. 17, 2023
 Carefree, Arizona sign
Carefree voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a new property tax to support fire and emergency medical services
May. 17, 2023
Katherine Gehl
Lawmakers have referred a measure to the ballot asking Arizona voters to ban ranked-choice voting. But the the National Campaign for Final-Five Voting and Save Democracy Arizona are working on a different proposal.
May. 16, 2023
Adrian Fontes
The recently-approved new Arizona budget has drawn some criticism from Democrats. Some of that criticism centered on the lack of a cap on the state’s universal school voucher program. But Secretary of State Adrian Fontes has a different complaint.
May. 16, 2023
Kari Lake at the Republican Party of Arizona watch party
A judge has rejected a bid by election officials to throw out the last remaining election misconduct claim by Kari Lake, the 2022 Republican candidate for Arizona governor, setting up a three-day trial over the former TV anchor's challenge of her defeat to Democrat Katie Hobbs.
May. 16, 2023
BBC look-ahead graphic
Voters in Turkey went to the polls Sunday, in a closely-watched presidential election. The Show was joined by BBC's Rob Hugh-Jones to discuss some of the key global stories in the coming days.
May. 15, 2023
Bill Gates (right) and Stephen Richer
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has voted to discontinue the Elections Department, and has assigned duties to the board, elections director and county recorder.
May. 10, 2023
A sign points toward a vote cente
In a new investigation for Votebeat, reporter Jen Fifield found that when the Pinal County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to certify the 2022 elections results on Nov. 21, it was despite numerous documented errors counting and tracking ballots and reconciling problems.
May. 9, 2023
Jennifer Pawlik
Democratic House member Jennifer Pawlik has announced she will not be seeking reelection in 2024. She joined The Show to talk about why she’s leaving, what she’ll miss — and what she won’t.
May. 8, 2023
flyers for an against special tempe election
Tempe’s special election is fast approaching, with less than two weeks until voters decide on three propositions that may pave the way for a new entertainment district and a Coyotes’ hockey arena. Almost a quarter of registered voters have already returned their mail-in ballots.
May. 5, 2023
Kari Lake
Attorneys for failed Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake are being fined $2,000 by the Arizona Supreme Court after the justices concluded they lied — repeatedly — in one of their claims about why she is entitled to a new election.
More Arizona politics news
May. 4, 2023
Tom Crosby
An effort to recall one of the supervisors who refused to certify the 2022 election in rural Cochise County has failed. Tom Crosby is one of two Republican supervisors on the three-person board meant to certify the 2022 election.
May. 4, 2023


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